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9 AI Side Hustles You Can Start with No Money

Today, I’m going to break down nine AI side hustles that can potentially make you hundreds to thousands of dollars a day.

I know this because I’ve personally done or still engage in many of these myself. Let’s dive into these opportunities, starting with the easiest and working our way up to the higher-earning ones.

1. Photo Colorization

Black and white photos have their charm, but adding color to them can bring them to life. Many individuals and families are willing to pay for this service on platforms like Fiverr. With the free all-in-one tool, Cap Cut, you can turn a black and white photo into a colored one in just 15 seconds using the Photo Colorizer tool. Explore upselling services like photo restoration and upscaling for additional income.

2. Clothing Model Photos

Clothing brands often need photos of models wearing their products. With Cap Cut’s AI model tool, you can upload a clothing photo and choose a model, and in seconds, AI will place your clothing onto the model. Offer this service on Fiverr or directly to small clothing brands.

3. Captioning Videos

Video captions are in big demand, especially on platforms like Fiverr. Cap Cut’s Auto Captions tool allows you to quickly caption an entire video, with opportunities to upsell additional services like different fonts, styles, animations, and translations in multiple languages.

4. Product Photos

Businesses often seek classic white backgrounds for their product photos. Cap Cut’s online photo editor makes it easy to remove backgrounds and even add custom AI-generated backgrounds.

Consider working with businesses that don’t have photos to send you and upsell detailed background options.

5. Social Media Graphics

Designing social media graphics is easier than ever with Cap Cut’s Texted Design tool. Reach out to businesses for long-term partnerships and offer additional services like social media copywriting.

6. Content Repurposing

Many video creators need help repurposing long-form content into short-form content. Offer services like adding captions, resizing for different platforms, and incorporating video effects.

7. Thumbnails

Designing eye-catching YouTube thumbnails is crucial for attracting viewers. Use Cap Cut’s features, such as text, photos, stickers, and the remove background tool, to create compelling thumbnails. Reach out to creators and businesses with YouTube channels.

8. Video Editing

Cap Cut offers tools for easy video editing, but for substantial earnings, consider learning video editing beyond AI tools. Businesses and creators often need high-quality video ads, and AI can assist in generating custom video ads.

9. Influencer

Creating an AI influencer using Cap Cut’s AI character tool or Script to Video tool is a unique opportunity. While it requires some editing, it can lead to significant earnings if executed well.

Why choose these AI side hustle

The AI side hustles mentioned in the blog post are presented as potential opportunities for individuals looking to leverage AI tools, specifically those offered by Cap Cut, to generate income. Here’s a breakdown of why these AI side hustles were chosen:

  1. Accessibility and Cost-Effectiveness: All the mentioned side hustles can be started with little to no initial investment. Cap Cut, being a free tool, makes it accessible to a wide range of individuals.
  2. Diverse Skill Levels: The side hustles cover a spectrum of difficulty levels. This allows individuals with varying skill sets to find an AI-powered side hustle that aligns with their capabilities.
  3. Wide Applicability: The services offered, such as photo colorization, captioning videos, and designing social media graphics, are in demand across various industries. This widens the potential client base for individuals engaging in these side hustles.
  4. Monetization Potential: While some side hustles may have lower barriers to entry, there’s still potential for significant earnings. The tiered rating system for difficulty and earning potential provides a clear understanding of what to expect from each side hustle.
  5. Utilizing AI for Efficiency: The use of AI tools, particularly those provided by Cap Cut, significantly reduces the time and effort required for tasks like video editing, photo colorization, and captioning. This allows individuals to scale their operations and take on more projects.
  6. Adaptation to Modern Trends: The side hustles, such as clothing model photos and influencer creation using AI, tap into modern trends in e-commerce and social media. This aligns with the current market demand for visually appealing and engaging content.
  7. Potential for Upselling: Each side hustle has opportunities for upselling additional services, such as offering different styles or animations. This can increase the overall income for individuals engaging in these activities.
  8. Promotion and Networking: The blog suggests reaching out directly to potential clients, forming long-term partnerships, and even exploring offline promotion for certain services. This entrepreneurial approach encourages individuals to actively market their skills and services.

AI side hustle FAQ

Are there any costs associated with using Cap Cut for these side hustles?

Cap Cut is a free tool, providing users with access to a range of AI features without any upfront costs. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to start a side hustle without the need for initial financial investment.

However, individuals may choose to explore advanced features or additional tools, which could involve associated costs.

How can I market and promote my services for these AI side hustles?

The blog suggests various approaches for marketing these services, including using freelancing platforms like Fiverr, reaching out to potential clients directly, and forming long-term partnerships.

Offline promotion, such as targeting retirement homes or funeral homes for photo colorization services, is also recommended. Building a portfolio and showcasing examples of your work can enhance your credibility when reaching out to clients.

What is the potential income for these AI side hustles, and how quickly can I start earning?

The earning potential varies for each side hustle, as indicated by the Stacks rating in the blog post. Tasks like photo colorization and clothing model photos may have a lower earning potential but are quick to start, while services like video editing and influencing can potentially yield higher returns but may require more time and effort.

The key is to actively promote your services, explore upselling opportunities, and build a client base over time to increase your income.

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