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10 Best AI Writing Tools For Long Form Blog Posts

I want to share with you the best AI writing tools that you need to be using. I understand that some of you might be hesitant to invest in AI tools, considering their cost.

However, in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, utilizing these tools is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. While AI writing tools can’t replace human creativity and expertise, they can significantly enhance your content creation process, ensuring well-structured, error-free, and engaging content.

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is my go-to AI writing tool designed for content marketing purposes. From blog posts to email newsletters, Facebook ads, and product descriptions on Amazon, Jasper AI has you covered. The user-friendly dashboard organizes your campaigns, recent work, and brand voice, allowing you to train the AI to mimic your writing style. With templates and features like rephrase, Jasper AI makes content creation a breeze.

2. Reword.co

Reword.co stands out as an AI-assisted writing platform, ideal for long-form blog content. While it doesn’t focus on keyword optimization, it excels at generating ideas and suggesting valuable additions to your articles. With features like article objectives, language options, and creative subheadings, Reword.co aids in crafting compelling and reader-centric content.

3. Sudo write

Perfect for those delving into book, ebook, or novel creation, Sudo write helps writers express themselves more quickly and artistically. While not tailored for blog posts, it excels in enhancing creativity and producing compelling content. By describing, rewriting, and brainstorming, Sudo write empowers writers to refine their ideas and narratives.

4. Hypotenuse.ai

Pronounced as “hypotenuse,” this AI writing tool competes with Jasper AI, offering similar functionalities. With features like content rewriting, meta title and description creation, and AI-driven chat functions, Hypotenuse.ai is a powerful contender in the AI writing landscape.

5. ScaleNut

ScaleNut is akin to Surfer SEO, allowing users to create and optimize blog posts while also planning content clusters. With features like article creation, content optimization, and keyword clustering, ScaleNut is a versatile tool for those aiming to strengthen their online presence.

6. Grammarly

Grammarly, available both as a website and an app, is a must-have for anyone creating blog-oriented content. The free version corrects spelling and punctuation, while the premium plan offers full sentence rewrites, improving overall clarity and engagement.

7. Copy AI

Focused on copywriting, Copy AI provides 2,000 words per month for free. Ideal for blog post introductions, emails, and marketing copy, it simplifies the writing process by generating text based on user inputs.

8. Aura AI

Aura AI allows users to create custom chat bots to explore information. By asking questions, users can gather insights for creating comprehensive and informative long-form content.

9. Write Me

Write Me stands out for its affordability and reliability in content generation. While not the most sophisticated, it offers a generous free plan, making it a suitable choice for those on a budget.

10. Notion AI

Notion AI, integrated into the popular project management tool Notion, offers a quick and easy way to generate content. While not as feature-rich as dedicated AI writing tools, it’s a handy option for generating short paragraphs or ideas.

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