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5 Copywriting Exercises You Can Do Right

I’m going to share with you the five copywriting exercises that you can start doing today so that you can start mastering the skill of copywriting.

You see, many beginners get so caught up in studying and consuming copywriting content that they fail to actually learn, implement, and do the work necessary to get good at the skill.

It’s a lot like boxing, if you just sit around and read books or watch videos about how to box, well, as soon as you step in the ring, you’re probably going to get your ass kicked.

1. Build Your Swipe File

One of the biggest mistakes that I see beginner copywriters make is starting a piece of copy by staring at a blank document. Instead, build a swipe file, a document consisting of pieces of copy that you found effective or intriguing. Great copy is not hidden; it’s made by the best businesses because they hire the best copywriters. Analyze copy from successful businesses, break it down, and understand what makes it tick.

Two ways to build your swipe file:

  • Sign up for other companies’ email lists and study their content.
  • Take note of ads you usually scroll past on platforms like Instagram, analyze them, and understand what makes them effective.

2. Seek Feedback from Experienced Copywriters

Get feedback from people who have been writing copy longer than you. Constructive criticism is crucial for mastering any skill. Avoid feedback from random individuals instead, join a community of copywriters.

Consider joining the free 4D Copywriting Discord server, where over 4,000 copywriters submit their work for review. This valuable feedback loop will help you improve your skills and create a portfolio.

3. Convert Sales Pages to Emails and Vice Versa

Take a sales page and convert it into an email, and vice versa. This exercise challenges your copywriting skills by adapting long-form content into short-form and vice versa. It provides content to write about and opportunities to enhance your copy.

4. Be Ruthless with Trimming Copy

Communicate big ideas in small amounts of words. Shorten your copy to cater to shorter attention spans. The ability to convey a message concisely is vital. Always ask yourself if the same idea can be expressed in fewer words. If the answer is yes, trim it down.

5. Cut Out Entertainment, Prioritize Education

Cut out as much entertainment as possible, such as Netflix, social media, or funny videos. Replace it with education to skyrocket your copywriting skills. Use your time to actively learn and implement what you’ve learned. There are countless hours of educational content on platforms like YouTube. Take advantage of these resources to accelerate your mastery of copywriting.

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