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Top 5 Best Free AI Image Generator Apps

I will show you the top five best free AI image generators that are working right now and they really are the best mid Journey Alternatives.

I will start with two free AI art tools that are quick and easy to use with a few button clicks and move on to the more complex ones that give much greater creative control including awesome generative feel and other generative AI features.

Some of these AI tools are free and unlimited to use and others have daily or weekly quoters of free use

Free AI image generators

Let’s go through the list of AI image generators.

1. Bing AI Image Generator (Bing Creator)

Our journey begins with the Bing AI image generator, also known as Bing Creator. Utilizing the advanced DALL-E 3 AI art generator engine, this platform offers crisp and beautiful designs.

While it may take a bit longer for images to generate without the Boost feature, the 100% unlimited access makes it a great choice. Discover how to use DALL-E for free and dive into creating images effortlessly.

We put Bing Creator to the test by generating an image of a cute cat on an inflatable pool bed in a swimming pool with a sunset backdrop. The results, achieved with just a few button clicks, were impressive, offering high-detail images that match the provided prompt.

2. Canva AI

Next on our list is Canva AI, which has seamlessly integrated AI into its design platform. Known for its simplicity and user-friendly templates, Canva AI is perfect for quick graphic design. With an online AI image generator, creating visually appealing designs becomes a breeze.

With a straightforward interface and various styles and aspect ratios to choose from, this tool delivers results in about 30 seconds. The images showcase great details, providing a perfect option for those seeking simplicity with a touch of style.

3. Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI takes the spotlight as a free mid-journey alternative with virtually unlimited access. Boasting the new Alchemy V2 engine, it offers models like Leonardo Diffusion XL, Leonardo Vision XL, and Albo Base XL. While accessing it may take a brief whitelist process, the features and results make it worth the effort.

Leonardo AI provides feature-rich options such as photo-real Alchemy V2, input dimensions, and guidance scale. The results, achieved in around 35-40 seconds, offer believably impressive images. With refining options for upscaling, Leonardo AI proves to be a powerful tool for creative endeavors.

4. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly emerges as another exceptional mid-journey alternative, combining AI image generation with generative AI features. Creating a free Adobe ID grants access to the web-based version, showcasing not only image generation but also text-to-image generative effects.

In addition to image generation, Adobe Firefly introduces generative AI features like text-to-image and text effects. The tool provides a range of options, allowing users to experiment with styles and visual intensity. While it’s free to use, Adobe Firefly comes with a limit of 25 generative credits per month.

5. Playground AI

Our exploration concludes with Playground AI, a tool that stands out for its unlimited use and feature-rich environment. With recent updates, Playground AI offers mixed image editing, generative AI for detail enhancement, and extensive control over design features.

Playground AI introduces a unique canvas layout for navigation, providing an immersive experience. With options like different filters, prompt guidance, and image adjustments, users can craft images that align with their creative vision. The platform’s pricing model includes 500 free images per day, catering to even the most prolific users.

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