8 Best Websites To Promote Your Youtube Channel

websites to promote your youtube channel

We all know that the best way to grow a YouTube channel is just organically posting great content, and optimize your video.

But if you’re just starting out and you want to see those initial views as fast as possible. I want to share with you seven different websites where you can promote your YouTube channel for completely free to get views and subscribers fast.

7 Websites to promote your youtube channel

Here are the best websites to promote your YouTube channel for free without spending a penny using Youtube ads to grow your channel.

1. Gab

The first website on our list is this social media platform called gab that’s being visited by over 22 million people every single month.

It’s a website that not a lot of people know about but there is a niche of audience that are using it to post different things pretty much just like on Facebook. 

So you can join a bunch of groups and you can try to find groups that perhaps reflect what your channel talks about and you can join those groups which sometimes have hundreds, and sometimes have thousands of members.

You can find a Creative way to integrate your Youtube video promotion there and not just be spammy and just share your links and not provide any value. but provide a little bit of context to why they should actually watch your videos. 

You can potentially send some people who are a targeted audience to your YouTube channel. Who might actually become regular viewers of all the videos you publish in the future as long as it aligns with what they’re interested in.

2. Imgur

Imgur is a platform with over 300 million visitors per month, where people are sharing different funny memes and funny facts and interesting things and even fun clips.

Some of this post can go to the Explorer page and get thousands of views like this one got 11,000 views.

And it’s just a picture of a cat, so how you can use this is you can go to the new post section and you can create posts that promote your videos. So if I have a video that talks about let’s say for example TikTok creativity program.

I would share something interesting from that video and then I’m going to add a title and once I add an intriguing title I will just paste a link to my YouTube video in the description. 

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So I would say click here to learn how for free and then I would just paste a URL to my YouTube video and I would publish it to a community. So you’re trying to provide at least a little bit of something interesting, you’re not trying to be very spammy. 

You can actually get some views from this, you can attract targeted people, you can also add tags. For example I can tag in this case TikTok so that people who are interested in TikTok or making money might potentially come across my post and might see this video link and they might click and actually subscribe to my channel.

3. TikTok Creativity Program

TikTok combined with their creativity program you can actually get paid to drive traffic to your YouTube channel for free.

You can use TikTok to post short clips that promote your YouTube channel and your YouTube videos and if you’re approved for the TikTok creativity program you can even make money.

You can promote your YouTube channels in your bio, you can even connect your YouTube channel directly so people can just click and go directly from TikTok to your channel.

It’s kind of easy to get a lot of views and go viral on TikTok nowadays. But getting approved for the TikTok creativity program can be really tricky if you’re from eligible countries.

4. Medium

One great platform that I’ve been using to get free traffic and where you can promote your YouTube channel for free is medium.com. This is a platform where you can generate articles and blog posts or you can share articles and blog posts and you can get traffic from them. 

For example I wrote this article which talks about 16 YouTube automation niches but in this article I have not only promote my affiliate links and I have not only promoted my offers but I also promoted my YouTube videos. 

A lot of people searching for YouTube automation niches are obviously going to be interested in that topic so they might potentially watch my video as well.

Medium articles are not only ranking high on Google so you can get traffic from Google, but Medium itself has over 400 million visits every single month so you might hit their Explorer page. 

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And then get free traffic from those people reading your articles. Make sure to provide value and then you send them to videos that make sense for that audience.

5. Threads

Another free website where you can get traffic and get free views is threads and you can actually install this app for free. 

This app was published by meta and it’s actually great for getting free traffic. You can publish valuable threads just as you would publish valuable blog posts on medium. If you can provide value on threads, you can hit the explore page and then use that traffic to send people to your YouTube videos. 

So if you make fashion tutorials on how people should dress then you can write a short thread on threads app for free. And then at the end you can say hey I also made this free video which shows the best summer outfits that you should wear and threads actually now have over 141 million users.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great website where you can get free traffic and promote your YouTube videos for free to get views and subscribers. And the platform now has over 600 million visits every single month. 

You can create a page which is in the same niche as your YouTube channel and you can create these pins. 

You can literally create this in Canva for completely free, and if you made a video for example about 10 unique gift ideas. Then you can make a post like this. 

And can say that they can watch this YouTube video and you will link it. and to share your pin you just click on create, you add an image here.

Let’s say I want to promote my video about summer outfit ideas then I would add a title, a brief description and I would just add a link to my YouTube video in this pin.

So that when I publish this, people can see this image and they can see what this is all about. And when they view this they can also click on the link and go directly watch the YouTube video.

7. Reddit

To get free Youtube video views from reddit.com you have to be very very careful because a lot of communities on Reddit don’t allow spamming and promotion.

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So you would have to actually be very natural and very selective as to how you provide value and how you promote your links. You can join different Reddit communities.

Let’s say I’m going to search for a TikTok creativity program. Now I can join a bunch of these communities and if I have a video that talks about the TikTok creativity program.

I can just promote it here. I can provide value and then I can say I made this free tutorial where I share my experience with the Tiktok creativity program. So it’s pretty natural and again your goal is not to trick people into clicking your link.

8. Quora

Quora which now has over 800 million visits every single month and it’s a platform where people are asking and answering different questions and different topics. 

So if you’re making history related videos you can find questions that people are asking regarding history you can reply to their questions. 

You can say hey I made a more in-depth video on my Channel if you want to watch it here’s a link to it or if someone’s asking let’s say how to get six pack abs and you have a YouTube channel that talks about and has tutorials on how to get six pack abs. 

You can start replying to these questions and then you can write a brief description providing some value and then at the bottom of that reply just give them a link so they can watch the YouTube video for free.

Final thought…

In the journey of growing a YouTube channel, leveraging free online platforms can provide a significant boost in views and subscribers. The key to success lies in strategically using these websites to target relevant audiences and providing genuine value in your promotions.

By effectively utilizing these platforms, you can expand your reach and grow your YouTube channel organically. Each website offers unique opportunities to connect with potential subscribers and viewers, helping you build a loyal audience. The key to success on these platforms is to provide value, be genuine, and avoid spamming. 

Engage with communities, share your expertise, and invite people to explore your content in a way that naturally aligns with their interests. With persistence and strategic use of these tools, your YouTube channel can see substantial growth.

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