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15 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Website

I want to show you guys some multi-purpose plugins that are gaining popularity. I know in the world of WordPress, scouring plugins is always like a tedious task, so I went ahead and found some plugins that I think you guys will be really interested in.

Some I would say are hidden gems, but either way, I do think you guys are going to find some of these plugins pretty useful.

What is WordPress plugin

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that adds specific features or functionalities to a WordPress website. It is written in the PHP programming language and integrates seamlessly with the WordPress platform. Plugins extend and enhance the capabilities of a WordPress site beyond its core features, allowing users to tailor their websites to meet specific needs or requirements.

WordPress plugins can serve a wide range of purposes, such as adding new features, improving site performance, enhancing security, providing e-commerce functionalities, integrating with third-party services, and more. They are designed to be modular, which means users can easily install, activate, deactivate, and delete plugins without affecting the core functionality of the WordPress platform.

Best wordpress plugins

I think what makes WordPress great is the ability to have so many plugins, with over 50,000 available in the WordPress repository. This diversity allows you to create almost anything you can think of using these plugins. I do hope these plugins help you guys out and narrow down your list of reliable plugins.

1. Oliver POS Plugin

The Oliver POS plugin is a point-of-sale plugin specifically designed for WooCommerce. It’s a simple plugin that enables a POS for your physical storefronts.

This seamless integration syncs real-time data between your WooCommerce store and the POS system, allowing you to manage online and physical store inventory simultaneously.

The user-friendly interface, advanced search options, and support for barcode scanning make Oliver POS a comprehensive solution for businesses using WooCommerce.

2. Solid Affiliate

Solid Affiliate is a native WordPress plugin designed to create an affiliate program for WooCommerce stores. The automatic tracking feature ensures accurate recording and management of affiliate-related transactions.

The plugin offers flexible commission rates, a payout tool supporting automatic payments, and detailed reports for analyzing affiliate program performance. With integrations like WooCommerce Subscriptions and MailChimp, Solid Affiliate streamlines affiliate program management and enhances its overall efficiency.

3. Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin

The Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin is a powerful solution for businesses looking to start a multi-vendor marketplace similar to Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. Its ease of use allows you to set up a marketplace in under 30 minutes, providing vendors with their own stores and dashboards.

Dokan offers multiple revenue streams, including vendor and product-based commissions, subscription packs, and integrates with WooCommerce subscriptions for recurring payments. Regular updates and new features make Dokan a reliable and growing platform for multi-vendor marketplaces.

4. Simply Static

Simply Static is a WordPress plugin that transforms your dynamic WordPress website into a static one, significantly enhancing performance and security. By eliminating requests to the database and reducing first-time bytes, it improves website speed.

The plugin also removes the connection to the database and traditional server, reducing the risk of hacking. Simply Static offers a hosting platform called Simply CDN for static sites, simplifying the management of static websites with caching and security features.

5. G Translate

G Translate is a translation plugin that can translate your website into multiple languages, enhancing accessibility and reach. Users can select from six different languages, and the plugin offers options to use Google Translate for website translation.

G Translate provides a variety of styles for the language switcher and a pro version with additional features like translation of metadata, JSON objects, and AMP pages. It also offers analytics to track user language preferences, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to translate their websites.

6. Project Huddle

Project Huddle is a self-hosted and brandable WordPress plugin designed for website and design communication. It allows you to collect and manage feedback directly on your designs and live websites.

With features like unlimited projects and users, markup shortcuts, and version control, Project Huddle provides a seamless experience for leaving comments on live websites and tracking design changes over time.

7. ManageWP

ManageWP is a WordPress management console that streamlines the management of multiple websites from one dashboard. The standout feature is the ability to manage updates for all websites, including WordPress core, plugins, and themes, from a single dashboard.

ManageWP also offers a backup service for automatic backups, ensuring the safety of your websites. It’s an efficient solution for businesses looking to manage multiple WordPress websites and improve overall web design management.

8. Faview

Faview is a WordPress plugin that allows you to generate virtual reviews for your WooCommerce products. This feature is particularly useful for new stores lacking reviews on their websites.

Faview allows you to bulk-add virtual reviews, schedule automatic additions, and even add replies manually or automatically. With the ability to customize ratings and display past reviews, Faview helps build your website’s reputation and credibility.

9. Propovoice CRM

Propovoice CRM is a WordPress plugin designed for business owners and freelancers to manage customer relationships, projects, estimates, invoices, and more. The CRM offers a smart deal pipeline for lead management, professional invoice and estimate templates, and supports connections for payments through PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce.

Propovoice CRM is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to efficiently manage their service business and improve financial health.

10. WP Portal Dashboard

WP Portal Dashboard is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your business from one centralized dashboard. It streamlines project management, communication with teams and clients, and financial processes.

The plugin’s standout features include inviting teams and clients, sending messages, assigning tasks, sharing files, tracking time, sending invoices, and receiving online payments. It’s a fully brandable and user-friendly solution for businesses of all sizes.

11. Backuply

Backuply is a WordPress plugin that helps you backup your website, protecting it from data loss due to various issues. It offers both local and secure cloud backups with easy integrations with FTP, FTPS, WebDAV, Google Drive, and other platforms.

The standout feature is the ability to create full backups of your websites, allowing you to restore them with a click. Scheduled automatic backups at regular intervals provide peace of mind, and restoring your website is a simple process with Backuply.

12. One Signal Notifications

One Signal Notifications is a WordPress plugin providing a powerful customer engagement solution through push notifications. It allows you to send out push notifications to users who have previously visited your website, making it a primary source for mobile traffic.

One Signal supports web notifications and offers a feature called Journeys, allowing you to manage messaging across channels with an easy-to-use workflow builder, all without coding.

13. Eventin Plugin

The Eventin Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add listings directly to your website, managing and categorizing event listings in your WordPress dashboard. It’s suitable for showcasing both online and live events, making it easy to inform your visitors about upcoming workshops or seminars.

With a user-friendly interface, back-end submission forms, and customizable event widgets, Eventin is a user-friendly solution for businesses looking to manage their events online.

14. Modern Events Calendar Plugin

The Modern Events Calendar Plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to sell events on your website. It’s suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, educators, coaches, and event planners conducting events online.

The plugin stands out with its ability to create and publish an unlimited number of events with different layouts. It offers a back-end submission form for adding event listings, allowing registered users to submit events with details about the event organizer, locations, and more. The Modern Events Calendar Plugin is a versatile solution for managing events online.

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