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BlueHost Review 2022: Best Reliable Hosting Company


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Service Name: BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the most popular web hosts in the world.

When searching on popular search engines like Google. You will see that most bloggers talk about Bluehost.

You might wonder whether it is because of the money they will get from affiliate commission. But I must tell you, I don’t know about other’s opinions because am using the Bluehost web service.

They are absolutely great when it comes to customer support. Bluehost WordPress installation is super fast and easy. On my 1 to 5 rating, I give them 4.8 stars.

I could not rate them 5 because their host is a bit expensive, compared to other web hosting companies. Though Bluehost pricing plans are worth the amount when compared to the services you will get from them.

I have used some other web hosting and I know the differences. In this BlueHost Review, I will be talking about the current Bluehost web hosting capabilities and Bluehost features.

These BlueHost Review guides will help you know if BlueHost is good for WordPress. You will also learn about the types of BlueHost hostings, Their speed, uptime, security, support, and pricing. And more.

At the end of this Bluehost Review article, I will give my final conclusion on BlueHost against the competition. and How BlueHost performs against other web hosting services.

BlueHost is at number six with over 500,000 companies using them. They are other top web hosting companies ranking higher than BlueHost. But overall it has half a million users across the globe.

BlueHost is very popular among the top six web hosts in the entire world according to Datanyze statistics.

I will be talking about different features of BlueHost, and who can use it. You will also have a view of the Bluehost Dashboard.

BlueHost Pricing

So let me talk about different types of Bluehost web hosting packages, and their pricing. So the check out their plans click here

When you talk about their most popular hosting, is going to be BlueHost WordPress hosting.

Primarily when you log into your BlueHost account you can buy your domain name. And in one click, WordPress will be installed on your site.

bluehost wordpress shared hosting

So basically the BlueHost WordPress shared hosting is for WordPress users. This shared hosting is typically what most people use, especially beginners.

Shared hosting is when you share your server space with other companies and brands. So as a beginner, you can start with this type of web host.

The BlueHost WordPress shared hosting has different pricing plans. So they have a Basic plan which is best for small budget sites.

The Pro plan starts from $13.95 per month, but you will get a huge discount when you choose to pay annually.

So when you pay for 12 months, you will be charged $38 for the first year. And then pay $120 the next year.

So you can only host one website in their basic plan. Then the pro plan allows you to host unlimited sites.

The Plus plan comes with extra tools such as office 365, and domain privacy. And some other powerful added features.

When it comes to choosing a web hosting package, you can start with small packages. Then when your website starts getting a huge amount of traffic.

You can upgrade to other plans that will give you some extra features. web hosting pricing plans will not actually determine the level of your site speed.

But the only difference is that those plans with the higher prices come with some advanced features.

BlueHost also has other normal types of web hosting plans. Which are shared hosting, dedicated, and VPS hosting.

Dedicated hosting is when you have your own dedicated server. Meaning that you are not sharing your server with any other websites.

If you need a high-speed and reliable high-performance hosting plan. Then you can pick the dedicated plan but it is too expensive.

It is recommended that anyone using BlueHost host their new website. Should start with their shared hosting plan. Later in the future, they can upgrade to high-standard premium plans.

BlueHost speed and uptime

So in this part, I will be talking about the BlueHost speed and uptime. These features are really important when it comes to choosing the best web hosting company.

One of the factors that help in ranking higher on search engine results is site speed. So if you want to rank your blog.

Site speed is the ability of your web page to load quickly. Even if you have a long blog post, videos, and other different things embedded on your site. Your website speed is very important.

So uptime is the amount of time your site stays active online. If you choose hosting companies that always get server failure. Your website uptime will be poor.

According to Websitesetup report, they have been monitoring BlueHost since 2017. They monitor their history monthly of uptime and response time.

bluehost uptime

This report is the statistics record of BlueHost monthly uptime and speed.

On an average score, Bluehost has a good uptime record compared to some other web hosting companies.

They are definitely not the overall best, neither being the worst. So they are in between the middle. Their uptime history is great for beginners.

As a beginner. BlueHost will give you everything you need to set up a website with good speed and uptime

BlueHost support

So whenever your blog or website has technical issues. You will need the help of website hosting support to solve the problem.

If you want fast support, active 24/7. Then BlueHost offers 24/7 chat and phone call support. I use them so when it comes to supporting, they are average fast.

Sometimes they might reply to you within 30 minutes. But they will create a support ticket for you and assign staff to solve your issue within 24 to 48 hours.

The blueHost support team are well trained, they are nice and very helpful. Though they will be other hosts who have better support. But Bluehost technical team is extremely great.

BlueHost security

BlueHost uses Sitelock as an extra tool to secure their customer’s websites. So when buying web hosting with Bluehost, you will be asked if you want to include the Sitelock in your package.

Sitelock is a security company for small businesses. Their services include Vulnerability scanning, malware removal, firewalls, patching, and more.

Primarily. as a beginner, it is not that important to use Sitelock unless you just want to add the extra security feature to your site.

They are some great WordPress security plugins like Wordfence you can use to secure your WordPress blog.

It is better to uncheck the Sitelock option when checking out at the BlueHost payment page. But you can add it later in the future if it’s needed.

Overall, BlueHost provides you with basic web security. When it comes to website security. The most important factors to take seriously are your email, secure password, two-factor authentication, and more.

These are some of the security features you should look for in a web hosting login page. BlueHost has a strong security plan for your website.

BlueHost dashboard

So once your web hosting purchase is done, BlueHost will send you login details to your dashboard.

When you login into your Bluehost dashboard. You will see features like buying a domain, marketing tools, and more.

bluehost dashboard

Also inside the dashboard, you will see the WordPress one-click installation button. Their dashboard is easy to use and has a friendly user interface.

You can customize your design, write blog posts, and add plugins to your WordPress site. There are many features in their dashboard.

The main BlueHost dashboard basically has features for WordPress. But the BlueHost Cpanel comes with great tools like File manager, PHPMyAdmin, MySQL databases, and more.

Bluehost cpanel

They have all the features found in every reliable web hosting Cpanel configuration. You can view your visitor, bandwidth, and more from the Cpanel.

There are some great security tools like SSL certificates, manage API tokens, and a lot more inside the Cpanel.

It also comes with some software and applications. And have many advanced features like cron jobs, apache handlers, and so on.

A lot all the features are not necessary when your main website cms are WordPress. Most of the features in the Cpanel are for advanced web developers.


My final BlueHost review verdict.

When it comes to the best web hosting company for beginners. My perfect option is BlueHost. They might not be the overall best in the world.

Their speed, support, and uptime are average when compared to some of their top competitors. like Wpengine.

BlueHost has a good user-interface dashboard. Their support, security, site speed, and uptime is best for small business website and blog. 

I know you find this BlueHost review useful. Get your 2.99 per month discount.

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