BlueHost Webmail – How To Setup Custom Email Address

Bluehost webmail enables website owners to create a professional business email address. So instead of using the domain extension for your email address.

With Bluehost webmail, you can set up a custom email address for your business. So that you can appear professional when communicating with other companies.

Bluehost UI dashboard makes it a bit difficult for their new users to easily create a personalized email. So I will show you how to set up a free email account with Bluehost and connect it with Gmail, Outlook, and iPhone.

How to create an email with your domain

To Create an email with your domain, simply log in to Bluehost. From your dashboard, if you click on email and office.

You will be taken to a page that will ask you to pay $4.99 for Microsoft 365 or $6 for the Gmail suite. These services require extra charges from Bluehost.

For new businesses or new bloggers, these offers may be expensive. And I will not advise you to use them in your start-up stage.

You are going to learn how to set up a free email associated with your domain name in this guide. So inside your Bluehost dashboard click the ‘Advanced‘ button.

advanced and email account

Then scroll down to Email Account, and click on the create button.

create email

On the next page, you will be asked to enter your email details and password. For example, it can be [email protected]

email and password

Enter your preferred details and use a secure password. Then click the ‘Create’ button when you are done. Now you have a custom email associated with your domain name.

Bluehost webmail log in

Once you have finally set up your personalized email. You can log in to your Bluehost webmail to send messages or view your inbox.

There are two ways to login into your Bluehost webmail account. You can either access it from your Bluehost account dashboard or through your custom webmail URL like “”.

Access your webmail from your Bluehost account:

To access your webmail from your account dashboard. Simply log in to your Bluehost account. Then click on “Advanced”.

bluehost wemail log in

And select ‘Email Account‘, Then you will be taken to the page where you can access your webmail account.

Check your bluehost webmail

Click on ‘Check mail‘, to enable you to access the RoundCube webmail login from the Cpanel.

bluehost roundcube

On the RoundCube webmail page, click ‘Open’ to view your mail dashboard.

Bluehost RoundCube webmail login through custom URL:

Now let’s see how you can log in to your Bluehost Roundcube webmail through your custom URL. Basically, when you enter your custom webmail URL such as in the browser.

It will direct you to a page where you can enter your email username and password. So use the personalized email address as the username and also enter the password you set up when creating the email.

roundcube webmail login

Once you enter all the correct details, you will be logged into the Roundcube webmail account. Which allows you to check your emails on the Bluehost server.

So you have seen how to set up your custom webmail account. And also how to access the Bluehost open source email client called Roundcube.

Now you will learn how to set up your email in Gmail and also in the Outlook web version. But you can still use the Roundcube or Mail Squirrel which are open-source mail clients that come with Bluehost.

Bluehost webmail Gmail setup:

After creating your webmail account, when you view your inbox for the first time. You will see a configuration message.

Open it and focus on the configuration setting on the blue background. It is very important because that is the SSL and TLS settings.

configuration setting

This means that the email you will be sending is secured and encrypted. And no one can intercept or read your messages.

So when you log in to your Gmail account. From the right side header, click on the setting icon and then click on ‘ See all settings ‘.

see all setting in gmail

Then go to ‘ accounts and import ‘, You will see other sections on the page but click on ‘ Check mail from other account ‘.

check mail from other account

Then click on Add a mail account, A pop-up box will appear asking you to enter your email. Put the custom email you just created on Bluehost and click next.

pop up box gmail

Also, click next on the second page. Then you will see a page where you will enter all your personalized email account details. Such as username and password.

enter email details

Username: your custom email address like [email protected], Password: Your account password. Leave every other section the way it is. And change the port to 995, tick all the buttons. Then click the “Add Account” button.

Then leave the next tab on ‘ yes ‘ and click next. Enter the name you want to show on the mailbox when someone receives your message. Then click the next step button.

Then the next page will ask for your username and password, put your email address and password and change the port to 465 which is the secure version. Then click “Add Account”.

server port

Gmail will send a verification code to your custom email, copy the code and paste it into the verify box.

verify code

Once you are done, click the verify button. And your email is available on Gmail. You can now receive and send messages through your personalized email from the Gmail app. To view your custom email from the Gmail account section.

You can select your newly added email account. Wait for about 20 minutes or an hour before everything will start working perfectly.

Bluehost webmail Outlook setup

You are going to see how to set up your Bluehost webmail account in the Outlook web version.

To do this login into your Outlook account, go to settings, scroll down on the right sidebar and then click on “View all Outlook settings

Then click on Sync email and click on “Other email account”.

outlook sync email bluehost webmail

Before filling up every detail, first, click the Manually configure account settings. And then click ‘ok’.

click manually configure outlook bluehost webmail connect

Once you do that, it will expand the box. The display name is what people will see when they receive emails from you. Then enter your custom email address and the password, also use your email address as the username.

outlook webmail details

So when you scroll down. Tick on Pop. then on the “incoming (POP) server, type, example

Leave every other setting the way it is. Then on the outgoing (SMTP) server, use similar to the one you used on the incoming server. Then change the port to 465 which is the secure port.

Then uncheck the box on the bottom and click “Ok”. And in a few minutes go to your Outlook accounts section and you will see your newly added custom email.

Bluehost webmail iPhone setup:

See how you can add the Bluehost webmail to your iPhone. You can use this method in any type of iPhone version.

So go to your iPhone settings, then scroll down to “Accounts and Password”.

add bluehost webmail in iphone

On the next page click on “Add account”, and you will see the list of email providers. simply click on “other”.

iphone webmail provider

Then click on the Add mail account, then enter your name, your custom email address, and the email address password. Once you are done adding the correct details, click ‘next’.

On the next screen, leave the setting on IMAP, it will enable you to access your email from various devices. So in the incoming server section, type, use your email as the username, and also use the email password.

mail server

Use the same information, in the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER section. Once you are done make sure to check that all the details are correct, then click “NEXT”. Then wait a few minutes for your iPhone to verify the information you provided for the setup.

When the verification is done just click “save” and your Bluehost webmail can now be accessed on your iPhone.

Bluehost webmail android phone setup

Learn how to configure Bluehost webmail on your android phone. All you need to set up webmail on your android phone is your custom email details.

So open the Gmail App on your android phone. Then go to “Add account”. When it opens select the last option which is “other”.

other mail in gmail

Then enter the custom email you created on your Bluehost account. After that click the ‘Next’ button.

On the next page, choose personal (POP3), Then enter your email account password. Click next, then enter, your incoming server mail address. For example, Then choose the option “When I delete from inbox”, this will make your emails not get deleted.

Also, enter your custom URL in the STMP server. example, click next when you are done.

gmail options

Then tick all the options in this section and leave it on “every 15 minutes”. Then click next, and enter your preferred display name. Then click next and your Bluehost webmail will be active on your android phone.

Setup email auto-responder from Bluehost Cpanel

How to set up email Auto Responder from your Bluehost Cpanel. This feature will enable create automated email responses.

If you are not available to reply to your email. You can use the auto-response feature to reply to your clients when you are not available.

So to use the autoresponder from the Cpanel. Log in to your Bluehost account and select “Advanced” then choose the Auto Responders.

bluehost auto responders

Then set your preferred interval for the autoresponder. Set it to ‘0’ if you want the autoresponder to trigger immediately. But if you want it to wait for an hour then type ‘1’.

trigger interval

Then enter the email ID and domain you want to use and send the message. For example [email protected]

Then enter the email subject and the email body. You can type the message body in HTML or just in plain text.

Then set the start time and date. You can also set the end date. in case you want to end the auto-response in a specific period of time. Once you are done click “Create” and your auto-response will be ready.

Bluehost Webmail Frequently Asked Questions:

What is bluehost webmail

Bluehost webmail is a mailing software in Bluehost Cpanel. That allows its users to set up a custom email with their domain.

Is Bluehost email free

Bluehost webmail is only available for their existing customers. So if you want to create a personalized email using Bluehost. You have to purchase a hosting space with them.

How to change the Bluehost webmail password

Simply log in to your Bluehost dashboard, then go to “advanced”. under the email section. select Email accounts. Then pick the email you want to change the password. Then enter your new password and click “save”.

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