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Facebook Traffic – free and paid method

Facebook traffic, how it works, and how you can leverage from it.

Many new bloggers are always looking for ways to generate traffic to their websites. Some are ready to spend money on ads while some are looking for a free method.

In this Facebook Traffic guide. You will learn how to get traffic from Facebook for free and also using the paid method to get target website visitors.

The recent change in the Facebook algorithm has affected many page owners. Pages with thousands of followers no longer send a huge amount of users to a website. Unless you pay to boost your post then you can get a good number of visitors to your site.

But for a beginner who is still looking for a way to get traffic to their blog. Facebook is still the best place you can start from.

How to get free Facebook traffic to your blog

You can start by building pages and groups around your target audience, For example. Your blog is all about fitness and health.

You can create a page and group that talks about fitness and health then grow the audience. Another good way to get fast free traffic is by joining already established groups around your niche. Then share your content. But don’t spam on those groups.

Though most group admin will not allow you to post your website link on their group. Especially if you are a new member. So when you join any group try to read the group policy.

How to post on Facebook groups without spamming

The first step to post in a group is by becoming a member of that group. Like I said before look for a group around your niche and join them. The quickest way to find a group around your niche is by using the Facebook search bar.

Head over to your Facebook account and by the upper left-hand side type in your target niche on the search bar, eg “fitness”.

Facebook is going to pull out all the groups related to your niche. Pick the ones you like and join them.

Facebook traffic - get visitors from groups

When you become a new member of any group don’t start by posting links on them but first, observe the group activities.

Try to understand the kind of content they are posting there and start posting quality and more engaging content but don’t add links to your post.

Once your post starts getting enough engagements such as likes and comments. You can start posting by adding links to your site. Some admin may not approve your post but you can message them to ask for approval and if your other post is relevant in the group. you may get approval.

Another cool way to get free traffic is by creating a fan page of a celebrity or any trending reality show. Then start updating the page with the celebrity content. This method is good for websites like news and entertainment blogs. But you can also try it for other niches.

You can also reach out to some influencer pages on Facebook to post your content. If you have quality content that will be relevant to their fans they will accept your proposal.

You can create and Facebook page and use the ad method the quickly grow the page. Or you can leverage your current page if you have one.

Facebook traffic – creating and optimizing your page

If you don’t have a Facebook page you can click here to create one but if you already have one leave this part and focus on the page optimization.

If your Facebook page is not related to your current niche. Then you should create a new page because most time if you change your Facebook page and details. The current engagement will drop because those who are already following the page may not be interested in your new content.

So it is better to build a page around a target audience. If you really want high engagement and get a high amount of Facebook traffic to your website.

How to optimize your page to get Facebook traffic to your blog

Facebook page will help many social media audiences to know your brand. You have to optimize your page in such a way that it will engage people and motivate them to click through the link to your blog.

They are some important information you need to add in the about tab of your Facebook page. That your potential audience needs to know.

Facebook traffic - optimizing page

Include details that matters such as writing what your brand is all about and also put the URL of your blog.

In addition to providing important brand information. You should also use a high-quality and engaging profile and cover image.

Facebook traffic - page cover

Another important feature on the Facebook page is the “call to action” button. The button options include Contact Us, Book Now, Send Message, Call Now, Sign Up, Send Email, Watch Video, Learn More, Shop Now, See Offers Use App, and Play Game.

You can use any of these call-to-action. simply by visiting your Facebook business page and click “Add a Button”.

Some of these call-to-action buttons such as Sign Up and Learn More. Will send people to your website.

Update your page regularly

Your Facebook page is now fully set up. So keep and engage your potential audience by posting updates. The best way to get Facebook traffic is by updating your page.

On the H-Educate Facebook page, They share articles from their blog to the page. They also clearly write descriptions of what the content is all about.

Facebook traffic - posting on page

They also make sure that when a user visits their blog to read the article, they can also share it on their timeline. This is another great way to get free traffic and gain more brand exposure.

Facebook traffic - share button on site

You can share 1 quality blog post on your page a day, but if you update more posts on your blog every day. Then you can share more than one post on your Facebook page.

If you don’t update your blog regularly, try to be updating your page with relevant content like videos that are related to your niche, quotes, or some other educated write-ups to keep your audience engaged and updated.

Find the post that is more engaging

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