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Over 20 Faceless Youtube Channel Ideas 2024

If you’re contemplating on starting a faceless YouTube channel in 2024, there’s no better time to commence than now. However, the key determinant of your success lies in the niche you choose.

Fortunately, after extensive research, I’ve compiled the 27 best niches that don’t require you to show your face or be on camera.

1. AI News and Stories

Ever since the launch of Chat GPT in November 2022, the AI niche has witnessed tremendous growth. Channels like AI Revolution have capitalized on this trend by creating videos on trending AI news and stories. Utilizing free stock footage and AI voiceovers, they gained over 70k subscribers and a million views last month alone.

2. Software Tutorial

Brett and Tech exemplify success in this niche by creating tutorials related to various software. You can use free tools like OBS Studio to record your screen and provide valuable tutorials. This niche is versatile; you can focus on a single software, such as Canva or Cap Cut, to address specific user issues.

3. Scary Stories

Channels like Mr. Nightmare have thrived in this niche by narrating scary and horror stories. To stand out, creativity is crucial, as repetitive content might lead to demonetization. Diversify your story sources or even leverage Chat GPT to generate unique and chilling narratives.

4. Business Stories

Magnates Media has found success by researching and delivering interesting business stories in a documentary style. While competition is high, building a capable team can help you achieve 5 million views monthly, translating to substantial ad revenue.

5. Make Money Online

Cash Pro demonstrates the potential of this highly profitable niche. By providing tutorials on earning online using stock footage and screen recordings, they attract over 100k subscribers. The caveat is that viewer engagement may drop if people don’t take tangible actions based on your strategies.

6. Make Money Online with AI

Channels like 10x Income focus on making money online using AI, showcasing various methods without revealing their faces. Trust is paramount in this niche, so demonstrating tangible results is key to success. Potential earnings include ad placement, affiliate income, and sponsorships.

7. Personal Finance

Practical Wisdom, with close to a million subscribers, educates viewers on managing finances. With a mix of stock footage, text overlays, and compelling voiceovers, you can potentially earn over 100k annually in ad revenue alone.

8. Investing

Free Investing, with over a million subs, compiles interviews and audio from investing gurus to create engaging content. Navigate carefully through copyright and fair use concerns, and you could potentially earn well over 10k per month due to the high CPM in this niche.

9. History

Alternate History Hub, with 2.2 million subs, delves into historical events with relevant stock footage and characters. An underserved niche, it offers evergreen content opportunities with the potential to earn over $10,000 monthly.

10. Fitness

Body Hub, a fitness channel with over a million subscribers, proves that you can succeed without showing your face. By crafting well-scripted content with voiceovers and stock clips, they garner 2.4 million views monthly, translating to over $10,000 in earnings.

11. Book Summary

Escaping Ordinary focuses on providing quality videos on timeless books like “Atomic Habits” and “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” In a niche that’s currently underserved, short-form content summarizing books can attract a substantial audience and potentially earn over 5k per month with just 18 videos.

12. Natural Health Remedies

Natural Cures, a channel with over 3 million subscribers, offers tips on natural ways to prevent and heal ailments using stock footage and text overlays. With 700k views on average, they make over $3,000 monthly.

13. Travel Guide

Channels like Scary Harry provide useful information to tourists and travelers, discussing topics such as the cheapest countries to live in or the best places to visit. Even if your audience isn’t currently traveling, they may still be interested. This niche can potentially earn up to 3k per month.

14. Motivation

While popular, motivation channels can face demonetization risks due to copyright issues. However, if executed correctly and adhering to fair use principles, these channels can amass views and earn over $10,000 monthly.

15. Social Media

Teaching people how to grow on platforms like TikTok and Instagram can be lucrative. Channels like Isaac demonstrate that showcasing real results can lead to rapid growth and earnings exceeding 6k per month.

16. Self-Improvement

Improvement Pill, with over 3 million subs, dominates the self-improvement niche. Utilizing software like Doodly or Animaker, you can enter this space and potentially earn over $7,000 per month.

17. Top Tech List

This beginner-friendly niche features low competition and high demand. Channels compile round-up lists of the best products in a category. While the gray area of copyright issues exists, many channels sustain themselves through affiliate marketing, showcasing products and earning commissions.

18. Space

For those passionate about space, this niche can be rewarding. Channels like Simply Space cater to an audience interested in the cosmos, with potential earnings reaching up to 12k monthly.

19. Luxury

Alux, a prominent channel in the luxury niche, uses stock footage and voiceovers to provide information on achieving a luxury lifestyle. Success in this niche depends on the topics covered and the passion conveyed.

20. Sports

Creating documentary-style videos on sports topics can be lucrative. While it may require upfront investment in editing and content creation, successful channels can make over 20k per month.

21 Language

Fluent in a language? Teach others and earn through videos. A whiteboard software like Videoscribe and your voice can guide viewers through language lessons.

22. Quizzes and Riddles

This beginner-friendly niche, utilizing tools like Canva, appeals to a wide audience. Channels focusing on quizzes can amass substantial views and earnings ranging from 3k to 40k per month.

23. Mental Health

Explaining mental health concepts, as seen on channels like Psych Hub, can earn over 3k per month.

24. Animal

Though seemingly saturated, new channels can thrive by finding intriguing topics about animals. Utilizing stock footage and voiceovers, channels can attract views and earn revenue.

25. Geography

Channels like Real Life Lore delve into world events using stock clips and maps, potentially earning over 7k monthly.

26. Engineering

Passionate about engineering? Build a team to compete in this niche, where earnings can surpass 40k per month.

27. Experiment

For science enthusiasts, experiment channels like Vision Nil can inspire. While production may require effort, earnings can reach over 7k monthly.

Faceless Youtube Channel FAQ

What’s the key to success in the luxury niche on YouTube?

In the luxury niche, success lies in delivering valuable information and conveying a genuine passion for helping viewers achieve a luxury lifestyle. Alux, with over 4 million subscribers, utilizes stock footage and a female voiceover to create engaging content. Choose topics wisely and provide high-quality information to retain audience interest.

Is it advisable to start a YouTube channel in a competitive niche like self-improvement?

Yes, entering a competitive niche like self-improvement is possible with a unique approach. Improvement Pill, with over 3 million subs, dominates this space with well-animated videos. Use tools like Doodly or Animaker to create visually appealing content. Focus on delivering valuable insights and maintaining a consistent upload schedule to stand out in the crowded space.

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