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Advise for Fiverr beginners

Roberto Rodgers
Active Member

If you’re new on Fiverr Then you only focus On Quality Work always provide extra value to your Buyer and fair Charge because when you start you don't have reviews and ratings so you want that someone comes and places an order so in this case, you can do following things:

1. Create an attractive and good looking gig
2. Describe your service in detail
3. Encourage Buyer Why they chose you
4. Offer services at low or fair price to get orders
5. Do proper SEO of your Gig

Topic starter Posted : 27/05/2022 9:49 am
William Brown
Active Member

First off, don't copy paste general letters. Personalise each cover letter you submit for each job.

Look for the work you want, refresh refresh refresh. You might be lucky and find something urgent, and if your portfolio and CV are impressive enough, you might just get it.

Read all the guidelines and rules. Seriously, all of them. Do the scored tests and quizzes to help your profile shine.

Newer freelancers have to try harder, but if you deliver good work and sell yourself well enough, you'll be hired.

Posted : 01/06/2022 1:48 pm
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