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17 Best Free AI Tools

In this video, we delve into some of the best free AI tools that cater to a range of purposes, including art, chat, and design. These tools harness the power of cutting-edge AI models from OpenAI, Google, and other tech giants, enabling users to generate high-quality and unique content in minutes.

1. Bing Image Creator

One of the most impressive free AI tools is the Bing Image Creator. This tool leverages the same model as D3, the generator from OpenAI, to create realistic and accurate images from text prompts. Ideal for various purposes, Bing Image Creator can be a potential avenue for making money online by turning generated images into products for platforms like Teespring or Etsy.

2. Poe AI

For those navigating various AI chat apps, Poe AI emerges as a game-changer. This tool acts as a unified dashboard, efficiently allowing users to leverage different AI models simultaneously, streamlining the process of exploring language models or seeking assistance in coding.

3. Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer steps into the spotlight as a graphic design powerhouse. This tool transforms simple prompts into captivating graphics for social media or promotional material, offering customization options and the ability to add personal photos.

4. Layer AI

Layer is an AI-driven 2D to 3D converter and the world’s first 3D AI social media platform. This tool allows users to convert 2D images into 3D light field images, supporting various export options. With a user-friendly interface, Layer Piix simplifies the creation of depth animations with just a few clicks.

5. Remove BG

Streamlining the image editing process, Remove BG excels as a go-to tool for background removal with its automatic feature. For additional options, users can consider pairing it with Erase BG or explore other background removal tools available.

6. Cutout Pro

Cutout Pro simplifies the task of removing backgrounds from videos without the need for a green screen. Users can upload their videos and let the tool work its magic, providing flexibility in video content creation.

7. Cap Cut

Cap Cut stands out as a popular choice for video editing, offering a range of AI tools for color correction, background removal, and voiceovers. While providing a comprehensive editing experience, alternatives may be necessary for users in countries where TikTok is unavailable.

8. Watermark Remover I/O

Unwanted watermarks can hinder the appeal of images. The Watermark Remover I/O tool excels in effortlessly eliminating watermarks and restoring images to their original glory, though users should explore alternatives for additional options.

9. Media.io

Media.io is a robust AI-powered tool designed for removing unwanted watermarks and objects from both photos and videos. Operating on desktop systems like Windows and Mac, Media.io swiftly and efficiently erases watermarks and undesirable elements from images.

10. Namelix

Namelix is an advanced domain name generator that utilizes GP4 AI technology for name generation. Offering a smart and creative solution, users can generate an unlimited number of domain names for free, making it a valuable tool in the domain naming process.

11. Logo.com

Logo.com is a free online logo maker platform that offers over 20 million logo design options. Users can customize their favorite design and download it at no cost. While focusing on manual logo customization, other platforms like Logo.com and Turbo.com utilize AI-powered logo generation.

12. Framer AI

In the realm of website creation, Framer AI stands out as a remarkable AI website builder. Simply describe the website you envision, and let the AI generate a fully functional website within seconds. Alternatives like Hooko and Ten Web offer additional choices for building your online presence.

13. Flicky

Flicky steps into the spotlight as an AI video generator, accelerating video creation by crafting scripts with relevant footage and voiceovers. Other options include Inv Video and Pictory, offering similar AI-driven video creation features.

14. 11 Labs

The auditory dimension of content creation is elevated by 11 Labs, offering natural-sounding and realistic voiceovers with a variety of voices to choose from. An invaluable asset for creators seeking professional-grade voiceovers.

15. Semantic Scholar

For scholars and researchers, Semantic Scholar emerges as a powerful AI-powered search engine specializing in finding research papers across scientific fields, outperforming traditional search engines like Google in this niche.

16. Copy AI

Efficiency in content creation is paramount, and Copy AI rises to the occasion. Connected to the internet, this AI writer can generate full blog posts or summarize news articles on various topics, streamlining the writing process.

17. Copy Leaks

In a world where authenticity is key, Copy Leaks serves as an AI content detector. Ideal for educators and bloggers, this tool assesses whether a given text is AI-generated or crafted by a human, providing valuable insights.

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