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GetResponse email marketing – how to build an email list

GetResponse email marketing – In this tutorial, you will learn how to use GetResponse to build an email list.

Email marketing is a good avenue for businesses to increase their sales and build connections with their target customers. Irrespective of the type of product or services they offer.

However, their success depends on the amount of quality-verified email lists in their database.
An email list is the starting point of your online marketing growth. And to get a better result you need to have quality contacts on your list.

If your subscribers trust you and believe you are an expert in your niche, then you will have the chance of getting more openings and response rates.

But it can be very challenging to create and maintain your audience list, even professional marketers go through this stress. If you don’t update your subscribers with good updates, they may lose interest and some may even unsubscribe.

Even if you are a beginner who wants to start email list-building or maybe you already purchased hundreds of contacts. Managing email lists need a lot of work and that’s where GetResponse comes in.

I have done a lot of research on GetResponse to find out its email marketing capabilities and I have learned it is useful and convenient. It also has some built-in tools that make it great for building an email list.

GetResponse comes with pre-designed, web forms templates, ready-to-use email templates,s and many tools for a successful email marketing journey.

GetResponse email marketing – Review

main-picture - GetResponse email marketing

GetResponse is one of the most affordable and reliable email marketing solutions in the market. It also has the marketing capabilities to take of your marketing campaign.

This GetResponse review contains some of its important features and its strength against other big competitors. You will also see the pricing plans and find out the advantages and disadvantages.

GetResponse is a platform that carries out all your marketing works in one place with the help of various built-in tools. It gives the users easy access to run auto funnel, email marketing, webinars, autoresponders, and more.

GetResponse email marketing – package price

getresponse email marketing - packages

The cheapest GetResponse package is the basic plan which starts at $15/month and you are only allowed to get 1,000 subscribers. But if you want to get subscribers above 2,000 then the price will increase.

GetResponse email marketing – Advantages

  • GetResponse supports the use of third-party integration software such as Microsoft 365, CartBounty, Salesflare, and SaveMyLeads for easier automation.
  • It has many different types of template for any kind of emails and marketing campaign.
  • It is very easy for any person to create a campaign on the GetResponse platform.
  • It support up to eight languages on their live chat and fast in responding to customers issues.
  • Their price is cheap and realiable for people who are just starting up their business with low marketing budget.
  • It has user-friendly interface, which make it easy to the customers to understand how to use it.

GetResponse email marketing – Disadvantages

  • GetResponse don’t have free plan
  • The maximum of per webinar attendees is 500
  • Dedicated support, slack support, and phone support is available for those who subscribe to their max plan
  • The basic plan don’t offer full automation
  • It is hard to manage multiple accounts

GetResponse email marketing – features

The best part of GetResponse is that it offers marketing automation, email marketing tools, autoresponders, landing pages, webinars, auto funnels, and a powerful suite of email marketing tools.

These enable the users to easily set up campaigns, follow-up, autoresponders, online surveys, and newsletters. it helps you to connect directly with your clients.

Landing page builder

getresponse email marketing - landing page

The GetResponse well-designed landing page is good for beginners because it provides a simple drag and drop functionality for building entire web pages.

With this built-in functionality, you can easily create a web form and landing pages that are 100% responsive.
You can use it to create a page for opt-ins, webinars, sales, thank you, downloads, and about me within a few minutes.

Users can analyze their campaigns from the dashboard to help them optimize their web page and increase their conversion rates.

Marketing automation

GetResponse marketing automation enables the users to create flexible workflows according to their client goals.

The autoresponder feature allows you to create messages that can be triggered by a particular receiver action, accompanied by customized one-to-one responses.
You can also use the advanced segmentation tools to easily divide your contact list into subgroups.

How to create email list with GetResponse

To get started you have to create an account on the GetResponse email marketing platform. I recommend using GetResponse for your marketing campaign because it is easier to use and has a lot of great features.

If you don’t have an account, click here to sign up for GetResponse 30-days free trial

Creating an email list in GetResponse

After you have successfully created your account, log in to your GetResponse admin and from the dashboard click on the “Lists” button

After you are directed to the list page, you will see a default list created by GetResponse during your registration. all you will have to do now is to create a new list.

On the right side of the screen, click on the “create list” button. Enter the name of the list and click the create button.

Now your new list has b