Getresponse Vs Mailwizz Review 2023

For the past two years, I have tried out some of the best email marketing tools in the market. My aim for testing this email platform is to know the ones that will suit both low and high-budget marketers.

In the year 2023, the target of most new businesses will be to grow their email list. The best way to achieve that is to go for the email collection tool that suits your budget.

Some of the email marketing tools you will see online are designed for some specific purpose. For example, if your niche is e-commerce then look for email tools that will be good for your business.

Am not going to present you with all the best tools in the market. I will only narrow it down to the specific ones that I know you can afford. And their work is to collect emails for you to grow the new business.

Before revealing the 2 best email marketing tools I know you can afford for your business. It is best you first know what email marketing tool is all about, the benefit and why you need it to grow your business.

What is email marketing tools

Email marketing tools are powerful software and application used by marketers to create, test, send, optimize and monitor their email campaigns.

This software and applications help marketers to easily create all the tasks that are listed below:

  • Designing email
  • Building email list
  • Sending email
  • Email optimization
  • Calculating email metrics
  • Creating email reports

What is the benefit of email marketing tools

Knowing the benefits of these tools will further educate you on why it is very important for you to invest some of your marketing budgets in building an email list. So what are some of the benefits of these email marketing tools?

1. Sending bulk emails: This tool will help you send hundreds of emails depending on your subscription package.

2. Easy to design template: They come with built-in templates you can choose for your campaign.

3. Collect emails: You can grow your email list using their well-designed subscribe form.

4. Reach inbox: Most time our emails may not reach the inbox of our target audience, but these tools help us bypass those obstacles.

5. Creating a campaign: You can message your clients at any time without always going to your computer. With these tools everything is automated.

How to purchase the right tools

When picking any type of email marketing tool. My advice is to choose the one that offers features best suited for your business. Many business owners lose a lot of money because some of the features they are paying for are not needed in their campaign.

Email marketing tools comparison – GetResponse vs MailWizz

In this email marketing tools comparison, you will find out the best tools that suit your business and budgets. I will be focusing on these two email tools ( GetResponse and MailWizz). GetRespopnse is an ESP – Email service provider. While MailWizz is a self email hosting software.

What is ESP (Email service provider): is a mailing platform owned by companies to enable marketers to create and send bulk messages to their target clients.

Self-email hosting services: are mailing software built for marketers to purchase and set up their own email service and take full control. This type of software does not require monthly subscriptions. You are the full owner of the platform.

Pros and Cons of Email service provider and Self hosting platform

Pros – Email service provider

This type of email service allows you to run a successful marketing campaign without being a tech expert. Every automation needed to grow your business is already inside their platform for you to utilize.

These companies that own the software will do the updating work, so no need to bother if your campaign meets the industry standard. Their experts follow the industry rules and will try their best to keep you on track.

Cons – Email service provider

Most email service providers can be very costly and some of them may include some features you will not need for your campaign. Then you will pay for those services without you knowing.

Some of the brands that own those platforms may include some policies and force you to follow them if you want to continue using their service.

Pros – Self-hosting service

A self-hosting service will allow you to set up your email marketing software and take full control of it. You also have access to the features you need for your campaign without paying extra fees for the ones you don’t need.

No monthly subscriptions, You only buy the software and hosting server. Then pay extra charges for upgrading your software to meet up with industry-standard and policies.

Cons – Self-hosting service

You have to fully understand how emailing services work before you can be able to set up your service. Or you pay extra money for an expert to manage it for you.

You also have to be paying for your hosting space may be monthly or yearly. You will always stay updated with the industry trend.

So your emails don’t end up in spam. You may also pay the software developers some extra money for everything to flow well.

Now let’s compare the two best tool for any business

Reading till this point shows you have an interest in starting your own email marketing campaign. I believe you now have a better understanding of what email marketing tools are all about. And want the best service that suits your marketing target.

Now am going to compare the two different tools I find out to be the best for any business with a small budget. I will be comparing GetResponse and MailWizz, then give my verdict on the one you should pick for your campaign.

GetResponse Review

GetResponse is an email service provider built to enable you to build an email list, create a marketing campaign and send bulk emails to your subscribers.

Currently, GetResponse has shifted from a traditional email marketing tool to full e-commerce and online marketing platform.

Their service now has a built-in website builder, chat features, eCommerce features, webinar hosting, landing pages, and also automated sales funnels.

Some important GetResponse features

Getresponse features

1. Email template: the GetResponse software is equipped with over 120 email template that is easily edited.

2. Funnel builder: You can create complete sales funnel, sell more, and improve your email list.

3. Drag and Drop email editor: the drag and drop feature allow you to comfortably edit directly in the canvas. Add some elements such as images, video, and more.

4. Email automation: Getresponse has some of the most important automation features to enable meet your marketing campaign.

5. Landing pages: You can easily build a landing page with Getresponse. The landing page editor allows you to add forms and video, all this is done inside the Getresponse page, so no need for external hosting.

6. A/B testing: Testing is one of the major aspects of a successful campaign. Getresponse comes with an A/B testing wizard for emails and landing pages, which automatically detects the best version.

7. Customer support: This feature is important when using an online tool. Getresponse has one of the best support teams. There has a knowledge base, a help center, and 24/7 chat support.

8. Integration: Getresponse allows you to use term party tools.

GetResponse Summary:

GetResponse email marketing tool is a great software equipped with smart automation features. The tool gives you the chance to easily set up a campaign, without too much complication.

It has dozens of templates ready to be used for emails, landing pages, funnels, and forms. allowing the users to be able to integrate it with other software makes it good for marketing.

The price is good for beginners and also easy to scale up when your business starts growing. Getresponse is an all-around email marketing and automation tool.

Want to try GetResponse for free, Click Here

GetResponse email marketing pros and cons


1. You can easily create a campaign in Getresponse within a few minutes

2. It has dozens of templates you can use for your campaign

3. Getresponse customer support team are quick in responding to the user’s issues

4. Getresponse is a versatile email marketing tool, which any business can use

5. The software has a friendly and easy-to-use interface.

6. The platform has a free package for new users and is easy to scale up

7. You don’t have to give out your credit card details when you are using the trial version


1. Free plan lack some automation features

2. Their UX need to be upgraded

3. only 500 people are allowed to participate in a webinar

Getresponse plans

getresponse price

Getresponse has a free plan that allows you to have only 500 subscribers but as the list grows. You will need to upgrade to a basic package which may cost around $15 a month.

There are other Getresponse packages you can also choose depending on your budget. Below are some of the advanced plans.

  • Plus: this plan cost around $49 per month for 1,000 subscribers and above
  • Professional: This plan cost $99 per month for 1,000 subscribers and also give get access to some unlimited advanced tools

Getresponse email marketing FAQ

How to cancel Getresponse account

To cancel your account. Simply log in to your Getresponse account, then go to billing. Scroll down to where you will see ‘Cancel Subscription’.

Who owns Getresponse 

Simon Grabowski is the founder of GetResponse. The first version of the software was created in 1998.

Is Getresponse good for email marketing

GetResponse is one of the best choices for building your audience and converting them into customers. It’s a very reliable and affordable email marketing service that has some marketing automation capabilities aimed at small businesses.

The second best email marketing tool, am going to talk about is Mailwizz – a self-hosting software for running an email campaign.

Mailwizz Review

Mailwizz is a self-hosting email marketing software that enables you to create and send emails with ease. Mailwizz allows you to add videos, images, or any type of content to your newsletter.

The software gives you the chance to run a well-structured campaign without having the knowledge of coding.

The software comes with many helpful features like autoresponders, templates (including HTML), and segmentation for specific audiences.

Mailwizz features:

1. Campaign report: As the owner of the software, you will have the chance to track how your campaign is performing.

You can see how many received and open your message. You will also see their location and how many times they opened the messages you send.

2. Users management: You can add other users to the software, then charge them for running a campaign.

3. View email list: You will see and manage all the email lists created in the system.

4. Manage email templates: You can create and categorize dozens of templates as you want. Even if you are not a designer, you can buy a template and upload it to the system.

5. Frequent update: the developers of the software always try to update and add more features to Mailwizz to meet their customer’s demands.

6. Monetization: You can start a SAAS business with Mailwizz, even when you are not a developer.

There are lots of Mailwizz features you can see by checking out this page

Buy Mailwizz here

Mailwizz email marketing pros and cons


1. You can make extra money from Mailwizz by allowing other people to use it to run a campaign

2. You have full control of your email campaign

3. You don’t have to pay for monthly plans

4. Design your own email templates

5. Great user-friendly interface, with lots of features

6. It is very cheap, compared to other email marketing services in the market


1. Managing the system is too complex for non-developers

2. There is no phone or live chat support

3. it is hard to set up

4. it requires a lot of technical knowledge

Mailwizz price

mailwizz price

Mailwizz has only two prices, Regular and Extended. The regular is for personal use, if you want to use it to grow your email list and run a campaign then go for this package. But if you want to use it for a SAAS business then the best choice is an extended license.


Getresponse and Mailwizz are great email marketing tools but with different features. If you want an email marketing tool with tons of functionality then try Getresponse. Even without technical knowledge, you can easily use Getresponse for marketing campaigns.

But if you want simple software for building a list and running a campaign, buy Mailwizz but you need to be a developer to successfully use this tool or you pay a developer to help you set up and manage it.

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