You are currently viewing Google ads – Beginners step by step guide

Google ads – Beginners step by step guide

Google ads – the ultimate step-by-step guide to use the platform to generate more traffic to your website.

Have you ever think of running ads for your blog or business website so you can generate more income from the business.

A lot of people will make little money online. But instead of them investing some of the money into advertising the business to get more sales.

They will spend the money on other things and the business may crumble. Advertising is very crucial for a business to survive. They are many competitors in the digital world that are looking for a way to overtake the brands that are not serious about getting new customers.

To help you succeed in your online business, this Google ads tutorial contains the important factors that will help you run a successful campaign for your product and services.

What is Google ads

Google ads also called Google Adwords is a paid online advertising platform created by Google. The system allows people to pay for adverts that appear on Google search engines or on other websites through their display network or Google Adsense program.

When you head over to Google search and type any keyword. You will see a lot of results that will appear for that keyword. Some of the results may include paid advertisements that targeted that keyword.

For example when you type “best hosting site”. You will see some ads on the result page that target the keyword.

Looking at all the advertisements on top of the SERP, you will notice they are related to the organic search. And they also take the first position which is good for sending traffic to the advertiser’s landing page.

You should also know that buying ad space in Google ads does not necessarily mean you are going to appear at the top of the search result. They are many marketers who are also competing for that same keyword you are targeting.

If you really want to see your ads make it to the top, then you have to understand how the system works.

How Google ads works

Google ads is a pay-per-click business model – it simply means that marketers target a particular keyword on Google and also make a bid for that keyword. So other marketers also bid for that keyword and the highest bidder takes the first spot.

For example, the highest amount you are bidding for the keyword is $3 and Google is charging $1.5 per click for that keyword, then you will get the ad placement but if Google is charging $4 for that keyword. Any other marketer that is willing to bid more than $4 will get the spot.

You can also set the amount you want to spend per day on your ad. When you reach your limit for that day, the ad will pause and continue the next day. For example, you want your ads to run for 5 days and you want to spend $50 per day then you have to budget $250 for the campaign.

When bidding for your ad Google provides you will three options.

  1. Cost-Per-Click (CPC): the amount you are going to pay will a user clicks on your ad.
  2. Cost-Per-Mile (CPM): the amount you will pay per 1000 ad impression.
  3. Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE): the amount you will pay when a user carry out a specific action on your ad such as (email sign up, watch video and more).

Google will analyze the amount you bid and combine it with an assessment of your ad called a Quality Score.
Quality Score is simply the estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. Higher quality ads can result in lower prices and increase ad positions.

The score calculation range from 1 to 10. The highest score is 10 and ads in this range get a better rank and attract less spending to convert.

The idea is that when more people click on the ad, the more they will likely accomplish the advertisement goals (become customers, buy a product, and more).

There are different types of Google ads you can choose for your campaign.

Types of Google ads

Google provides various types of campaigns that you can use:

  • Search campaign
  • Display campaign
  • Shopping campaign
  • Video campaign
  • App campaign

Search campaign

You will be familiar with this type of ad campaign. They are those adverts that appear on the Google search result when you type in any keyword. for example “best web hosting”.

As you can see, they are text ads that appear on the result page with a black “Ad” symbol near the URL.

Display campaign

Display campaigns are those ads you see on various websites on the internet. Google has a vast network of partnered sites.

The owner of these sites allows Google to place ads on their website and get a commission whenever someone clicks on the ad on their site.

You can also see this type of ad on youtube and in Google email and also in some mobile apps that are monetized with AdMob.

The benefit of using Display Network is that you will reach more audiences. Over two million websites partner with Google.

This partnership gives Google the opportunity to reach more than 90% of all internet users to help them make sure that your ads get more eyeballs.

The only downside of the Display Network is that your ads may appear on some websites you don’t want or in front of videos you don’t want your brand to associate with. But the Display Network can be a good place to get more leads.

Shopping campaign

A shopping campaign enables you to promote your products in a good visual appearance. the ads display as images on the SERP.

google ads shopping campaign

Google Shopping ads are good for people who have physical products because Google will showcase your product directly to customers.

Video campaign

The type of ads displays in the front of youtube videos in form of pre-rolls.

Google ads video campaign

The video campaign ads come in different forms, such as skippable videos ads and unskippable ads.

App campaign

App ads can also be included in the Display Network but can be used for targeted campaigns. One factor about this type of campaign is that you don’t have to des