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How to make money on Google Adsense

Learn how to use Google Adsense to make money on your website and blog

One of the most important elements why many website owners are using Google AdSense to monetize that site is because it is easy to implement.

It takes only a few minutes to integrate Adsense on your website. And you will be on your way to get one or more well-integrated Adsense banner ads.

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a platform that enables advertisers to reach a wide range of audiences through Google ad network partnered publishers.

These publishers submit their blogs and website to Google for review. Those that are accepted in the ad network program, allow advertisers to display ads on their sites. The displaying of ads on sites is done through bidding.

How it works

Advertisers use the Google ads program to set up ads that display on various websites on the internet that are monetized with Adsense.

When a website user views or clicks an ad. Google will pay the site owner a portion of the advertiser’s bid. They will keep the remaining money as a fee.

They are varieties of Adsense ads that appear on publishers’ sites. Such as text, images, video, or interactive media. These ads are chosen by an automated ad auction system.

Google displays the best ads on your website using different types of targeting:

  1. Placement targeting: Advertisers are allowed to choose where they want their ads to display. These ads are picked by advertisers who want to get a portion of your target audience.
  2. Run of Network targeting: This is when advertisers target all sites in the AdSense network.
  3. Personalized targeting: Advertisers can choose to display their ads on websites that focus on a specific niche.
  4. Contextual targeting: Google matches your site with the best suitable ads, by analyzing the keyword you use, the word frequency, and link structure.

Different types of Adsense Ads

There is various type of Adsense ads you can integrate on your website to generate revenue. Once you are accepted into the partnership program. These ads include display, in-feed, in-article, matched content, and link ads.

Display Ads