Hostgator Reviews 2023: A Look at Performance and Uptime

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An honest In-Depth Review of Hostgator Features, Prices, and Everything Else You Need to Know.

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With 98.5 uptime and excellent customer support available 24/7 via phone, live chat and email. Hostgator is a good hosting provider for anyone looking for reliable and affordable web hosting.

Before writing this Hostgator reviews, I used them to host up to 10 websites for different clients.

And none of them has complained about the Hostgator hosting service. So this is an honest and thorough in-depth review of Hostgator.

With over 8 million domains and more than 1,000,000 websites in the Hostgator database. Makes them one of the most popular web hosting companies in the market.

Whether you’re looking for a shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting package, HostGator has offers that will suit your budget.

They offer a wide range of services to make sure your website is running smoothly and securely.

In this Hostgator reviews, we’ll take a closer look at HostGator and provide an overview of its features, uptime, speed, pricing, customer service, and more.

Hostgator owner

HostGator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, who was then a student at Florida Atlantic University.

But was sold to Endurance International Group (EIG) in 2012. The acquisition was officially announced on July 20, 2012.

Hostgator’s initial owner sold the company to Endurance international group for the sum of $225 million.

Hostgator plans explained

Let me explain the different HostGator hosting plans. So you can get the perfect hosting plan for your needs.

Hostgator reviews: pricing

HostGator offers several hosting plans, including:

Shared Hosting: If you are building small websites that don’t require a lot of bandwidth. This plan is the best for you.

VPS Hosting: This plan gives you more control and flexibility than shared hosting. It is good for sites that require large resources.

Dedicated Hosting: This plan is powerful and expensive. It is suitable for large projects and resource-intensive websites.

Reseller Hosting: If you are a designer or developer this plan allows you to host multiple websites on a single account.

WordPress Hosting: This plan is specifically optimized for WordPress websites, and includes features such as automatic updates and security.

Hostgator pricing

Check out the pricing for Hostgator hosting packages.

Shared WordPress Dedicated Cloud
Baby: $3.50/mo
Standard: $7.95/mo
Power: $119.89/mo
Baby: $6.57/mo
Business: $5.25/mo
Business: $9.95/mo
Enterprise: $139.99/mo
Business: $9.95/mo

Hostgator pros and cons

Like every other web hosting Hostgator has its own pros and cons. So let’s talk about it.




Where is Hostgator located

The Hostgator server is located only in the United state. Here are their server locations.

  1. Houston, Texas
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. Provo, Utah
  4. Chicago, Illinois
  5. Ashburn, Virginia
  6. Phoenix, Arizona
  7. Dallas, Texas
  8. Atlanta, Georgia
  9. Lenoir, North Carolina
  10. Montreal, Canada


Hostgator reviews: Security

hostgator security reviews

HostGator offers DDoS protection and other advanced security features such as spam and virus protection, SSL protection, and malware scanning to keep customers’ websites and data secure.

HostGator also provides customers with tools to help them manage their own security, such as password protection, two-factor authentication, and IP address restriction.

They encrypt all data with 256-bit SSL encryption. This ensures that any data sent to or from their servers is kept confidential and secure. 

They also use an automated backup system to ensure that customers’ data is backed up regularly and stored off-site.

HostGator provides customers with access to their security team. This team can help customers with any security-related questions or issues they may have. They can also help customers with the installation and configuration of security measures.

Let me further talk about some of the important Hostgator securities.


Hostgator SSL certificate

hostgator reviews - ssl certificate

Hostgator ensure that their customer’s website is secure. They provide various security features such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates.

This certificate is pre-installed on all Hostgator servers and it is valid for one year. Hostgator also offers a dedicated SSL certificate, which is issued by a trusted third-party provider.

The dedicated server provides more secure connection and it is not shared with another website. It is only issued to the customer that purchases it.

Their dedicated SSL cost around $39.99 to $269.99 per year, depending on the plan you choose.

HostGator also provides additional security features, such as firewall protection, malware scanning, and regular security updates. 

Hostgator domain privacy protection

Hostgator domain privacy protection helps to secure your personal information from the public.

Your personal contact, name, address, and email are confidential. Once this domain privacy protection is turned on, people will see Hostgator information and not yours.

Hackers or spammers cannot attack your website. Or send you spammy messages because they can’t see your information.

Domain privacy protection is an important service that should be used by anyone who wishes to keep their personal information safe and secure. 

Hostgator Cloudflare

With Cloudflare, HostGator customers can quickly and easily improve their website’s performance and security. 

CloudFlare’s CDN will store copies of your website’s content in its global data centers so that when a visitor visits your website, they will receive the content from the closest data center. This reduces latency and improves page load times.

Cloudflare is easy to set up with HostGator. Once you have signed up for a HostGator hosting plan, you can easily add Cloudflare to your account by logging into your cPanel and clicking Add Cloudflare.

Hostgator Sitelock

HostGator SiteLock is a cloud-based security solution built to protect your website from malware and other security threats. 

With SiteLock, you get improved website performance, real-time malware scanning, and advanced malware removal. 

SiteLock also provides a variety of other security features, such as daily website backups, a secure SSL certificate, and the ability to monitor website traffic.

The Hostgator Sitelock cost $5.99 to $24.99 per month.

Get started with Hostgator

Hostgator reviews: Uptime 

Signing up for a web hosting company that has poor uptime can be stressful. And will also cost you money to switch to another company.

Hostgator guarantees a 99.9% uptime, which means that your website will be accessible to visitors and customers at all times.

But let’s not take their word for that. They have good uptime but from my own experience, I will say that they don’t offer 99.9% uptime.

When it comes to uptime, Hostinger is better. Most sites I hosted with Hostgator break down sometimes but it is hard to notice unless you bring out time to monitor it.

I also tested them using And you can see the result in the image below.

hostgator uptime compared

I will rate their uptime 98.5% but it is not bad for small websites. They have great features you need to run your website.

With its advanced technology and infrastructure, HostGator is able to provide a high level of reliability and uptime for small websites.

Hostgator reviews: speed

Speed is an important factor to check when choosing a hosting provider. Fast-loading websites perform well in SEO.

For this Hostgator reviews, I have tested some of the sites I have in Hostgator and confirmed that their speed is perfect.

From the image below you will see the result of the Hostgator speed test.

hostgator speed reviews

HostGator’s servers are powered by multiple high-performance processors, and their servers are connected to the internet via multiple high-speed connections. 

Hostgator support

Website owners face multiple issues most of the time. And the best way to solve those issues is to contact their web hosting.

HostGator’s customer service is available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat. They also have an online knowledge base and an extensive library of video tutorials to help customers troubleshoot any issues they might have. 

HostGator also offers an extensive collection of support articles, tutorials, and FAQs on its website.

Though I have not experienced a delay with their customer support reply. But some of their customers complain about that.

Want you will have in mind is that most time they have multiple customers with complaints. And they cannot reply to everybody at the same time.

So you may be in the queue for some minutes or hours before they get to you. The two company whose customer support reply fast is Namecheap and Hostinger.

Hostgator chat

The best way to contact Hostgator and get a response fast is through their chat. which is available on their website.

Can also reach out to them through their Twitter handle. From my experience, their live chat responds fast.

From the image of the chat, I have with them.

hostgator chat

You will see the time I chatted and when they respond to me.

HostGator chat allows customers to get help with account issues, billing and invoicing, technical issues, and more. 

Hostgator refund

Most time when you sign up for web hosting. You might find out that they don’t have the features you want.

Or their services are poor, and you would want a refund. Just like every other web hosting company Hostgator also offers money back.

HostGator offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all new shared hosting packages.

If you are not satisfied with their hosting services within 30 days of purchase, you can request a full refund of your hosting fees. 

It’s important to note that any refund requests must be made within 30 days of purchase. If the request is made after 30 days, the request will not be processed.

Hostgator backup

All Hostgator shared hosting comes with weekly backup. But if you want an automated daily backup, then you have to pay extra fees.

Most web hosting providers charges for a daily backup. So Hostgator is not acting differently from the industry standard.

Website data backup is very important, if your website develops any issues. You can restore the previous version that does not have the corrupt files.

HostGator’s backup service also allows customers to restore their sites quickly and easily. 

Customers can use the HostGator backup manager to restore their site at any point in time.

Hostgator storage limit

HostGator provides various storage options for its customers. The amount of storage you will get depends on the hosting plan chosen. 

Shared hosting packages come with a limited amount of storage, usually between 10-50GB. This is enough to host a small website with a few pages and images, but may be insufficient for larger websites and applications. 

VPS server packages provide more storage, typically between 120-500GB.  While their dedicated server comes with 1TB HDD to 1TB SSD.

This amount of storage is enough to host larger websites and databases, as well as to store important files and documents. 

Hostgator PHP version

HostGator provides users with several options for PHP versions. The current versions are 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3. Each version offers its own advantages, so it’s important to choose the best version for your website.

PHP 5.6 is the oldest version, but it is still widely used and supported by most applications. It is the most stable version and is the best choice for compatibility. PHP 7.0 is the most popular version and offers a great performance boost over PHP 5.6.

PHP 7.1 is an upgraded version of PHP 7.0 and offers improved security, support for new language features, and greater performance. PHP 7.2 is an upgraded version of PHP 7.1, and it offers additional security and performance improvements.

PHP 7.3 is the latest version and offers further performance improvements over the previous versions. It also offers some new features, such as better Unicode support and improved error handling.

Hostgator migration

If you want to migrate your website to Hostgator. All you need to do is provide them with the login details to your old hosting provider, as well as the login details to your new HostGator account.

They will transfer all of your website’s data, including databases, files, and emails, to your new hosting account.

HostGator’s migration service is available for all hosting plans, including shared, VPS, and dedicated servers.

If you need help with the migration process, their customer support team is available to answer your questions.

They also have a free website transfer tool that allows you to easily move your website from one hosting provider to another.

Hostgator alternative

Hostinger is the best Hostgator alternative. The basic shared hosting plan cost $1.99 per month.

Hostinger provides its customers with SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. They have more advanced technologies. And their customer support is superb.

Check out the 7 best Hostgator alternatives.

Hostgator reviews final thought

Hostgator is a good web hosting company to get started with. They provide all the basic needs for a small website.

And also can be used for large websites. If your website site is attracting high volume of traffic then you should purchase their Dedicated or VPS server plan.

For new websites and small businesses. You can use the shared hosting plan or WordPress dedicated hosting package.

Their security is nice and they offer quality customer support. Hostgator website speed is incredible. But their uptime is not good for large projects.

I will recommend Bluehost, Hostinger, or Accuwebhosting for large-traffic websites.

If you are just getting started you can use Hostgator. They have all the features you will need to set up and manage your website.

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