How Long Does It Take To Make A Blog Profitable

How Long Does It Take To Make A Blog Profitable

Every smart person who wants to venture into any new business.

Will always have this question in mind ( How long will it take me to be successful in this business).

The same question also lingers in the mind of those who are eager to start a blog.

So if the thought of how long does it take to make a blog profitable is in your mind.

All the answers you need are covered in this blog post.

Without spitting out too many words in the intro.

Let’s dive into the main topic 👇

How long does it take to make a blog profitable

Building a profitable blog requires time, effort, and patience. 

There is no set timeline for when a blog will become profitable.

Because of factors such as the niche, content quality, promotion, and audience engagement. Are the challenges most bloggers face in their early stage.

However, based on experience my first blog started receiving referral traffic from opera mini and other powerful sources.

Within the first six months of consistently publishing news articles every day on the blog.

This growth happen so fast because I was lucky to get traffic from other credible sources.

The amount of effort you put into working on your blog will determine when you are going to start making a profit.

For me, I don’t see measuring the profitability of a blog by the amount of traffic it makes every month.

A blog with quality content, good marketing, and monetization strategy can start making money within the first two or three months.

Arguing the amount of period of time it will take a blog to start making money.

Depends on the knowledge you have before venturing into your blogging business.

How much can I make from a blog in the first month?

The first month of starting a blog requires a lot of work such as hosting the blog and designing and writing content.

So for most people, there is no money to make in the first month of launching your blog.

But if you are already an expert in a certain field who want to use blog as a leverage to attract more clients.

There is a chance that you will start making money from your blog in the first month. Through offering consultation and services.

Or by promoting an affiliate product. In fact, Sylvia the owner of said in her How I made my first $100 in blogging.

She stated how she made $100 in her first month of blogging through Chase referral program.

She also backed her claim by sharing a screenshot.

How much can I make from a blog in the first month
image source: mommyoverwork

So as you can see it is possible to make around $100 or above in your first month of blogging.

What matters is your blogging monetization and marketing strategy.

How much money do bloggers make in their first year

The amount of money bloggers make in their first year depends on their target niche, content production strength, and marketing capability.

The average amount that can be made in the first year of blogging is $2000. Basically, $2000 is for those who depend only on display ads.

If you have multiple monetization channels such as promoting affiliate products, offering services, and selling courses.

You will make more than that amount in your first year of blogging.

Here is a screenshot of the amount you can make in your first year by monetizing your blog with Ezoic.

How much money do bloggers make in their first year
image source: Makersaid

These numbers can be different for many people. The money you make yearly from your blog depends on the niche.

Bloggers who are in the digital marketing and financial market make huge profits. But these niches are very competitive.

How often should I blog to make money

According to many experts, bloggers who post up to four new articles per week see growth in their revenue.

Most bloggers post new articles daily on their blogs.

In as much that steady posting of new articles helps in growing blogs.

It can also kill a blog. Because search engine only wants to rank quality content.

So if you focus on the numbers and not quality, then you might harm your blog SEO.

Factors that determine how often you should blog include:

  • Competition – If your competitors are publishing more often, they will rank more than you.
  • Niche – For example, if you are in the entertainment niche you have to supply your audience with doses of articles.
  •  Ever-green articles – Bloggers who publish in-depth well researched articles don’t publish often.
  • Size of your audience – If your blog is already generating tons of traffic then you will need to supply them with new articles daily.

Some blogs publish around 100 posts per month but they have multiple authors who do the writing.

If you have the money to hire writers then you can reach such an amount per month.

But if you don’t have money to hire writers. Focus on writing one quality post per day

Is it still profitable to start a blog

The increase in failure in blogging these days.

Will make you ask if it is still profitable to venture into blogging.

In as much that many people fail because they don’t have real knowledge of blogging.

Or were not able to be patient enough to grow their blog.

Starting a blog is still profitable. In fact, all the answers you need to this question can be found in this blog post (Are blogs still profitable). You can read it to get the full insight.

How do I start a profitable blog

Blogging is very lucrative if done the right way.

They are many people who have quit their jobs after finding success in their blogging career.

And you too can also get your share of this over $400 billion industry.

Here are some of the steps for starting a profitable blog:

1. Pick easy to rank niche

Most beginner bloggers fail when they choose a highly competitive niche.

Niches like digital marketing and finance are very competitive. So for new bloggers picking such niche requires hard work and knowledge.

If you are someone who has no experience in this market. It is better to go for easy-to-rank niches.

Such as:

  • Makeup tips
  • Fashion
  • Home decoration
  • Drones
  • Creative writing
  • And more.

2. choose the right blogging platform

As a beginner, it is important to choose a blogging platform that is easy to set up.

And can also be updated and redesigned at any time.

The most used blogging platform is WordPress, which is an open-source content management system.

That powers over 43% of the websites on the internet. It can be used for blogging and also for building any type of website.

3. choose affordable hosting

They are many web hosting companies out there that provide the best solution for launching your blog.

But as someone who is just getting started. You need a host that is cheap and provides the right resources for running your blog.

The best cheap web host for beginners is Hostinger. With just $1.99 per month, you can set up your blog.

4. install WordPress

Once you have paid for your hosting.

The next step is to install WordPress on your server.

You can do this manually or ask your host to do it for you.

But if you are using Hostinger, WordPress will be automatically installed for you.

After installing WordPress, you need to install some necessary plugins before you start publishing.

Required WordPress plugins:

  • Rankmath – for SEO
  • WP rocket – for optimization
  • Pretty link – for adding affiliate links
  • Elementor – for designing the looks of your blog

5. Start writing

Before you start writing your first article. You need to conduct keyword research.

Keyword research will help you understand what people are searching for.

As a beginner focus on keywords, their difficulty is below 30. And monthly search is around 1000.

You will not see results immediately because your domain authority is low. Focus on writing and sharing your post on various social media platforms to boost your trust and credibility.

How do I monetize my blog

According to reports most expert bloggers make around $150,000 per year. While amateur bloggers make around $10,000.

Your monetization strategy determines how much you can be earning monthly from your blog.

So here is the easiest way to monetize your blog:

1. Display ads

There has been a lot of speculation about monetizing a blog with display ads.

Most people hate it because they don’t earn much from it. But the truth is that display ad one of the easiest ways to earn money from your blog.

Without selling to anyone or waiting for someone to make a purchase from your affiliate link before you make a commission.

Most expert bloggers start with display ads before they where able to craft better ways to monetize their blogs.

 According to Jon D, the owner of Fast Stacks Blog made around $100k in the month of May 2022 from Mediavine.

Here is the screenshot.

jon d income
image source: Fast stacks blog

Popular display ad networks for beginners:

  • Adsense
  • Ezoic
  • MGID

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the quickest way to monetize your blog.

But it requires learning some marketing skills.

Because you are selling to your audience, you need to convince them to buy through your link.

They are affiliate companies that can pay you up to $100 per successful lead.

For example, if you join Bluehost affiliate program. They pay $100 per customer you referred to purchase web hosting from them.

Many bloggers are making tons of money from promoting other people’s products on their blogs.

3. Render service

As a blogger, you can offer your writing skills to other people and get paid for it.

You can provide writing services to companies or businesses that are looking for freelancers.

So you can join freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer to get freelancing jobs.

Or you can create a service page on your blog. And list your expertise on the page.


Creating a profitable blog takes time. 

But by choosing a profitable niche.

Creating high-quality content.

Promoting your blog, monetizing it, and being patient.

You increase your chances of success.

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