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7 Secrets to Branding Your Small Business

Today, let’s talk about seven branding secrets tailored for small businesses, revealing how to dominate your niche. When it boils down to it, the real key to small business and entrepreneurial success is sheer hard work.

However, the crucial aspect is ensuring that your hard work aligns with the right strategies. There’s nothing more disheartening than investing sweat equity without building brand equity.

How to brand a small business

I’m going to share with you seven major themes for small business branding. If you focus on them, I guarantee you’ll be on the right track to success.

1. Brand Story

Humans value humans over brands, making word-of-mouth referrals triumph over marketing. Without a compelling brand story, customers won’t care.

Founder stories, like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak building the first Mac or Colonel Sanders starting KFC as a retirement side hustle, resonate with people on a human level. What’s your brand story, and how will you make it evocative?

2. Brand Look and Feel

A brand isn’t just a logo; it encompasses intentional design elements. Beyond a logo, consider color palettes, fonts, photography, illustration styles, and more.

Consistent brand design from the beginning is crucial. Small businesses often neglect this, leading to a costly cleanup later.

3. Brand Voice

Just as you design your brand visually, decide how it sounds. Your brand voice must align with your brand story and resonate with your customer avatar.

It’s about what they want to hear, not just what you want to say. Remember, the graveyard of broken brands is filled with companies that neglected their customers’ needs.

4. Brand Presence

Where and how will you show up? Build your brand ecosystem, encompassing your website, social channels, content footprint, and marketing strategies.

Consistency is key don’t try to be everywhere at once. Deep engagement on one or two platforms beats being invisible everywhere.

5. Brand Promise

What value are you bringing? This goes beyond social media or content it’s about providing an irresistible solution to your customer’s problem. Your brand promise must be ingrained in every aspect of your company, like a forever wedding vow.

6. Brand Equity

This isn’t something you do; it’s a result. When you consistently show up, look and sound authentic, deliver value, and fulfill your brand promise, you build brand equity over time.

Brand preferences are often passed down through generations, showcasing the enduring power of brand loyalty.

7. Brand Engagement

In today’s market, branding is no longer a one-way street. Engagement is now a two-way street, with customers having a voice and a platform.

To build strong brand equity, engage authentically and honestly with your customers. It’s about having conversations and fostering true relationships.


In a nutshell, these seven secrets – brand story, look and feel, voice, presence, promise, equity, and engagement form the foundation for building your small business.

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