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How To Create a News Website With WordPress

If you are looking for a guide on how to create a news website with WordPress, you’ve come to the right place.

Starting a news website is not that expensive. Even a beginner doesn’t need to know everything about coding and all the blogging technical terms before creating a news website. Easy to use publishing tools have helped independent news websites grow over the years

What will help any publisher turn their ideas for niche publications into a sustainable business. Is to come up with a good editorial, business, and marketing strategic plan.

Follow the steps guide below to learn how to create a news website with WordPress.

You have to create a business plan

Create a business plan

Starting a news website is not different from launching a print newspaper or any other type of business. If you really want to succeed, then you will need a roadmap which is your business plan.

Coming up with a mission for your news website is very important. It will help you know your target audience, how to generate content, and also know how to get visitors to your site.

Once you have figured out how to generate content for the site. You also need to find out how to generate revenue from the publication business.

Outline your revenue strategies on the business plan. Some of the best ways to make money from your blog are through selling advertising, charging for subscriptions, or producing sponsored content.

Knowing your targeted monthly revenue will help you know if you will need to hire an editor or writers

How To Create a News Website With WordPress

How To Create a News Website With WordPress - basic guide

WordPress is the most popular used blogging platform. Both local news websites and international media outlets use WordPress.

Most independent publishers use WordPress because it’s low cost and easy to use.

When choosing a blogging platform, focus on those that offer flexibility and scalability.

The best publishing platforms offer customizable designs, responsive sites, and high security, and they’re SEO friendly.

To use WordPress to design and customize your news website. You will first buy a domain name and hosting space. Read how to purchase hosting and domain from Bluehost

Once you have bought a domain and hosting space. The next part is to set up and customize your news blog. You can watch the video below to see how to use WordPress.

Install some basic plugins

Plugins will help improve the functionality of your WordPress website. Installing some basic WordPress plugins to your site is a way to have access to new features without paying a developer to create the features from scratch.

For example, as a publisher, you will need a social share button plugin, newsletter plugin, contact form plugin, Google Analytics plugin, and more. There are plenty of plugins in the WordPress directory that will help grow your publishing website.

Create valuable content

Once your website is fully set up, the next part is to start creating quality content on your website.

Start creating editorial content that is related to your target audience. Write articles, get images, and put together infographics or videos that will get the attention of your readers.

Use the first few weeks as a testing period to determine whether you’re capable of putting together the content you envisioned on your own, or if you’ll need to hire outside writers and editors for help.

Experienced writers will be able to write headlines with SEO in mind and put together content that impacts readers in a way that will generate traffic and grow your readership.

Monetize your website

No advertiser will work with you if they don’t see your website. So before thinking about how to monetize your website. You need to first start updating your news website regularly with new content.

How you strategize your monetization plan will determine where your revenue comes from. Some publishers use their website as a hobby, while some see it as a full-time business.

The vast majority of digital publishers will need to select an ad server before they can start accepting advertising.
Many independent news publishers work with an ad serving solution like outbrain, while smaller bloggers tend to begin with Google AdSense before they branch out into more profitable avenues.

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