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How to Use X Spaces

X Spaces has gained global popularity, reaching users from diverse regions and demographics. Since its initial launch, X has consistently expanded and improved the Spaces feature, introducing new tools and controls for hosts and participants.

Spaces have become a platform for increased engagement, allowing users to connect with their audience in a more personal and immediate way. The user adoption rate for X Spaces has been notable, with many users exploring the feature for both personal and professional purposes.

What is X Spaces?

X Spaces is a real-time audio conversation feature on the X platform. It allows users to create virtual audio chat rooms where they can host discussions, interviews, or casual conversations with others. Launched as a direct competitor to other audio-centric platforms, X Spaces aims to provide a dynamic and interactive space for users to engage with their audience.

Why Twitter Spaces Matters:

X Spaces adds a new dimension to social interactions on the platform, fostering real-time, voice-based communication. It opens up opportunities for individuals, brands, and communities to connect in a more authentic and spontaneous manner, amplifying the social experience on X.

Key Features of Twitter Spaces:

  1. Accessibility: Spaces are accessible to anyone with a Twitter account, making it a widespread and inclusive feature.
  2. Public Spaces: Unlike some other social audio platforms, Twitter Spaces are public, allowing any Twitter user to join as a listener.
  3. Moderation Tools: Hosts have various tools to manage their space, including muting participants, managing speakers, and controlling who can join the conversation.
  4. Emoji Reactions: Users can express their feelings during a conversation by utilizing emoji reactions, adding an interactive element to the experience.

How to Use Twitter Spaces

Learn how to create your own space, schedule events, invite participants, and dive into conversations.

Creating Your X Space

To host your own X Space, open the X app and long-press the create post button. Now, instead of tweeting, tap the Spaces icon. Enter a name for your space and choose a topic for discussion. When you’re ready, tap “Start.” If you prefer to schedule your space for later, tap the schedule icon and set the date and time.

Inviting Participants and Managing Your Space

Once your space is live, invite listeners by tapping the people icon. Share your space via direct message, a link, or a tweet. To add listeners as speakers, tap their profile picture. Your space will continue until you decide to end it. Remember, Spaces are public, allowing anyone to join as a listener.

Hosting Controls and Features

While hosting, use various controls to enhance your experience:

  • Microphone Icon: Mute or unmute yourself.
  • People Icon: Manage guests, invite co-hosts, and handle speakers.
  • Heart Icon: Access emoji reactions.
  • Three Dots: Explore additional settings, including captions.

When you’re ready to conclude your space, simply tap “End.”

Joining Others’ X Spaces

To listen to someone else’s X Space, tap the Spaces icon in the bottom menu. Browse popular live spaces or use the search bar to find specific topics. Tap a space to join and start listening.

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