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How to make money with Shareasale

Have you been looking for more ways to generate better revenue with your blog?

This is the best time you can start monetizing your blog for more profit. However, there are many popular different ways you can make money with your blog.

Adsense and sponsored posts have been some of the unique ways bloggers and digital marketers use to make a good amount of income monthly.

But for a beginner who is just starting affiliate marketing is the best way for you to make money with your blog. Even when you don’t have a huge amount of traffic, you can still make money through affiliates.

All you need to make money from affiliates is by applying the right strategy, a lot of starters stop on the way because of poor execution.

If you really want to start making money with your blog, then you should simply join the Shareasale affiliate program.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Shareasale affiliate program to monetize your blog. You will see how to join the platform and also how to pick products to promote.

How Shareasale works

Shareasale is an affiliate marketing platform that was created in 2000. It allows bloggers and marketers to find products to promote and get a commission for any purchase done through their referral link.

The platform is free for anybody to join. Even content creators and YouTubers can also make decent money from Shareasale.

There are up to 40 categories, with over 3,000 affiliate programs you join on the platform and promote. Some of the categories include web hosting, clothing, parenting, and online dating services.

Another good thing about Shareasale is that you can join it as a merchant. For example, you run an eCommerce business or you have your own product.

You can create a merchant account and let other marketers promote the product for you and you pay them commissions.

Shareasale will also provide you with all the train kits you need to run a successful business.
Making money from Shareasale does not require having a high amount of website visitors.

All you need to earn commission is simply presenting a product from to platform to the right people who are ready to buy. It is a good place for beginners to start from, especially those who are still looking for a way to monetize their blog.

There are two types of people who can make a profit from using Shareasale, one affiliate marketer, two merchants.

Affiliate marketers: they are simply the bloggers or content creators who write and publish reviews of a product in their blog as a way of promoting their referral link and getting commission for their work.

Merchants: They are the business owner who already has product or service to sell and willing to pay others for promoting them.

If you are ready to start making online your blog with Shareasale, then all you have to do is create your free affiliate account.

How to sign up for Shareasale affiliate program

At this point, you might have understood what Shareasale is all about. Now what you will do is create your own free account.

The account creation process is very simple but you must have your own website before applying for an affiliate account on Shareasale.

If you don’t have a website yet, I have created a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog from scratch within 28 minutes.

There are 5 simple steps you need to complete in the sign-up process before you can be a qualified member. Let’s get started.

Step one: Create an affiliate account

To sign up for the Shareasale affiliate account you need to Click Here, then land on their homepage. Once you are on their website select the “Monetize your content” button.

How to make money with Shareasale - sign-up

After clicking on that button you will be redirected to the signup page where you will be asked to enter your password and also pick your country.

How to make money with Shareasale - account-step-one

Once you have entered all the requested information, click the “Step 2” button.

Step two: Enter your website details

This part is necessary because it allows merchants to decide if they will approve or reject your application to join their affiliate programs based on your website.

enter website details
How to make money with Shareasale - website-details

Fill in all the information they are requesting and make sure to submit a functioning website. Once you are done click the “step 3” button.

Step three: Enter your contact details

How to make money with Shareasale - contact-details

For faster account approval, use an email account that is connected to your domain name. For example [email protected]

If you don’t know how to get your website email address, ask your hosting provider to help you set up the email for you.

You can get your domain email address from these trusted web hosting companies, Bluehost and Dreamhost. They are also good for hosting a WordPress blog.

Step four: Your personal details

personal informations

Type in your personal information such as name, address, payment details. Also, write a quality description of your website.

Step five: Your payment details

complete sign up

The final step of the registration process is selecting your payment method. If you are not sure of the method you want to use to receive your payment. You click on “Choose later”.

Then click on the “Complete sign up” button to submit your application. You will get an email from Shareasale, click on the confirmation link. After you are done with all the processes, relax and wait for your account to be approved.

How to search for products in Shareasale

If your submitted application has been approved, then you can be able to start making money from Shareasale.

The next part of this content will show you the step by step of looking for products that are related to your niche.

Go to the Shareasale website to gain access to your affiliate account. Click the “Affiliate Login” button to enter your details.
Once you are on the dashboard, go to “Merchant” then click on the “Search for Merchants” button.

How to make money with Shareasale  - merchant-search

If you already know the company you want to promote you can enter their name on the search bar. But if you don’t know any company, then type in the niche you are targeting for example “web hosting”.

shareasale search

You will see many products in your niche click on the “Join program”, after reading they agree to the program agreement, click “Join this program. Then wait for them to send you an approval email.

Some affiliate programs you can join in Shareasale to promote

WP Engine

How to copy your affiliate link

get link

Once you are on the dashboard, you will see all the affiliate programs you have joined. Click on the “Get Links” button to copy your affiliate.

affi link

You will be directed to a page where you can copy your affiliate link. The mark button on the image above is your affiliate link.

Three ways to make money from Shareasale

There are a few proven ways to make money from Shareasale that I will list below, am using this method and they are working very well.

1. Write a review or tutorial

This is one of my best methods for promoting an affiliate link. A lot of people would like to read more information about a product before they purchase it.

If you publish product reviews on your blog, you will have a higher chance of getting more clicks on your affiliate link. And most of the visitors may purchase through your link.

Writing tutorials is also effective in promoting affiliate links. Creating a tutorial will easily show the visitors how to use the product and direct them to buy it through your affiliate link.

2. Social media marketing

Social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Quora is good place to promote your affiliate link. This site’s mention will not allow you to promote your affiliate directly on their website. So what you have to do is publish a review or tutorial on your blog and then share the link on these websites.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best methods you can use to promote your affiliate link. So if you have not started building an email list, give it a try. Check out my GetResponse tutorial to see how you can start building an email list.


Joining the Shareasale affiliate program will help increase your blog monthly earn. All you need to do is find the product that your blog visitors will be interested to purchase.

You can use many methods to promote your link if you have the money to run an advert you can use programs like Google ads to promote your link.

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