How To Promote My YouTube Video With Google Ads

how to promote my youtube video with google ads

In 2024 the competition on YouTube is high and if you’re starting from scratch it’s not as easy to get ahead as it used to be. But you can still speed up this process and get views and subscribers through Google ads. 

And I will show you how to set it up so that you don’t waste any money and still get amazing results and Outreach. 

So let’s begin if you have a new channel or small business and plan to promote and offer services on YouTube. You can spend a lot of time analyzing statistics and competitors, researching trends, experimenting with different strategies and still get nowhere. 

If you want more reliable and consistent results and if you’re willing to invest some money in your promotion, YouTube ads are the perfect tool for getting your first views and Subs so let’s break it all down step by step all the way from launching the campaign to making real money.

Preparing Your Channel for Promotion

To use google ads to promote YouTube video, the very first thing you need to do is prepare your videos and your channel for promotion because no Financial investment will make sense if the viewer after seeing an ad on your channel gets forwarded to an empty page to get started be sure to check the visual design of your Channel’s page.

1. Channel Banner: 

Be sure to check the visual design of your Channel’s page this includes a nice Channel Banner nicely looking thumbnails and a simple memorable logo on the channel Banner. Be sure to put some information about your channel and add a call to action. 

This could be a call to go to your website or social media, a call to subscribe or to participate in some kind of activity. The channel Banner is the very first and most noticeable element that users see on your page so make sure it works.

2. Video Preparation

Before launching ads I recommend uploading at least three to four videos then the new viewer will have an option to watch your other videos thus subjecting himself to your charm even more.

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These videos of yours of course should be interconnected thematically so that watching them all feels like a singular experience oh and the video should not be too short an average duration of 8 to 10 minutes would be perfect.

If you’re promoting already somewhat established Channel with several dozen videos make sure to tidy things up before launching ads you can temporarily hide some of the not so successful videos but don’t delete them can also optimize the titles a bit better to make them more interesting and at the same time bring all thumbnails to single style.

Setting Up Google Ads Campaign

Now that you have prepared the channel for ads, you can start launching the set ads for which we need the Google ads tool. On its main page we will create a new campaign. You don’t have to specify its goal.

Campaign Type: 

Next choose video and the campaign subtype. I recommend choosing video views because it is the most universal and effective option that will suit the absolute majority of channels. In addition the results of such ads are easy to analyze. The rest of the options are either highly Specialized or slightly more complex you can of course try them too but if this is your first ad campaign then choose video views.

Campaign Name and Budget: 

Now when we enter the name of the campaign and specify the budget choose daily and start with the minimum figures. For some it will be $1, five or 10. It all depends on your financial capabilities. Start with small amounts at the same time I advise you to remove the check boxes from video Partners on the Google Display Network just to not waste a single penny since we’re only interested in ads on YouTube.

Advanced Settings:

And by the way, be sure to open the devices Tab and uncheck the TVs. The TV audience extremely rarely reacts to ads because it is simply physically inconvenient to click on something from a TV therefore you should not waste your ad budget and views from TV users.

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You can also set limits on the cap impression frequency and cap View frequency. Let’s set them to two or three Impressions per user and no more than one view per user. This way we don’t become too annoying and make sure that more people see the ads. Now select all days in the ad schedule.

Audience Targeting and Keywords

In the audience section here you can form a detailed group. Or groups of viewers that you are targeting gender, age, and children. you need to focus on your potential viewer. the one who might be interested in your channel, your brand and your services. You need people who are interested in starting a business, finance and marketing or have recently moved to a new country and so on Google has information about these people and can show them your ads.

The next section is keywords here you can enter the words and phrases that best reflect the theme of your video and channel think about what words your video would be searched for and type in these words if you have a cleaning company for example type in something like office cleaning cleaning in your city cleaning after renovation sofa dry cleaning I think you got the idea.

Choosing a Video to Advertise

Finally choose a video from your channel that we want to advertise. This can be an older video or the one that you just shot specifically for ads. Add a link to it and YouTube will start promoting it.

Ad Placement

Next choose where the ad will be placed and I recommend choosing in stream this way the ad will get shown before the video and you will only pay if the person has watched at least 30 seconds of the ad and if they skip it you don’t pay anything retention will grow on such ads and as a result you will not only increase views on a specific video but also increase view in time this is the best option for promoting new videos on a new channel and gaining subscribers and Views.

Ad Details

Title and Description: Next pick a title and description and add information about the channel about your brand and product.

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Price per View: When that’s done comes the question of price once again you need to decide how much you want to pay perview and I recommend starting small with 1 cent can always increase the price later if you want.

Optimizing the Campaign

To promote your YouTube video on google ads and be successful, you have to continuously optimize the ad to get the best result.

Monitor Reactions: After you receive the very first reactions and conversions you must analyze them and use them to further customize ads and develop a new strategy which people have collected on your ad where did these viewers come from how long did they watch the ad all this information is available in the analytics and I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions fairly easily.”

Emphasize What Works: The entire optimization process is built on a simple principle: put an emphasis on what brings conversions and get rid of everything that doesn’t work.

Successful Parameters: Take note of the good audience regions uh gender age and interests of viewers who respond well to your ads create separate campaigns for these parameters and create separate ads for them.

Trial and Error: And if any of those ads perform poorly just delete them and start again trial and  error that’s what it’s all about in fact ad optimization is practically an endless process since there is no limit to Perfection just be patient and remember that it’s impossible to launch ads that will instantly bring you millions of views on the first try.

Continuous Improvement: With time and proper optimization you will surely get great results, views will grow and so will your audience.

Improve Content: And finally I just want to say that even if you use Google ads to promote your channel never stop improving the quality of your videos study your audience and what interests people work on improving your your content so that new viewers want to stay with you and recommend your channel to someone else.

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