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How to Schedule Tweets – Quick Guide

Scheduled tweets allow you to maintain a consistent and active presence on X without the need for real-time engagement. Considering your audience may span different time zones, scheduling tweets ensures that your content reaches followers at optimal times.

According to a HubSpot report, well-timed tweets during a campaign can significantly boost engagement and conversion rates.

How to Schedule Tweets on X

Let’s see how you can schedule tweets on X.

Log in to Your X Account

Begin by opening the X website in your preferred browser and logging into your account.

Create a New Tweet

Once logged in, start composing a new tweet with the content you’d like to schedule for later.

Schedule Your Tweet

Click on the calendar icon located at the bottom of the tweet window. This action will prompt a calendar where you can choose the specific date and time for your tweet to be posted.

Confirm Your Selection

After selecting the date and time, click “Confirm” to proceed.

Schedule Your Tweet

Complete the process by clicking on “Schedule.” Your tweet is now set to be automatically published at the designated date and time.

Manage Scheduled Tweets

To view an overview of your scheduled tweets, click on the calendar icon. Then, select “Scheduled Tweets” at the bottom of the window.

Edit or Reschedule

If you wish to make changes to a scheduled tweet, simply click on the tweet in question. From there, you can edit its content or adjust the date and time.

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