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How to start a blog on WordPress super-fast and easy

You want to start your online business but don’t know how to start a blog on WordPress. Worry no more because all you need to start your WordPress blog is in this step-by-step article.

At shakewordonline we understand how hard it is for amateur internet entrepreneurs to design their websites but in this guide. You are going to find out all the tools you need to create and design your awesome-looking WordPress blog.

How to start a blog on wordpress: All the tools you need

Without these five things your WordPress website cannot be complete:
1. A domain name (domain is the unique address users can use to access your website)
2. A hosting account (hosting is where your website files will be uploaded and store)
3. WordPress software (this is the software you are going to use to design your site)
4. Theme (The already designed template for easy design)
5. plugins (tools for building layout, SEO, and sign-up forms)

Domain name:
Before anybody can access your website. They need to have your domain but first. You need to understand what domain name is all about.

A domain name is the unique identification URL of your website which users can type into their browser to visit your site. Example ( and

To get a domain name for your website it will cost around $9.99 to $14.99 yearly. But don’t panic about the price it is worth.

Web hosting account:
Web hosting is where you register and host your website files on the internet. Without web hosting your site cannot be live on the web. This can be costly but with the recommended best WordPress hosting company (Bluehost) you can get a cheap hosting plan and a free domain for your project as a beginner.

WordPress software:

WordPress is one of the most popular tools on the internet which you can use to create and design your website or blog.

It is a content management system and open-source software that anyone can utilize for starting a blog or create a corporate and eCommerce website.

WordPress theme is the already designed template by a group of professional developers. This template will make work easy for you because all you need is just go through the documentation and tutorial of the theme. Within a few minutes your website will be ready.

They are free templates on WordPress directories and also many premium themes on the online marketplace like ThemeForest and codecayon.

Plugins are the extra tools needed to make your website more flexible, dynamic, and user-friendly. Most WordPress plugins help you to use drag and drop to make your site layout unique and easy to access.

They are many WordPress plugins on ThemeForest and codecayon you can purchase for your project.
Now that you have seen the tools you need to create your blog. In the next part of this guide am going to focus on the setup and design.

The step by step guide

This part is where I will guide you through the basic steps to set up your WordPress blog:

Step one: purchasing domain name and web hosting space.

As a beginner who wants to get their own share of the internet money. The greatest mistake you can make is going for the wrong web hosting provider. I understand how hard it will be for you because I also experience it at an early stage.

Before your WordPress can be set and running you need to host it online, and when choosing a hosting company, you need to know a few things.
Bandwidth size.
Storage size.
Data center locations.

This thing mentioned above will help you understand the package you will choose when paying for your webspace.
In this tutorial. I will be using Bluehost because they are the best when it comes to WordPress hosting. To be honest with you Shakeworldonline Is hosted on it. I recommend you use Bluehost for your website project.

The journey begins here, so let go and purchase the domain name and hosting space.
First, you need to visit Bluehost and follow my instructions below:
Once you are on the Bluehost home page, you need to click on the Get Started button.

How to start a blog on WordPress - bluehost
How to start a blog on WordPress

When the next page opens then you need to choose the plan that you want, but as a beginner, I recommend you select the basic plan and you can choose 12 months or 36 months. Click on the Blue SELECT button.

Bluehost hosting price
Bluehost hosting price

In this part they will ask you to put your domain name, I quest you already know the name you want to register, so just type it inside that box.

bluehost choose domain
Bluehost choose domain

The last thing to do is to enter your account details and make payment for your packages. In this part you will see the total price for the three years basic plan, but if you can’t pay for three years, you can choose 12 months or 24 months from the box.

In this section you will also see extra packages, I recommend you did not touch anything on that part. You don’t need them as a starter, but in the long run, if you want you can add them later.

bluehost account details

The more extra package you add, the more your money increases so don’t add any other thing from the package extra.

bluehost extra

Once you are done with everything and payment. You will receive an email from Bluehost on how to login to your Cpanel and have access to where you will upload and set up your WordPress software. And also, be able to contact them for support.
In the next step, you will see how to install WordPress on your Cpanel.

Step two: Install WordPress on Cpanel

So, in this step, you will learn how to install WordPress on Cpanel, very simple and easy. is the self-hosting software created by the WordPress team, which allows you to create your website design layout the way you want it with the free or premium template.

In this section, you will see how to install the WordPress software directly in your Bluehost Cpanel without going through stress.
To do this simply login to your Bluehost Cpanel and scroll down to where you will see install WordPress.

How to start a blog on WordPress - bluehost install wordpress
install WordPress in Bluehost Cpanel

after entering every detail about your site and finalizing your installation. The next step is to start your design and publishing your first blog post. learn more about WordPress installation on Cpanel.

After installing WordPress, the next step is to create your first post. So, select a post from the WordPress dashboard to create your post. Here is a guide on the proper way to create posts on WordPress.

Step three: Installing wordpress theme

You will learn how to install and use already made templates to design your blog.
In this guide I will be using a theme called Publisher theme created by Better studio, it is a premium WordPress theme that will cost you $50 to purchase, the theme is very nice and comes with many plugins. You can also use WordPress free theme for your project, learn more about free WordPress themes

Like I said I will be using Publisher for this tutorial, so to get this template go to BetterStudio and purchase the template because it is very good for AdSense and affiliate bloggers. You can also purchase themes on ThemeForest, please read this theme forest guide

So, after purchasing the theme, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard (learn how to login to WordPress) to upload the theme.

Once you have login to the admin, go to appearance and select theme, when you are on the theme page, go to upload and select the purchase file and upload the theme.

Most time uploading theme files through WordPress admin may be hard, so I have also made a step-by-step guide on how to upload WordPress themes from Cpanel which is a very easy and fast method.
When you are done uploading the theme, click on activate.

Step four: Installing plugins

The process of installing a WordPress theme is the same as installing plugins.
Go to Plugins in your WordPress dashboard to install the plugins we are going to use for this step-by-step guide to designing your WordPress blog.

So, in this guide, we are going to use these four plugins to create the blog.
1. page bakery (for build drag and drop layout)
2. Yoast SEO (for search engine optimization)
3. Contact 7 (for build contact form)
4. Ad managers (for placing ads and affiliate links on your site)

Page bakery: WordPress page layout plugin
This plugin is used to design website layout on WordPress, it is easy to use, after installing and activating the plugin, it enables you to build your blog to be user-friendly. You can use it to create mobile and desktop layouts.

I will not say much about the plugin here but you can read how to use WordPress page bakery to learn how to use it like a pro.
To use page bakery on your WordPress, go to the page.

How to start a blog on WordPress - add page

When it open create a new page (example: home, contact, privacy policy e.t.c) after entering the page name click on publish.

publish page in wordpress

Then select backend to use page bakery.

How to start a blog on WordPress - page bakery

When it opens click on add element.

Go to the search box and type row, select it then choose a column, depending on how you want the site to look, I recommend you make your home page two-column layout. One big column for post and half column for ads display.

two column in wpbakery

After choosing your layout click on add element, then choose blog2, we are using it for this guide but later you can choose any other one you want.

When it open, select your post category, then enter the number of articles you want to display on the home page and click publish.
The other half column will be used for displaying ads, so later in this guide, I will show you how to display ads on your home page.
Just click save and then click on update.

Yoast SEO: WordPress SEO plugin

Yoast SEO is a WordPress search engine optimization plugin, want to know what is SEO, read the step by step guide for search engine optimization and also read the proper way to use Yoast in WordPress

After installing and activating this plugin, go to add a new post.

How to start a blog on WordPress - add post

Then write your post title in the header and full post in the body section.

wordpress post header and body

Scroll down to where you will see the Yoast plugin, then enter your targeted keyword, for a proper explanation of the keyword, read what is keyword and how to use it.

How to start a blog on WordPress - keyword

After adding the keyword, select the post category and publish your article.

Contact form: create a contact page to allow users to send you a message

To use this plugin, first install it from the plugin section and after installing it, create a new page name it contacts then click on the contact 7 button on your dashboard.

How to start a blog on WordPress - contact

Click on add new form, enter the name of the form, leave it on default and click save, then copy the shortcode.

contact 7 shortcode

Go back to the new page you create and paste the shortcode, then click the update button.

How to start a blog on WordPress - shortcode

Better ad manager: for displaying ads on your blog

I know by now you have understood how to install and activate plugins. To use this plugin, click the ad manager button on your WordPress dashboard.

better ads button

Click on banner to put your AdSense ad code or put your self-hosting ad.
I will show you how to create your own adverts with this plugin.
After you have click on banner, you will see options like Adsense code, HTML code, upload image, and URL.

image ads in better ads

Select the upload image, then choose the image you want from your desktop, then upload it, enter the ad URL (example then write the title of the ad, and click publish.

To display this advert, go to pages and select your home page.

wordpress page button

When the home page opens go to the page bakery box.

wpbakery box

Then go to the half column click on add element.

wpbakery box 1

When the elements pop up, select the ad box.

ad better ad block

Select the ads you created and click save. Then click the update button.

Now your WordPress blog is set and ready. It may not be the best-looking blog at this moment but with more dedication and learn you will have your own user-friendly great blog.

I quest by now you have learned the basics of creating a WordPress blog. This is just the starting point. They are more guides on this blog that will help you be successful in your internet money-making journey. Don’t stop here keep learning and keep trying new things.

Resources used in this How to start a blog on WordPress tutorial:

Hosting: Bluehost webhosting for WordPress

Theme: Better Studio publisher theme

Bonus: If you purchase any of the tools listed in this guide through the affiliate link. Then you have the chance to get some of our web design services for free.

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