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How To Start Writing A Blog Post – Best Guide

Approximately 80% of bloggers don’t know how to start writing a blog post. They are many blogs on the internet. But only a few of them know how to create content for their target audience.

For example, Neil Patel’s blog is for people who want to improve their digital marketing knowledge. While Tai Lopez’s blog focuses mostly on income-generating strategies.

These two blogs are in the digital marketing industry but they target different audiences. They know how to generate the right content for their readers.

Try to understand who are your target audience, before you start writing a blog post. Every industry has its own blog post format and structure. The way you structure a “How to” content is different from how you structure a Review blog post.

Study other blogs in your niche to understand how they structure their blog post. Well-structured blog posts improve readers’ engagement and reduce bounce rate.

Example of a well-structured blog post.

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  • Headline: Title of the post.
  • Intro: A brief introduction of the topic.
  • Subheader: The subheader should be related to the target keyword.
  • Visual Asset: Image, infographic, or video related to the target keyword.
  • Main copy: The full detail of the topic.

Benefits of knowing how to write a blog post

They are many benefits you get when you become perfect at writing blog posts.

  1. Your readers will view you as a pro.
  2. You become an authority in your niche.
  3. People will start sharing your post.
  4. You can multiply your monthly revenue by getting writing jobs on Fiverr.

Writing a blog post is hard for most people. But those who apply the right formula make it to the top. Now you are going to see some of the elements of a proper blog post.

Element of a Successful Blog Post

An excellent blog post should sound interesting and also Engaging. It should catch the attention of the reader from the start.

Think it is hard to achieve. Don’t worry, they are a few elements that qualify a proper blog post.

“Here are some of the elements of a successful blog post”

1. Pick an engaging blog title

Most blog posts make it to the first page of search engine results but don’t get enough clicks. Studies reviewed that a blog post with an Engaging Title has more chance of generating traffic.

What trigger most web users to read a post is the title. Always have the readers in mind when choosing a title for your blog post. Come up with something that will buy their attention to read the content.

Before you can pick a good title and target keyword. You first have to choose a topic, you have to know what your readers want. Once you know what to write about, you can easily figure out the title for the post.

Also, make sure the target keyword is found on the title of the post. Adding the focus keyword on the post helps it rank on search engines.

2. Perfect introduction

Hook your readers with the perfect blog post introduction. When people are engaged with the first paragraph of your article. They will actually read the content till the end.

Start the introduction with something that will buy their interest to keep reading the blog post. In the introduction. Let them know what the post is all about and what they will learn after reading the blog post.

Give them a quick overview of what will be covered in the post. This will make them read the full content and also leave a comment on the post.

3. Structure the body of the post

Make sure the body of the post contains subheadings. It will help the readers know what each part of the post is talking about.

If the body is not well structured it will make the audience lose interest in the post. And properly moving to other sites that are well structured.

4. Link to other blogs

Linking to other blogs will help boost your credibility. And make people view you as an expert in your industry.

When creating a blog post don’t only link to your site. Also, cite other sources in your blog post. it’s a way to build connections with other blogs.

5. End the post with a “conclusion”

Summarize the content at the end of the blo