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How to upload WordPress theme from cpanel

Designing a WordPress website requires a theme and to implement your theme you need to first upload it to WordPress.
The primary method of uploading a theme to your WordPress site is by login into your admin area and from the dashboard in the appearance section, you will choose a theme and then go to upload theme from there you will select the theme zip file from your computer.

this method is the easiest and fastest but in some cases, many WordPress users have complained about facing issues when uploading themes with a large file.

From my experience, I noticed that most heavy themes took time before successfully uploading or may not upload after spending much time waiting for it to be done.

A beginner who doesn’t understand WordPress well and is also new to hosting may not know how to solve this issue, so in this article, you will learn how to conveniently upload themes from your hosting Cpanel.

Cpanel beginner user
If you are new to Cpanel it will be hard for you to understand all the options in the dashboard but with time you will find out it is not difficult to use.

As a beginner, you will be very careful when accessing the Cpanel because of the fear of losing your website contents and database.

The Cpanel also comes with a backup option. You can do it manually or use a plugin. Your hosting provider support will also help you in doing the backup if you contact them.

How to install wordpress theme in your cpanel: step by step guide

step 1: Log in to your Cpanel through your hosting manager
Your Cpanel can be found in your hosting manager account. After purchasing your hosting package. The hosting provider will send you the login details of your Cpanel. If you did not receive your login details in the email you used to create your account. Contact the hosting company to resend your username and password.

step 2: accessing your Cpanel
After you have login to the host manager, the next step is to locate your Cpanel. Find the Cpanel button or link. Various hosting providers’ account manager interface looks different from others. If you are using Bluehost, select advanced in the Bluehost portal.

step 3: click on file manager
Scroll down to the file manager and double-click on it. The image below shows how the file manager looks like in Bluehost.

step 4: from the popup box click on public FTP root and then after that click on go button

step 5: choose the public_html folder

Step 6: choose your wp-content folder

Step 7: click on themes
this is where your theme files are located and from there you can also upload your theme

Step 8: Look for the ‘upload’ button on the top screen and click on it

Step 9: select the choose file, then select your theme zip file from your computer

Step 10: After choosing your theme wait for it to completely upload
you will see the uploading process in the bottom right of the screen. Don’t do anything until you see 100% complete

Step 11: After the theme has successfully uploaded click on ‘Go back to’ to return to your file directory

Step 12: look for the theme zip file that you just uploaded

Step 13: Select the ‘extract’ button located at the top of the screen

Step 14: Select the extract files

Be sure to extract the theme in the proper folder, your theme file should be in the theme folder.

Step 15: After the theme files have been successfully extracted, you will see the unzipped folder in the theme directory

Now that your theme is successfully uploaded through the Cpanel. The next thing to do is to activate the theme from your WordPress admin dashboard. So the theme will go live.

Log in to your WordPress admin. Go to appearance then click the theme and select the theme you just uploaded and click activate. If you are still having issues. You can contact your hosting provider to help you out.

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