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How to Use X – Beginners Guide

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the basics of using X, formerly known as Twitter.

So why should you learn how to use X.

With over 400 million active users worldwide and an average daily usage of 28 minutes per user, X provides a vast and engaged audience for personal and professional networking. According to recent surveys, businesses leveraging X report a 32% increase in brand visibility and a 42% rise in customer engagement.

Let’s dive in

How to use X

Now let’s see how to use X as a beginner

Installing and Setting Up X:

“If you haven’t installed the X app yet, don’t worry. You can download it for free from the app store. If you’ve previously used the Twitter app, you’ve likely already transitioned to X. Once installed and your account is set up, let’s explore the X app homepage.”

Navigating the X App:

“The ‘For You’ feed showcases trending and personalized posts based on your activity. The ‘Following’ feed features posts from people you follow. To find users to follow, tap the search icon and explore profiles. Simply tap ‘Follow’ to add their posts to your X following feed.”

Interacting with Posts:

“Engaging with posts on X is simple. Use the heart icon to like, the message bubble to reply, and the rotating arrows to repost or quote a post. The number on the right indicates the post’s views. Sharing a post is easy; tap the share icon and choose your sharing option.”

Creating Your Own Posts:

“To share your thoughts, tap the plus sign. Type your message, add a voice note, attach a photo or video, or include animated gifs. Running a poll is also an option; tap the poll icon to ask a question and set options. When ready, tap ‘Post’ in the top right corner.”

Managing Your Profile:

“Visit your X profile to view past posts, replies, highlights, media, and liked posts. Edit your profile by tapping ‘Edit Profile’ at the top. X also allows you to share your location and browse trending topics and news through the magnifying glass icon.”

Exploring Communities:

“Discover communities in X based on specific topics or niches. Join or create conversations within these communities. Posts shared in communities are publicly visible to followers, fostering engagement and discussions.”

Notifications and Direct Messaging:

“Stay updated with the notification section. Interact with posts, receive updates, and check verified notifications. In the direct messaging section, manage conversations with friends. Start a new chat or create a group conversation with ease.”

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