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jasper ai summary
Product Name: Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a robot that helps content writers to create content within five minutes. This software is worth using, though it requires few learning curves. But overall it produces quality results.

It has many templates and long-form assistance for you to work with. It also has a free trial, though you might not see it on their advertising page. But you can see it on the link below.

You can click on it to get a free bonus of  10,000 words. So you can test the tool to know if it is what you want. So feel free to play around with it.

As an affiliate marketer or blogger, writing blog post is one of the hardest challenges you might be facing right now.

So in this Jasper AI review. You are going to find out how this robot can help you create a full blog post in five minutes.

A lot of marketers are already using this AI writing tool to generate contents that are making them millions from their blog.

You can actually use Jasper AI writer to create content on a niche you are not familiar with in a short period of time.

If you are long for the best jasper review keep reading because you will findout all you need to know about this AI writer.

What you will learn from this review:

What is Jasper AI

what is jasper ai

Jasper is an artificial intelligent writing tool. The developers of this software believe it is going to be the future content writer. For a blog post, e-commerce, email marketing, and more.

It uses machine learning and algorithm to generate content for the user. Currently, most big companies are already using this content writer.

When you check their website. You see that companies like Airbnb, IBM, Google, Autodesk, and Logitech other giant companies are using it.

jasper users

As you can see almost all this big names trust jasper because it generate better content than other writers. If writing content is a big challenge to you, try jasper. create account now to click your free 10,100 words trial bonus.

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Benefit of using the content generator

If you are still thinking if Jasper is good for you. I want to list out some the benefits you will get for using this content generator.

1. Boost your freelancing career

Freelancers that use Jasper AI get many offers because they deliver fast. Imagine having a tool that will help you complete more than one article in a day no matter the length.

If you want to make more money as a freelancer or want to start a freelancing business. This Jasper AI tool will help you speed up your work and deliver fast.

You don’t have to seat down close to your desk writing one article every day. With one click on Jasper, you can generate full content based on the topic you are writing.

Just edit the generated content and deliver it to your client. with this, you can complete more than one article in a day and increase your monthly earnings as a freelancer.

2. Create Ad copy

If you are one of those advertisers or marketers who don’t know what to write in the Ad copy.

Jasper AI has a feature that can generate a better write-up for your Ad copy. Marketers who run ads on Facebook have used this tool to generate quality and engaging write up for their Ads.

This feature is one of the reasons why big companies use the tool because it helps them write better Ad copy.

3. Good for writing script

If you are a scriptwriter or a YouTuber. Jasper AI will help write a script for your video.

You don’t have to worry about what to write or say in your video. Depending on your topic, you can use Jasper to generate a script fast.

It also has features that will help create an engaging title for your video.

4. Write all kind of blog post

Most bloggers cannot publish posts on their blogs every day because they don’t know what to write.

With Jasper AI, all you need is to do research on the topic of the post you want to publish on your blog. Then ask Jasper to do the writing.

A lot of bloggers are already using it to generate dozens of write-ups for their blogs without seating for hours writing one post.

This are some of the benefit you can get from using Jasper AI content generator. want to start using Jasper click the link below.

Claim your 5-days 10,000 words free trial

Jasper AI features

Now let’s take a look at some of the wonderful features that come with this artificial intelligent content generator.

Paragraph generator: create quality and engaging paragraphs that captivate your readers.
Text summarizer: you can easily summarise your content with this feature.
Product Description: create attractive product descriptions to publish on your blog or share on your social media.
Creative story: generate engaging stories for your readers.
Content improver: improve your content and rank higher in search engines by using the content improver to rewrite your old article.
Blog post topic idea: never run out of content to publish on your blog, use the topic ideas to generate more articles.
Blog post outline: generate a list of outlines for your blog article.
Blog post intro paragraph: create a captivating intro for your blog post.
Feature to benefit: easily add features to benefit on your content.
Personal bio: write a creative bio that captures the attention of the reader.
Facebook Ad headline: increase your Facebook Ad click by generating a captivating headline.

They are lot of features in Jasper i did not include on this list. You can check out the full list on Jasper feature page.

Who should use Jasper AI

Almost any body who do business online or have website can use Jasper Ai to run their  business smoothly.

Every online business owner or writer can use Jasper to create contents such as sales page copy, Ad copy, product description, blog post and more.

Don’t forget to claim your free bonus of 10,000 words trial using my affiliate link.

How to create content

Now let me show you how to actually create a blog post with Jasper ai, integrated with surfer, and optimized for SEO.

Once you login to your Jasper account. Go to create a new document.

create post on jasper ai

After click on create new document, you will be asked the “Start from scratch” or use the “Blog post workflow”. You can choose any of them. But for this guide I will use the Blog post workflow.

describe what you want jasper to write

Now you will be asked to describe the kind of content you want Jasper to create for you.

So depending on the topic, you want to write about, For example, you want to write about how to start an online business. Briefly describe it inside the box, enter your target keyword and then click “Continue”.

generate title on jasper ai

The tool will ask you to write a title for the post or allow it to generate title for you. The best option is to click the “Generate Ideas” button so it will generate the title for you.

jasper ai intro paragraph

Click the Generate ideas button to allow Jasper to create intro for you. Or enter your own intro inside the box. Once you are done with this part click the “Open editor” button.

jasper ai text editor

Inside the Jasper editor you will see the Title, Content description and where to add tone of voice. You can also see your compose tool.

Inside the editor you can see how to improve your content, for  example, you can go to SEO mode.

The SEO mode is integrated with Surfer an Seo tool that will help improve the content to rank higher in search result.

This is basically how to get started with Jasper. With this brief guide you can write your first content using the ai copy writer.

So create your own account and play around with Jasper AI content writer to find out more ways to use it.

Jasper AI pricing

jasper ai pricing

Jasper has three main plans. The starter plan, Boss mode, and Business plan.

The starter plan range from $29 per month and you only have access to a total of 20,000 words and 50+ ai template, over 20 languages, and some other features.

The starter package is best for people who don’t write tons of articles a month. If your main focus is to use Jasper for headline ad copy, product description, and short content. Then this plan is best for you.

The Boss mode plan range from $99 per month, it gives you access to 100,000 words a month. which allows you to write up to 3000 words of blog posts per day.

You can write long-form blog posts when you choose this plan. It has all the tools you need to properly optimize your blog post.

You can start with the starter plan but it has some limited features, So the boss mode is the best. You will get all the features that come with Jasper in this plan.

Pros and cons

Overall Jasper AI copywriter has amazing feature best for writing any kind of content. 


  • It has great user interface.
  • It write almost like a human, it is hard to notice the copies are writing by AI 
  • The tool has an excellent support team.
  • Jasper always understand what you want it to write.


  • The price is little high for small business, but worth it.
  • Sometimes it repeat paragragh when writing long content.

Jasper AI Frequently Ask Questions

Jasper AI review conclusion

Jasper is a wonderful AI writing software. It helps you write your blog post very fast.

Instead of spending like 3 hours to write a post, Jasper will do the writing for you within an hour.

You can now easily publish well optimized SEO content on your blog with Jasper AI.

Currently it is the best AI writing tool in the market. It can write anything from blog post, product description, email copy, sales copy, Ad copy and more.

Claim your 10,000 words free bonus

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