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Link building is the hardest part of SEO because reaching out to real authority website owners for backlinks is not an easy task.

As a beginner getting approximately 100 backlinks for boosting your domain authority can be very intimidating. So in this link building tutorial, you will discover the exact link building tactics that work in 2022 and beyond.

You will find out the link building strategies I used to get over 3000 backlinks and increase my website traffic. So am going to cover the exact step-by-step link-building process for acquiring more links.

Link building / Backlink: Why they are so important

It’s important to understand how backlinks work. And why you need it to grow your website’s organic traffic. For example when you take a look at Adam Enfroy’s backlink profile on Ahreafs. You will notice how this link building technique has helped him build over 100,000 backlinks.

adam enfroy

You will see the growth in his referring domains, organic keywords, and organic traffic. You will also notice how getting these referring domains has helped increase his blog traffic.

So getting high-quality backlinks will make Google trust your blog. It will also help in boosting domain authority and domain rating.

Anybody can start a blog and begin writing content. But acquiring backlinks will help grow the blog’s organic traffic and increase revenue.

The unworthy link building advice

You need to understand that not all link-building advice actually works. Like when you go to Google and type link building strategies, you will see a lot of articles. But half of them are hard to implement.

Most of this blog post teaches tactics like how to do it with email, broken link building, sky scrapper techniques, guest post outreach, and more.

Most of these link building procedures have some problems attached to them. They don’t actually explain what link buildings are in normal human psychology.

Links are exchange, they are like the internet digital money. Getting links from authority websites will help boost your ranking and generate money revenue from your blog.

Simply going to any website and asking for a link without giving back anything in return is a crucial problem. Most of these SEO experts will show you how to build links with email outreach. But they will not teach you how to build relationships with other webmasters which is the main value of building backlinks.

Link building strategies that work

They are over 100 link building strategies on the internet. But how do you actually apply the right strategy that will work for your blog.

They are two link building strategies I have been using that are working for me. They are quest posts and partnerships.

To get tons of backlinks to your blog, you need to also provide links to others. When doing outreach remember you are also going to provide value to the webmaster before asking for a link.

So let me show you how this link building method works for me. So I will start by showing you how to do quest posting.

Guest post

Guest post helps you to get a link from another website by writing articles for them. And then add a link to your website.

Most website owners will allow you to link to multiple articles on your site. So link to articles relevant to the content you publish on other blogs.

Don’t just link to your homepage because Google’s algorithm has a way of measuring the quality of a backlink. So linking to an individual article has more value than just sending links to your homepage.

The best way to get more backlinks is by guest posting on other people’s websites. So let me show the exact in-depth strategy.

There are some step-by-step quest posting strategies that actually generate results:

1. Finding websites to write for.

Knowing or finding websites to guest post on is very important. You need to get the list of relevant blogs before you start writing content.

One of the great ways to do that is to use Ubersuggest’s similar website tool and Enter your website to see your competitors.

similar website ubersugest

Once you have seen your competing domains. Copy anyone on the list and check their backlink. You will see the list of their referring domains. select all the referring domains that have authority.

copy domain

Create a list of these websites. And start doing your link building outreach. You can use this method to see the referring domains of websites in your niche. Now that you have seen how to get websites for guest posts. The next step is to find the people you will send messages to for publishing the article.

Finding the right people to message

The best way to find people to reach out to is by using to find companies’ pages. And then go through their employees to get the right person.

The right person to reach out to is their content manager or editor. Once you see the list of the employees of the company. Search for the word content and you will see the right person to pitch your content.

You can connect with them directly on Linkedin by sending them messages. And also get their email address. You can use tools like to get their email.

So once you have the contact details of who you can reach out for quest post. The next step is to send your message to them.

Sending message

Most people send random messages using the outreach template they get online. But the most effective approach is to send a personalized email.

In your message include your personal details, and complement their post you have read. Tell them you have written guest posts for some certain niche. Then ask if they will be willing to exchange links with your website or would accept a guest post from you.

Don’t ask them to give you a link. But ask if they will like to get a link from your website. This way you are building relationships without outrightly asking for backlinks. So after sending your first message and the accept your offer for a quest post. Then the next step is to pitch a topic.

Pitch topic

So when pitching your topic include in the message that you will give them backlinks in one of your quest posts on another site.

Then asked them what they think about the topics you select to write for them. You can pitch them 3 to 5 topics. And allow them to choose.

The formula for pitching topics:

  • Make sure they have not published such a topic on their blog.
  • It has to be interesting to their audience.
  • It should be keyword optimized.
  • It can easily be linked to your blog post.

If your pitched topic is accepted they will reply you with guidelines. And how many words count the article should reach before sending it for publishing.

So reply back assuring them you can write such a post in a few days or in a week. Make sure the topic you are pitching doesn’t already exist in their blog.

Writing guest post article

Writing guest posts requires a lot of work and time. Imagine pitching out to 50 websites for quest posts and 30 accepted your proposal.

You are not going to write one article and send it to all of them. And you can’t also write all your blog and write for other blogs. It can be very stressful.

How to write a guest post:

Here are some of the best ways to write a guest post

  1. Outsource – hire a freelancer. You can get a good freelancer from Fiverr that can write up to 1000 to 1500 words articles for $100.
  2. Use AI writing tool – You can use an AI writing tool like Jasper ai to write a quality article from scratch. Jasper ai has been my best tool for writing guest posts. The AI tool is good for creating well-optimized SEO content. That most freelancers cannot write. Read Jasper AI review.

With an AI writing tool, you can write a guest post within 45 minutes. Note that quest posting articles don’t need to be that perfect like the article you are posting on your blog.

So once your quest post content is ready. You can send them a follow-up email with a Google doc of the written article. Then in your message politely ask them when they will publish the article. This will push them a little bit in posting the submitted content.

So how do you link to the right article on your website? You might have over 100 pieces of content on your blog but picking the ones that should be included in the quest post article will be hard.

The best way to achieve that is by understanding your URL rating and how link value is passed. URL rating is crucial when it comes to ranking and understanding the website authority.

Your main domain rating may be high. But your individual article’s URL rating also needs to be high. When you first publish an article the URL rating starts from 10.

The more links you send to the article, the higher the URL rating will become. You also need to understand that URL rating passes a value from one article to another.

Look at the position of your competitors in the Google search result. Then check the position of your own article before choosing the one to get links to.

Make sure to send a backlink to your transactional (money) article. This will help push it higher in search results and generate affiliate revenue.

Check your Google search console to see your article positions. Then pick the ones that have a better ranking. Now you have learned what it requires to do guest posting and build partnerships. But they are other link building tactics that will help you get more results.

White link insertions

White link insertions are basically getting links in older articles that are not guest posts. So you can do that by leverage.

For example, a website may reach out to you for a backlink. They may ask to publish an article on your blog. Some may ask to pay for the backlink.

Then go to their website and look for older articles that have high URL ratings. Then ask them to insert your own link in that article in exchange for guest posting on your site.

Find a good spot in their article and ask them to insert your link on that spot. So if you want to get a link to your post like the “best web hosting” article. Look for a post on their site that talks about “web hosting”. Then ask them to insert your best web hosting to that article.

Final thought……

Guest post and partnership is the main engine in building a successful backlink to your blog article. You can get links from other people’s guest posts.

You can ask for links in existing articles if your website has a better backlink profile. So that’s all you have to know about link building.

Feel free to ask questions or add your own contribution.

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