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Best Make Money Blogging Strategy

The Best Make Money Blogging Strategies

After reading this article, you will learn how to make real money with your blog. Stop applying the outdated make money blogging strategies you find on the internet.

When starting a blog, your goal is to generate steady monthly income from the piece of content you publish on your website.

But if you don’t apply the latest blog monetization strategies. You might end up making no penny at the end of the month. And you might want to quit blogging.

Anybody can create a blog. But monetizing your blog is where the big problem comes in. Most new bloggers focus only on monetizing their blogs with display ads.

But you can make money with display ads, only if your blog gets around 2000 pageviews per day.

So today you are going to learn some other ways to make passive income with your blog. Whether Your blog doesn’t generate thousands of monthly pageviews.

You can make money with these latest blog monetization strategies with fewer website monthly visitors.

Ways to monetize a blog

When you talk about making money with a blog. Most people frown at it because they don’t know some of the benefits of blogging.

Presently most purchases made online are through blog articles. When people search for a particular product on the Google search engine. They will see many blogs on the search result talking about the product.

So from what they read on any of those blogs that write about the product is what will push them to buy the product.

Your blog is a third-party information source that persuades web users to make purchases.

How to make money with a blog:

Here are the most effective ways to make money with a blog

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Display ads
  3. Online course
  4. Digital products
  5. Sponsorship
  6. CPC deal

All of these are some of the ways to monetize a blog. So you will be asking how will all these methods work for you.

But first, you need to know that before you can make money with a blog. Purchase needs to be made.

For example, most people who create only informational articles on their blog will focus mainly on generating income with display ads. Most people don’t make a purchase on content that talks about “How to read a book”. But they will make purchases if the content is about ” a book review”.

The difference between informational and Promotional content is that. Informative articles focus on providing guides and tips for the reader. In contrast, Promotional articles are for marketing and reviewing a product.

But the combination of both on your blog is more lucrative and technically perfect for search engine ranking. And generating organic traffic.

Blogs don’t require creating videos or posting on social media all the time before you can make money. All it needs is writing well optimized content with search intent.

When you publish great blog articles on your website. It will be generating recurring income, even while you are sleeping.

The best and most interesting part of blogging is that you can hire people to do the writing job for you. You can use platforms like Fiverr or Hirewriters to pay professional writers to create articles for your blog. You can also try our SEO service to get quality and unique content.

The Process of making money with your blog.

The first step to making money with your blog is to get monthly website visitors. That is the only way to create an online income-generating machine.

Here are some of the steps required to start making money with your blog:

Your blog needs monthly traffic

Getting massive monthly website visitors to your blog requires creating a content writing strategy. And also choosing a target niche.

So before we talk about all the blog monetization strategies. Let’s talk about how to get traffics to your blog.

Blog monetization is very important but you need traffic for proper monetization strategies. Such as selling online courses, display ads, sponsored posts, and more.

For a beginner, affiliate marketing content is the best way to start monetizing your blog. Which requires approximately 1000 monthly single pageviews containing affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is the first method for monetizing a new blog. It will help you know the type of content to write about.

For example when you google “best kitchen gadgets”. You will see various websites talking about different kitchen gadgets.