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8 ultimate ways to make money online in 2022

“Make money online” is among the most searched key phrase in most search engines every month. I know you are not the only one that is looking for ways to generate income on the internet.

Many graduates, young and mature entrepreneurs spend time daily on their devices trying to figure out, how to get their own share of the internet money.

If you really want to make money online, then you have to put much effort into growing your business online. There are many fraudulent ways some people use to get money from internet users.

So if you are one of those who want simple and quick ways to get money from online users. Then this content is not for you.

This make money online article is for individuals who want to build a strong business online that will last for a long period of time If they apply the right strategy and efforts.

They are many ways to build a strong business on the internet such as starting affiliate marketing, starting a blog, or building a freelancing portfolio.

I want to share with you the best methods am using to make money online and you too can apply this method and have your own business up and running within a few weeks of serious work and implementation.

Why Internet business is so great is that you can start at the comfort of your home by yourself without the stress of looking for office space and employing workers. believe me, you can build a strong business on the internet with less capital.

How to make money online

Here are the most effective ways most internet entrepreneurs are applying to generate a steady stream of income online.

1. Start a voice-over job

make money online - Start a voice-over job

Working as a voice-over artist is one of the quick and easiest ways to make money online. One of the most interesting parts of this job is that it’s project-based and it does not require a long-term commitment.

Some businesses are always in the search of a new voice-over talent and you too can also benefit from this business if you have a good voice and can speak fluently.

In as much that voice-over job may sound too easy. Before you can be successful in this business you need to be flexible, dynamic, and can be able to deliver a perfect job, no matter the topic that is given to you.

Making money as a voice-over artist depends on the industry you choose or the level of your experience. You can earn between $30 to $500 depending on the type of the project and the length of the script.

So if you choose to dive into this business, you have to practice and practice so you can be able to sound like other professionals. You can try some of this sample script to help you know the best industry that suits you.

I know by now you will be asking where will I get job offers. The best place to get clients that will pay for your service is Fiverr. I have also created a beginner’s guide that will help you set up a professional Fiverr profile.

You need a few gadgets to start this business which I have listed below:

1. Microphone: You cannot achieve your voice-over job without the help of a microphone, You need this tool to be able to record your script.

USB Microphone is one of the best mic you need because it can be plugged directly into your computer USB port. I recommend you get Blue Yeti Nano Premium Condenser USB Microphone from Amazon. This is good for beginners who want to do voice-over work.

2. Headphone: You will need headphones so you can be able to clearly hear your voice and also block some distracting background noise. Audio-Technica Headphone is the best for starters.

3. Pop filters: This gadget will help your remove the annoying popping sounds you hear after recording. Get Dragonpad USA Microphone Pop Filter from Amazon.

4. Recording software: Before you can record your voice on your computer you have to install recording software. One of the best for mac is Garageband and for windows is Audacity.

2. Work as a freelancer

Work as a freelancer

Becoming a freelancer is a great way to make money online in the comfort of your space. The freelancing business gives you the opportunity to choose the clients you want to work for and also set your own schedule and rate.

For some years, Freelancing has helped many entrepreneurs to earn extra streams of income on the internet.

There are many freelance services you can offer such as web design and development, copywriting, accounting, graphic design, and video editing.

To get started, you can sign up for Fiverr one of the best freelancing marketplace. I have also created a step-by-step guide on how to create a professional profile on the platform.

3. Become an affiliate marketer

make money online - Become an affiliate marketer

I know you must have heard a lot about affiliate marketing, which is one of the oldest ways to make money on the internet.

The greatest part of affiliate marketing is that you can make money promoting products such as Wp engine, Bluehost, Weebly, and any other product without having them physically.

There are many companies that accept marketers to promote their products and services, then get commissions through their affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing gives you the chance to make money marketing many brands. You can earn a commission by promoting retail products, apps, software, and more.

There are lots of affiliate marketplace that has many products and brands you can join and promote. Shareasale and commission junction is among the best platform for beginners.

Read this affiliate marketing guide to fully understand what it is all about and how you can make money from it.

4. Start a money making blog

make money online - Start a money making blog

Are you still one of those that ask if blogging is still paying. Let me clear your doubt, the answer is “YES”. Blogging is still paying and will remain one of the greatest ways of earning a living as an internet entrepreneur.

All you need to be successful in this business is to host your blog, write high engaging content, promote and monetize your blog.

Beginners who are still new in the blogging industry believe it is hard to be successful in this business but people like Harsh Agrawal are making real cash from blogging. To make it easy for you to set up a successful blog read my How to start a blog beginner’s guide.

5. Create online course

Create online course

You can make money online by sharing your knowledge with the audience who are ready to pay for it.

If you are a professional in a subject, you can monetize it by creating courses online. The course can be sold on Udemy.

But if you already have a website that has a good amount of monthly visitors. Then you can sell it on your own website.

Creating a popular and successful course might not be that easy but if you make out time to watch other experts. It will help you learn their strategy and you can implement it on your own course.

Look for the challenges people are having and create good content that will help solve their problems and make money in return.

The amount you will make from your online course depend on where you are selling it. For example, if you are selling it on a platform like Udemy. Then you don’t have to spend much time on promotion.

But if you are selling it on your own website, just know that you are going to put much effort into marketing and promoting it. You can also use Google ads and Quora ads to send targeted students to your course.

6. Build an eCommerce website

make money online - Build an eCommerce website

Starting an eCommerce business is a good way to earn money online but as a startup entrepreneur. You don’t have to think of competing with big names like Amazon, Jumia, or Walmart.

Your target in this type of business is to look for a particular niche and focus on it. This way you will not think too much about the logistics and warehouse.

Once you become an expert in your target niche, you will have the right audience and your site is going to rank first for that niche.

Have in mind that no matter the niche you choose, there is always a space for you to get the right audience that will patronize your store.

7. Start a Saas Business

Start a Saas Business

Saas business is growing this day and you too can also be part of this industry even when you are not a developer.

Saas stands for “software as a service” it simply means hosting software on the internet and charging people monthly or yearly for using the software.

The fastest way to make money in this business is to search for problems people are facing. Then develop software that will solve the issue.

Once you have conducted your research on the problem that can be solved with software. Your next step is to look for a developer.

You can visit Fiverr, they are lots of programmers on the platform that will charge you less to develop the software or you can buy an already developed software from codecanyon.

Plan an effective marketing strategy that either brings organic traffic or ads. Always ensure a fantastic customer experience and service. Keep providing value and update the software with new features.

8. Start a Drop service business

Start a Drop service business

Drop service is one of the smart ways some expert marketers are using to make extra money on the internet.

Drop service is similar to dropshipping. The only difference is that you are not dealing with physical products. But selling services to your target audience without you doing the job.

All you need to do is find a particular niche and then build a site around that niche showcasing your services.

Go to Fiverr and look for experts so that when someone makes an order on your site. You pay a professional on Fiverr to do the job.

For example, you can sell a graphic design service for $200 on your website. Then pay someone to do the design for $50. The rest of the money becomes your profit.


All the business ideas in this content have been tested for some years and it has not failed internet entrepreneurs. I am making money through blogging, affiliate marketing, and drop service.

All you need to be successful this year is to start any of the businesses listed above and focus on them. Be consistent, work at least 2 to 3 hours every day for 5 months and you will see great results.

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