The Ultimate Off-Page SEO Tutorial For Building Links

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Learn and understand Off-page SEO strategies

Have you ever asked yourself why you are not ranking on search engines? After you have successfully implemented On-page SEO strategies. And also did good search engine optimization on your webpage.

We digital marketers cannot predict how search engines rank sites. But there are some technical works that need to be done on our websites. That will help boost its credibility and authority to enable it to gain free organic traffics.

So in this guide. You are going to learn and understand what is Off-page SEO. And how it will help improve your site’s search engine ranking.

What is Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is basically. All the search engine optimization activities done outside your website to improve its credibility and increase your domain authority.

off page seo

Google and other search engines use many factors to rank a website. Off-page SEO also known as off-site SEO is one of those factors.

Though most experts will say that Off-page SEO is more important than on-page SEO. I strongly believe that you need these two SEO techniques for your site to generate organic traffic.

On page SEO vs Off page SEO

Off-page SEO and On-page SEO is the two main search engine optimization strategies for growing your website traffic.

difference between off page seo and on page seo

On-page SEO is the optimizations done on your post or single page such as header, meta descriptions, title tags, linking, and more. While Off-page focuses on increasing your domain authority through creating content and earning backlinks from other websites.

off page seo increase domain authority

To actually understand the difference between the two. You need to first understand how the search engine algorithm works.

So let me break down the search engine algorithm mechanism.

When comparing your website with other competitors’ sites on the internet. The search engine focuses on the On-page (What your site or page is all about) and Off-page SEO ( How popular or authoritative your site is). These are the two evaluations carried out by search engines before deciding on which site to rank higher.

Why is off-page SEO so important?

Search engine ranking factors can change at any time. But some experts believe that Off-page SEO is very important. It’s a great way to gain brand exposure, authority, and trustworthiness.

Off-page SEO can also bring tons of visitors to a website. For example, social media traffic, links on forums, and authority websites point to valuable content on your own website.

What are the main Off-page SEO factors

The main Off-page SEO factor is basically the number and quality of backlinks your site gets from other websites.

Here are some of the best link building tactics for growing your organic visitors.

  • Creating valuable and engaging content.
  • Share your article on social media.
  • Reach out to influencers.
  • Guest post on sites within your niche.

Creating shareable content on your website will help you earn valuable links. And also improve your off-page SEO.

sharing valueble content

The main type of links for Off-page SEO

Before you start your Off-page SEO implementation. It is essential to know the different types of links. And how beneficial they can be in improving your search engine ranking.

Natural Links

A natural link is when your website starts getting a backlink from any website without you reaching out to the site owner for a backlink.

Maybe the author stumbles upon your content on the search engine, on social media, or anywhere on the internet. Then decides to link to it because the content is valuable and worth highlighting.

Building Links

This type of link is when you have valuable content on your website. Then reach out to other webmasters, publishers, or journalists asking them for backlinks to that content.

You can even promote the content using an ad campaign for more exposure. And some bloggers may see it and link back to it.

Some Off-page SEO techniques

Off-page SEO requires some techniques for you to properly optimize your website for search engine ranking. Those required techniques are listed below.

1. Brand mention

There is a say that a good product sells itself. You may be asking how possible it is for brand mention to play a significant role in your Off-page SEO implementation.

Listen brand mentioning is essential in SEO practices. Google webmaster trends analyst Gary lllyes revealed unique content and quality backlinks. And also when people start mentioning your brand on social media or other websites. Then it shows that you are really doing great work.

When your brand or product is mentioned on social media. It sends a signal to search engines that people are really talking about the brand.

Improve your brand mentions by building an active social media fanbase. Try your possible best to provide quality solutions to their problem and also build trust.

Use Facebook and other social media website to grow your website brand mentions. And gain more brand authority. the image below is an example of a good brand mentions practice.

Brand mentioning on facebook - off-page seo

Noticed that this single post has over 100 likes, 30 comments, and 48 shares. This will tell search engines. that this website is providing quality content.

Avoid using black hat tricks to gain more post like and comments. Rather use Facebook ad boost to increase your content engagements.

Another good example of brand mentions. Is getting authority websites to mention your website in their youtube video, podcast, and more.

2. Blog commenting

Dropping comments with your website link on other people’s blogs was a good way to get backlinks to your website and gain some domain authority.

But recently Google decide to overlook some of these comment backlinks because most of them are useless and spammy. But this strategy is still good if you do it the right way.

So look for the right blog with the right audience. Don’t just leave a comment on any kind of website. Instead look for quality sites and drop a comment on their content, don’t be spammy.

If the author of the site likes your comment and also sees that your blog is good for its audience. Then the owner of the site will approve your comment.

blog commenting off page seo

In the image above. You will see how this commenter is telling the site owner how important the post on his site. Will be helpful to the audience of this particular website.

He drops the comment and also includes the link to the exact post. This way the site owner will see that the comment is relevant and not spammy.

blog commenting 2

Here, the commenter is also contributing to the content. The author did not know them before and did not include their site in the list.

So this is also a way to let its audience. Also, check the site because it is relevant to the topic.

3. Join forums

Look for forums that are related to your niche. Join them and be active, build a connection with the community. Contribute, reply to threads, help to solve problems in the forum, and also provide good advice.

As you join a forum. Try to create a complete business profile. So that whenever you drop comment people in the community will be able to see your bio. You can use a tool called find a forum to look for relevant forums.

join forums off page seo

Once you are on the site. At the upper right, you will see the search bar. Type any niche like ‘health’ and press enter on your keyboard. Then scroll down to see a list of forums you can join.

find a forum search

After you have found the forums you like. The first step is to create a good profile. Then contribute to the community, and solve problems.

And also provide good answers to topics on the forum. After you have built good credibility and trust, then you can start posting links to your site.

4. Reach out to influencers

Create quality content and reach out to influencers to contribute to the article you are creating. For example, you are doing research on “How to start a blog”.

Find people who are good in this area. Then ask them to provide valuable insight on this topic via feedback, review, or quote.

You can use Buzzsumo to find influencers that a relevant to your niche. When you are on the site enter your keyword in the search bar. Click the ‘find content’ button. Then it will provide you with the list of content that is popular in that niche.

finding influencer with buzzsumo - off-page seo

Buzzsumo will provide you will the top article that has good engagements.

buzzsumo result - shakeworldonline

From the result. You will see the website of the authors. Visit their website to get their contacts, and reach out to them.

Don’t spam them. But write a good email that will draw their attention to want to provide relevant feedback to your question.

They may not reply to your first email. Try again by giving them more reasons to contribute to the content you are creating. If you are lucky to get feedback.

Add the information they provide to your content and reach back to them with the full content. Some of them may repost your content.

5. Be a guest author

There are many websites and blogs that will allow you to guest post. To find this type of website. You can use the strategy in the image below to search for them on Google.

find guest post blogs

You can do this by typing the target keyword in the search bar. For example, SEO strategy + “write for us” and press enters on the keyboard.

write for us off page seo

Google will provide you with a list of websites. That is willing to accept and publish your content on their website.

write for us result - shakeworldonline

Visit those sites to know their requirements and the kind of content they publish. If they allow contents that have links on them.

Then you can write for them and also get a backlink and some domain authority. Write for a website that has good domain credibility with search engines.

6. Replace broken link

This method is a great way to build connections with authority websites. You can replace broken links on other websites. By helping them to find links on their sites that are no longer functioning.

Maybe they are linking to some articles that are of great value to their audience. But unfortunately, that site has been shut down. Or maybe the content was deleted from the origin site.

What you have to do is by contacting the site that is linking to that content. Replace the link with your own link which is presently functioning.

Most site owners may not know. But when their audience clicks on the link to read the information on the other site. They may end up in some error 404 pages.

So the easiest way is to find broken links on other people’s websites. Is by using a tool called Drlinkcheck. When you are on the site. Enter the domain name of your choice and wait for the tool to analyze the website for broken links.

broken link checker off-page-seo

Once you are on the site, enter the domain you want to scan and click on the ‘Start Check’ button. Allow the tool to scan the site and output the results.

broken link result - off-page seo

You will see the number of broken links on the site. Click on it to see the links. Then provide the site owner with a new link to a post on your website.

That is related to that broken link. This way you are helping to solve the problem on that site and also getting backlinks from the website.

7. Social media

Presently, billions of people around the world spend most of their time on different social media platforms. Nice off-page SEO practice is to connect and use social media to boost your content reach.

Most people on social networks enjoy reading new content. And if your content is unique and valuable you can get tons of shares and many visitors to your website.

These visitors are visiting your website from different countries and different IP Addresses.

This will send a good signal to Google and other search engines. That various individuals around the world are visiting your site and, your content will get more ranking in search results.

A great way to gain more social media engagement is by creating a group. Then grow it or you can look for groups with tons of members and reach out to their admins.

facebook groups - off-page seo

You can also create a Facebook page and grow the audience, there are many social media platforms such as Twitter, and Reddit that you can use for your Off-page SEO strategy

8. Social bookmarking sites

If you are looking for a way to get quick traffic. Then a social bookmarking site is the best option, these sites focus on getting content from various websites.

And showcase those content to their audience. If your content gets to the front page of any social bookmarking site. You will get tons of traffics.

High volume traffic from a good social bookmarking site. It will not only improve your off-page SEO implementation but will also help you generate more revenue.

One example of a good social bookmarking site is Digg, all the contents on this website are from other people’s sites, and according to similar web data Digg gets up to 5 million visitors monthly and most of its audience are from the United State, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and India.

There are other social bookmarking sites you can also try out such as StumbleUpon, and Flipboard.

Off-page SEO FAQ

How many links do you need for good off-page SEO?

The amount of links you need is based on the domain authority of your competitor. Buying bad backlinks will get your site penalized by Google.

I can’t actually state the number of backlinks you need for good off-page SEO. But getting 2 to 3 backlinks from authority website will help boost your domain authority.

So If your competitor has high-quality backlinks. You also need to reach out to other authority websites for backlinks. You can write guest posts for them or exchange links with them


Off-page and On-page SEO is a good search engine optimization practices. That needs to be done for your website to gain organic traffic.

Off-page SEO implementation will not give results immediately but with patience and continuous work, you will get better results.

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