7 Most Profitable Blog Niches In 2022

Quit creating a blog that makes no money. Find out some of the most profitable blog niches in 2022.

I will cover the list of profitable niches you can start blogging about to make passive monthly incomes.

This guide will show you how to build a lucrative online business. And grow your personal brand. Discover some of the most lucrative niches, sub-niches, and emerging products you can easily rank on search results.

What are profitable blog niches?

When choosing a blogging niche, don’t pick the ones that do not have broad topics. So you don’t easily quit when you discover is not making money.

Go for niches that have varieties of transactional topics. Niches that allow you to write above 100 articles in your blog.

Start with a broad niche that will help grow your personal brand. And also make money from it.

A profitable niche is determined by its Profitability formula, Search volume, and Potential revenue.

So have it in mind that lucrative niches with high search volume will be very competitive. For example, niches like “best credit cards” have lots of competition.

To make money as a beginner, you need to find new niches that are not yet competitive. You can write about any topic in your blog and generate traffic. But focus on topics that can enable you to make money through affiliate marketing.

Blog articles like product reviews and product comparisons are the ones that make tons of money with affiliate marketing.

When it comes to making money with your blog through affiliate marketing. There are three main focus paths.

3 focus paths of affiliate marketing

There are three things to focus on if you really want to make money from affiliate marketing.

  1. High ticket affiliate programs: Pick products that will make you tons of money per sale.
  2. Recurring affiliate programs: Choose programs that allow you to make money every month. Like software subscriptions.
  3. Number of products: Go for affiliate programs that have varieties of products so that you can write about various topics in your niche.

These are the main things you need to know when choosing any niche you can monetize with affiliate revenue.

List of seven lucrative blog niches

Here are my top seven profitable blog niches in 2022.

1. Crypto and IRAs

Each year people put money into an IRA account. And they do this through an affiliate link.

When you type best crypto IRAs or best gold IRAs. You will find out that many affiliate websites are ranking for those search terms.

You can make around 10 percent commission per referred client that is willing to put above $50,000 in their IRAs account.

This type of niche is very competitive. But you can conduct in-depth research to discover easy-to-rank keywords.

You can also create a blog that focuses mainly on creating content about crypto exchanges and investments.

You can write about best crypto wallet, best crypto exchange, best IRA retirement, and more.

2. High-end fashion

Things like luxury watches and luxury handbags are categorized as High-end fashion. They are fashion products, that cost above $10,000 to buy.

So building a blog and posting high-end fashion related topics like “best luxury watches for men” is very lucrative.

Write about things that people are searching for. Like Rolex watches and related top brands products.

There are many opportunities in the high-end fashion niche. It’s a high-ticket affiliate program and very competitive.

3. Outdoor niche

The Outdoor niche does not have a recurring or high-ticket affiliate program. But it has a high search volume.

There are plenty of topics to write about in this niche. And it is a low competitive niche. You can start a blog about “the best fishing tools, gadgets, and more.

You can also create a blog talking about “Hiking” and other outdoor topics. This niche has a high monthly search volume.

So you can test different high-earning topics in the outdoor niche. Then build your blog around them.

4. Outdoor tools

Instead of only looking at survival outdoor niche types like Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, and Boating. Let’s also focus on the Home outdoor tools niche.

Like Gardening, Power tools, and Lawnmowers. Think about home-related outdoor activities.

So you can create a blog that publishes posts about gardening tools, power tools, woodworking tools, kitchen tools, and more.

5. Indoor niche

Think of high-earning topics in the indoor/home niche. There are few high-ticket affiliate programs in this niche.

It has a high search volume. And many low competitive keywords for new blogs to rank for in search results.

So you can blog about high-cost home furniture. There are plenty of lucrative opportunities in the home decoration niche. An example of a site to get inspiration: is Livingcozy.com

There write about different home furniture. And make money through high-ticket affiliate programs and Display ads.

There are many home products to write about. Some of my ideas are posts related to the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and more.

6. Technology

There are dozens of technology blogs and this niche is very lucrative and competitive. But there are still many opportunities for new bloggers.

When we talk about technology niche. Most bloggers focus mostly on laptops, televisions, and more.

But writing about Camcorders, professional video editing, and audio equipment is also lucrative. But less competition.

You can focus your blog on technology gadgets. There are new gadgets and tools coming out in the market you can write about.

There are broad topics in the technology niche to write about. Topics in this niche have plenty of monthly search volume.

7. Software

The best part of the software niche is that it has recurring affiliate programs. And it is very lucrative with dozens of competitions.

All you need to make money from this niche is to get people to sign up with your affiliate link. And you can make passive monthly incomes.

So you can write about “best software products” like web hosting, website builders, WordPress plugins, and more.

Most affiliate programs in this niche offer recurring or one times referral payments. Web hosting companies like Bluehost offer $120 for a one-time sign-up.

You can make a lot of money from these software companies without producing or owning any product.

This niche is highly competitive. Your blog will need a lot of link building to be able to rank in the first position of search engines.

Software niche is very good because they are a new product to write about. Like team collaboration software, virtual event software, and more.


When you think about choosing a profitable blog niche, is going to be based on your personal brand.

It is all about knowing the blogging space you want to occupy and know for. When you want your face to be on your blog homepage.

You have to pick the niche you want to represent when internet users talk about you online.

As a beginner, the easiest niche to choose is the one that talks about physical products. Things that have low competition. Like indoor and outdoor niches.

You can dominate the home decoration niches if your blog can rank for quality articles. But if you are more advanced.

Then you can choose competitive niches like software, credit cards, crypto, and more. It takes a lot of time for new blogs to rank in this type of niche.

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