How To Choose A Profitable Blogging Niche In 2023

Discover some of the new growing blogging niches that are still untapped. But very lucrative in 2023 and beyond.

In this article, you will learn how to choose a profitable blogging niche. And Also see my top 3 new lucrative niche ideas with low competition.

What is a good blogging niche?

A perfect blogging niche is determined by its profitability. For one to make money blogging, the niche profitability and search volume go together for proper long-term results.

What people search for most and cost a lot of money online. Is the best lucrative niche for starting your blog.

Blogs are third-party sources that persuade people to buy online. For example, if you search for ” Best web hosting” which is among the most lucrative niches.

best web hosting

You will see sites like PCMAG making most of the profits. When you search for keywords such as ” best web hosting”. It is called transactional search. And very profitable for bloggers.

So when you click on the pcmag – best web hosting article from the search result. You will see the top web hosting in their list containing affiliate links.


Which is where they make most of their revenue. To generate money from affiliates, you have to know the monthly search volume of what you are promoting.

Topics like “best web hosting” get above 5000 monthly searches. You also have to know the amount of money you will make through affiliate marketing.

A good blog niche is one that is more profitable. However, they are many competitions. Every blogging niche that can make you a lot of money is highly competitive.

Before choosing a niche for your blog, there are some important factors to consider. They include:

  • Search volume
  • High revenue potential
  • Low competition

These are the main factors that will help you find the best new niche ideas. Always have in mind that blogging is a business. Before you can make money with your blog a purchase needs to be made.

The blogs that make lots of money. Are the ones that rank higher for transactional keywords. And These types of keywords are dominated by big media websites.

How to find a profitable niche

To find a profitable niche for your blog, especially if you are just starting. The key is to focus on Emerging product categories.

Find a niche where the search volume is in the growing stage. And the competition is not saturated in the market. Also, make sure it is profitable.

Before going further, let’s find out how some blogs make money.

You are going to see the type of content some blogs publish. And how they make money based on their niche.

Some niche blog examples:

Check out some of these niche sites to understand the type of content they publish. And also see how they are making money based on their target niche.

>> Packhacker – It’s a travel blog that focuses on providing content about the best travel gadgets. Like bags and more. This blog makes money through affiliate marketing and membership subscription.

>> Nerdwallet – This is a big company that guides people in choosing the best credit cards. When it comes to financing, Nerdwallet is the best go website. They make money by referring people to bank credit cards, loans, and mortgage companies. So their main source of income is affiliate revenue.

These are a few examples of niche websites. As you can see these sites are monetizing via transactional posts.

The foundation of any profitable niche is affiliate marketing. The search volume and affiliate commission rate is what makes up the profitability of the niche. Gone are the days you pick a small niche and write a few articles. Then you start making money.

Now you need to pick a niche with broad topics, for you to be able to make money. If you checked the sites on my examples. You will see their focus niche allow them to write various type of transactional post.

How to find emerging product categories and keywords

To find these emerging product categories. Am going to show you three tools that will help you discover these opportunities.

1. Ahrefs

Once you sign up for Ahrefs, use the keyword explorer tool to search for transactional keywords.

Then click on Matching terms to see different results like search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC of each keyword.

For example, if you search for “best electric”. And reduce the keyword difficulty to 30. You can see some easy-to-rank search terms.

find profitable blogging niche with ahrefs

As you can see. From the result, they are plenty of best electric products with low competition you can choose for your blog. The best part is that these keywords have a good amount of monthly search volume.

There are many ways to use Ahrefs to discover emerging and easy-to-rank blog niches. Ahrefs is not a free tool. But you can try other keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest by Neilpatel or Semrush. These ones are not also free but you can use them as a beginner.

2. Google trend

You can use Google trends to find new break-out trending search terms. Once you visit the website. Enter any keyword to see what is currently popular.

Based on my example, I typed in “hairstyles” on the search bar. And you can see some breakout keywords.

find profitable blogging niche with google trend

So from the related queries, you can see some of the latest trending topics. Go through them to find out the ones that are profitable for blogging.

3. Exploding topics

Exploding topics is a good website to find growing topics. The tool has free and paid versions. Go to to search for a rising niche.


Choose the month and category. Then you will see some of the new trending topics. The best way to rank in search engines and make money blogging. Is by finding new topics and writing about them before anyone else.

So to find the most profitable niche for your blog. Use Ahrefs, Google trends, and Exploding topics to find Emerging product categories.

My top 3 niche ideas

Here are recommended profitable niche ideas. Though they are competitive, you can still find some new keywords for your blog.

1. Software

Over the years, we have seen the rise of new software companies in different niches. Like podcast software, video editing software, and more.

Software niche is great because it is profitable. And most software companies offer recurring commissions. So you can pick different software categories to write about.

2. Crypto and NFTs

Crypto and nfts have broad topics, you can write about. And this is good for new bloggers because this industry is new with tons of opportunities.

It has high search volume and low competition. There are few blogs that write about this topic.

3. Things around you

When it comes to choosing a blogging niche most people don’t they can blog about the things around them.

For example, think about the things in your home like television, sofa, microwave, air conditioner, and more.

You can start a blog and write about the “best sofa” and make money through affiliate commissions.

Look for this product’s affiliate programs. Join them and start referring your blog readers to online stores that sell these products.

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