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14 Real Remote Jobs You Can Do At Night

In this article am going to be talking about 14 remote jobs that you can do at night, and these are not going to be jobs that require a college degree or previous experience. Most of these jobs you can get into no matter what position you’re in right now.

1. Voice Acting

Voice acting might not be for everyone, but it offers the freedom of working on your own schedule. Many audiobooks on platforms like Audible are narrated by hired voice actors, and you can earn anywhere from $50 to $500 or more per finished hour.

2. Freelance Content Creation

Becoming a freelance content creator involves creating photo packages, especially for food bloggers. I interviewed someone who took a course on this and made $4,000 in the first month.

3. After Hours Coordinator

An after-hours coordinator is typically an individual responsible for overseeing and managing activities or operations during non-standard working hours. These are times like evenings, nights, or weekends.

They ensure that essential tasks, services, or events run smoothly outside of regular business hours, often in the healthcare field. Skills required include effective communication, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to handle emergencies. After-hour coordinators typically make about $39 to $58,000 a year.

4. Remote Assistance Specialist

Similar to a customer service representative but typically during late hours and focused on emergency situations. Remote assistance specialists get paid better, around $47 to $64,000 a year. The job is easy to get into, requiring basic computer skills and the ability to learn basic software

5. Support Engineer

A support engineer is for individuals with experience in the technology industry. They design computer systems for easy maintenance and repair, providing ongoing assistance.

Support engineers make about $63 to $106,000 a year. Skills needed include technical and software knowledge, communication skills, problem-solving, and time management.

6. Logistics Specialist

In this role, you connect customers, field inspectors, and internal teams to ensure smooth operations. Logistics specialists make about $48 to $74,000 a year, requiring communication skills, attention to detail, computer proficiency, critical thinking, and negotiation abilities.

7. Overnight Travel Concierge

Working with rich individuals or executives, overnight travel concierges handle all aspects of travel arrangements. They make about $36 to $57,000 a year. The job is easy to get into and great for travel enthusiasts.

8. Sports Trading Analyst

Analyzing sports data for informed decisions, often for betting purposes, sports trading analysts make about $46 to $81,000 a year. Requires a good understanding of sports.

9. Tax Preparer

Assisting individuals and businesses in organizing and filing their taxes, tax preparers make about $42 to $64,000 a year. It’s easy to get into, especially during tax season.

10. Overnight Data Entry Clerk

Handling clerical tasks related to entering and updating data in a computer system, data entry clerks make about $34 to $47,000 a year.

11. Fraud Specialist

Investigating and preventing fraudulent activities, fraud specialists make about $44 to $59,000 a year. Requires some skills but is relatively easy to get into.

12. Donor Eligibility Coordinator

Ensuring potential donors meet health and eligibility criteria, donor eligibility coordinators make about $43 to $68,000 a year.

13. Facebook Ad Specialist

Strategically placing ads on social media platforms, Facebook ad specialists make about $46 to $75,000 a year. It’s a field with great growth potential.

14. Sales Assistant

Handling inquiries and orders, sales assistants make about $35 to $60,000 a year. It’s a good gateway to better sales jobs.

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