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The Best Email Marketing Tools In 2022 – GetResponse vs Mailwizz

For the past two years, I have tried out some of the best email marketing tools in the market. My aim for testing this email platform is to know the ones that will suit both low and high-budget marketers.

In this year 2022, the target of most new businesses will be to grow their email list. The best way to achieve that is to go for the email collection tool that suits your budget.

Some of the email marketing tools you will see online are designed for some specific purpose. For example, if your niche is e-commerce then look for email tools that will be good for your business.

Am not going to present you with all the best tools in the market. I will only narrow it down to the specific ones that I know you can afford. And their work is to collect emails for you to grow the new business.

Before revealing the 2 best email marketing tools I know you can afford for your business. It is best you first know what email marketing tool is all about, the benefit and why you need it to grow your business.

What is email marketing tools

Email marketing tools are powerful software and application used by marketers to create, test, send, optimize and monitor their email campaigns.

This software and applications help marketers to easily create all the tasks that are listed below:

  • Designing email
  • Building email list
  • Sending email
  • Email optimization
  • Calculating email metrics
  • Creating email reports

What is the benefit of email marketing tools

Knowing the benefits of these tools will further educate you on why it is very important for you to invest some of your marketing budgets in building an email list. So what are some of the benefits of these email marketing tools?

1. Sending bulk emails: This tool will help you send hundreds of emails depending on your subscription package.

2. Easy to design template: They come with built-in templates you can choose for your campaign.

3. Collect emails: You can grow your email list using their well-designed subscribe form.

4. Reach inbox: Most time our emails may not reach the inbox of our target audience, but these tools help us bypass those obstacles.

5. Creating a campaign: You can message your clients at any time without always going to your computer. With these tools everything is automated.

How to purchase the right tools

When picking any type of email marketing tool. My advice is to choose the one that offers features best suited for your business. Many business owners lose a lot of money because some of the features they are paying for are not needed in their campaign.

Email marketing tools comparison – GetResponse vs MailWizz

In this email marketing tools comparison, you will find out the best tools that suit your business and budgets. I will be focusing on these two email tools ( GetResponse and MailWizz). GetRespopnse is an ESP – Email service provider. While MailWizz is a self email hosting software.

What is ESP (Email service provider): is a mailing platform owned by companies to enable marketers to create and send bulk messages to their target clients.

Self-email hosting services: are mailing software built for marketers to purchase and set up their own email service and take full control. This type of software does not require monthly subscriptions. You are the full owner of the platform.

Pros and Cons of Email service provider and Self hosting platform

Pros – Email service provider

This type of email service allows you to run a successful marketing campaign without being a tech expert. Every automation needed to grow your business is already inside their platform for you to utilize.

These companies that own the software will do the updating work, so no need to bother if your campaign meets the industry standard. Their experts follow the industry rules and will try their best to keep you on track.

Cons – Email service provider

Most email service providers can be very costly and some of them may include some features you will not need for your campaign. Then you will pay for those services without you knowing.

Some of the brands that own those platforms may include some policies and force you to follow them if you want to continue using their service.

Pros – Self-hosting service

A self-hosting service will allow you to set up your email marketing software and take full control of it. You also have access to the features you need for your campaign without paying extra fees for the ones you don’t need.

No monthly subscriptions, You only buy the software and hosting server. Then pay extra charges for upgrading your software to meet up with industry-standard and policies.

Cons – Self-hosting service

You have to fully understand how emailing services work before you can be able to set up your service. Or you pay extra money for an expert to manage it for you.

You also have to be paying for your hosting space may be monthly or yearly. You will always stay updated with the industry trend.

So your emails don’t end up in spam. You may also pay the software developers some extra money for everything to flow well.

Now let’s compare the two best tool