You are currently viewing Twitter traffic – 6 ways to increase your website visitors

Twitter traffic – 6 ways to increase your website visitors

Did you know that Twitter traffic has helped many expert digital marketers to generate more leads and make more money.

One of the biggest challenge every digital marketer face is how to get more visitors to their website. The more visitors you get the more money you will make.

Beginners who are new to digital marketing are always stuck on this junction. Getting traffic to a website is not an easy journey.

It took many people years to figure it out. So if you are one of those marketers who are struggling to get traffic to their website. You are going to learn how to get traffic from Twitter on this article.

How to get traffic from Twitter

Twitter is a great place to get tons of traffic to your website if you know how it works. Twitter has many active users every day and for you to get Twitter traffic to your website. Then You have to create content that will drive traffic to your site.

Many of you don’t get traffic from Twitter because of the type of content you tweet. If you want visitors to come to your site, try to create engaging content.

Now you are going to see the steps you need to take to get the right audience from Twitter to your website.

1. Have a great profile

People engage more with profiles that appear professional. Most tweets don’t get enough eyeballs because the account that posts them, lacks enough engagement.

When people engage more in your tweets, you will get more exposure on the platform. If your profile appears amateur, Twitter users will not take your tweets serious.

What most of the users do is they want to be sure your account is a reliable source, when they first see your tweet. They will check your profile and if it appears unprofessional they will not take the content seriously.

Another great benefit of having an account that looks professional is that it will attract likes, comments, followers, and retweets.

The image below is a perfect example of a great Twitter account profile.

great profile for twitter traffic

Add your real name, your bio, and upload images that clearly show your face. This will make people trust you more and will expect more content from you.

2. Add link to your profile

Having a great profile is not enough to drive traffic from Twitter to your site. If your business website link is not on your profile page, then you have been miss lots of website visitors.

Based on my experience, I don’t add links to most of my tweets but am getting many visitors from Twitter. Most tweets without links get more exposure on Twitter and the only way to benefit from it is to add link to your profile.

adding link to your bio, get more twitter traffic

Most of the users who see your tweets will like to view your profile to learn more about you. So 70% of them will surely click on the link on your profile.

3. Image contents are powerful on Twitter

According to a Twitter content engagement analysis posted on quicksprout shows that image contents get up to 128% more retweets than videos.

source: quicksprout

Images are better for pushing your brand, than videos. instead of spending more time on creating video content, it is better to focus more on creating creative image content.

Recently platforms like Canva have made it easy for internet users to create images for business. Even when you don’t know how to design, you can easily edit already made templates on Canva.

Visit Canva to start creating traffic-driving content for your Twitter account. In a few minute, you can design eye-catching images on the platform.

4. Text content drive more traffic

In as much that image content are powerful. Text content drive more traffic to site more than image. after analyzing most of my tweets. I discovered that just text content with link attract more visitors to my site.

When you post a text content related to the post you are promoting. Twitter users will click more on the link in the post because they will really want to read the full content.

5. Be more active on Twitter

One of the best way to gain more twitter traffic is to be active on this social media platform. The more you tweet and engage with other users, your own content will get more eyeballs.

But the only issue you will face is that it will take most of your time. So socialpilot will help you do this task while you focus on other daily work.

Socialpilot is a social media tool that help businesses and individuals manage their social media account. This tool will help you schedule your tweets and also run other tasks.

You can try the socialpilot tool if you want to stay active on Twitter and also focus on achieving your other daily task.

6. Use hashtag to get more twitter traffic

Hashtag will help you get more traffic from twitter if you use it well. Hashtag is the keyword of social media platform. Hashtag works the way search engines use keyword to rank content.

Before tweeting your content, try to find out the hashtags that are trending on that particular topic. Then add them to your tweet.

Don’t over use hashtags recent studies shows that tweets with 2 to 3 hashtags perform better. So instead of adding bulks of hashtag, just focus on using the most relevant ones related to your topic.

Twitter Traffic FAQ

How to track twitter traffic in google analytics

Google analytics is used by website owners to track their website traffic. But you can also use this tool to see the number of visitors you get from twitter. To see your twitter traffic in Googel analytics. Go to Acquicsition, then scroll to social. Click on it to see all your social media visitors including Twitter.

How to check twitter traffic

The best tool you can use to check twitter traffic on your website is Google analytics. this free tool help you see the numbers of visitors you get daily or monthly from Twitter.

How to get more twitter traffic

To get more twitter traffic, you have to focus on creating traffic driving content such image, video and text based content. Then also engage more on other peoples tweet