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Website traffic – four best traffic channels

You are going to learn four-way to get visitors to your blog in this website traffic tutorial.

Any blog that has plenty of quality content but doesn’t have traffics will not generate income for the owner. So it is very important to work more on getting traffic to your website if you really want to succeed in the business.

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Let’s get started with the step-by-step traffic guide. You are going to learn how to drive traffic to your blog from Twitter, Reddit, social bookmarking sites, and blog quest posting.

Website traffic – the four easy traffic channels

The strategy am going to show you is very helpful. If you properly implement them on these different traffic channels.

Strategy 1: Twitter traffic method

A lot of people don’t believe that they can get a good amount of visitors to their blog from Twitter. Especially those who don’t know how to use the platform, don’t even give it a try.

The truth is that getting noticed on Twitter is not easy. It involves time and plenty of tweets. Most Twitter users spend few minutes a day on Twitter. This makes it hard for brands to deliver relevant social media content to their users.

But Twitter is still a good place to connect with customers and also get website visitors. The platform is mostly used for customer service.

You can use Twitter to ask questions and communicate with followers. It is a place to build solid relationships and also for retaining customers.

The best way to get traffic from Twitter

If you are going to use Twitter for your business, there are few important tips you need to apply when creating your tweets.

Make it short

Currently, Twitter increase its word count from 140 to 280 which is very good. Now that you are allowed to write more words.

It is better you keep it simple and be more creative. If you have more words to say. Try to make it short in a way that the person reading the message will like to click on your link to read the full content on your blog.

website traffic - twitter tweet

Use images

When posting a tweet include a nice image to attract more eyeballs. Tweets that have images on them are 40% more likely to get retweeted by other users.

Pictures, videos, and gifs can be very engaging. Try to optimize the visuals for Twitter. You can use tools like Canva to create an engaging image and size it to display well on Twitter.

website traffic - use image on twitter

Retweet and Reply

If you find other tweets that are relevant to your audience. Retweet them and always respond to any questions or comments. Twitter is great for customer service. Make your reply politely and reply on time.

Use relevant hashtags

If you want your tweet to get more reach and more exposure. Then including a relevant hashtag in your tweet is very important.

Hashtag plays the role of keyword in Twitter. Tweets with 2 or more hashtags get higher engagement than those with one hashtag.

website traffic - hashtag

Using these few tips will help you get visitors from Twitter to your blog.

Strategy 2: Reddit traffic method

Reddit is a social news platform, founded in 2005. The Reddit community can be a great source of website traffic. However, you need to learn how it works to be able to use it.

The best way to get traffic from Reddit is by joining subreddits around your niche. Reddit has a search feature that allows you to search for subreddits.

reddit search

Once you have found relevant subreddits in your niche, you can start using Reddit for generating traffic.

Start participating

After you have joined some of those discovered subreddits. The next thing you would love to do is start posting on them. But unfortunately, you have to wait a while before you are allowed to post anything.

The Reddit community hates marketing. The site is known for rejecting any form of sale. So if you are just getting started and you post your site link, it will be removed immediately.

Most subreddits don’t trust new accounts, because some people will create accounts and start spamming their products or service.

To build trust in your target subreddit, you need to first start posting engaging content on them without including any link.

It is very important to know and understand what each subreddit likes and dislikes. the right-hand side of any subreddit. You will find their policy.

Once you have you know the policy of this subreddit, the next to check the type of content they want to be posted on them.

Find out the type of content that is getting more upvotes and comments. Then try to create something similar but more detailed and avoid adding links to the post.

New accounts are not allowed to include links on their post, admins will remove your content if they find link on it. So first participate by build trust in the community.

You need to provide plenty of value to each community and gain a good reputation as a member.

It is important you post for about three to four weeks before you add a link that leads to your website. Once you have to increase your karma, you can mention your website in a post. But do it in a proper way.

Check other members who are adding links to their post, so you can see how to post your own content including your site link.

Strategy 3: social bookmarking site traffic method

Social bookmarking sites can send tons of visitors to your website in a day if your site gets on its front page.

On this website traffic tutorial, am not going to list out any of them. But you can use Google search to find the best social bookmarking sites that you can leverage their traffic.

The best way to get traffic from any social bookmarking site is to first understand the type of content that is performing well on each of them. Then create similar content on your blog and submit it to those sites.

They are a few steps that will help you get tons of traffic from social bookmarking sites.

Step 1: write a good headline

Many quality contents don’t get enough eyeballs on social bookmarking sites because the headline is not catchy.

The first part of your content that draws the attention of users is the headline. So if you are not creative enough to construct a good headline. It will be hard for your post to get to the front page

Step 2: your description should be short and meaningful

A short and meaningful description is very powerful. A good headline can draw the attention of the reader but the description will push them more to click on your article.

Don’t write false descriptions because you want them to visit your site. If you engage in such an act, when they visit your site and find out the story is different from what they thought. They will quickly leave your website and too much bounce rate affects your search engine ranking.

Step 3: quality content

You can have a good headline, perfect description but quality content is more powerful if you want those visitors to keep coming back to your site.

You need to publish great content on your blog. if they love the type of content they saw on your site. They will bookmark your URL and also subscribe to your newsletter.

Step 4: choose the right category

Most times some sites may not work well for you because your content doesn’t attract their audience or maybe you are submitting to the wrong category.

There are many factors that will enable you to get traffic from any social bookmarking site. The best way to find out is through studying relevant ones and know what works well on them.

Strategy 4: quest posting traffic method

Guest posting is a great method that most marketers have been implementing for yours to gain more brand exposure and authority. And also increase their website traffic.

It will also improve your search engine optimization. quality and unique content on your blog are very good but if you want that content to get more ranking. Then you need some other authority sites to publish it and send you backlinks.

If you are ready to start guest posting on other sites. Head over to Google search and look for websites relevant to your niche that accept guest posts.

For example, type write for us + “marketing” in the Google search and you will see sites that accept guest posts. pick the ones that have more authority than your site and submit your content to them.

Include some links on your site in the article, this way you can get traffic from those sites. Another way to guest post is by reaching out to authority sites in your niche and peach your content to the owner of those sites.

These four strategies will help you generate tons of website traffic if you properly implement them.

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