5 Best WP Engine Alternatives In 2023

WP Engine alternatives: Top choice

Here are the best WP Engine alternatives that are cheaper. I am going to review their performance, features, security, and pricing.



DreamHost offer dedicated WordPress hosting package called DreamPress. It comes with many features



Nexcess is great for hosting blogs, online store and small business website. Sites on Nexcess load very fast.

accuweb logo


Accuwebhosting is an affordable web hosting providers for beginners. They have amazing customer support.

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Hostinger is a cheap hosting provider that also offer managed WordPress hosting. Their price is very cheap

Are you looking for WP Engine Alternatives?

This article is an in-depth review of some of the best WP engine alternatives.

Before you go on to check some of the WP Engine alternatives listed below, it’s essential to know that WP Engine is a superb WordPress hosting provider.

When it comes to hosting WordPress websites they are among the best. They offer some of the best tools and servers specifically dedicated to WordPress.

But you might consider looking for alternatives especially if you are building your site from scratch. Or you are using non-WordPress CMS to manage your website.

If pricing is Your main reason to seek WP Engine alternatives, you are slightly right.

Paying $20 per month just to host WordPress, While I can use other alternatives like Bluehost and Hostinger.

Bluehost and Hostinger no doubt offer various hosting plans like shared hosting, dedicated server, VPS hosting, and more for a lesser price.

But WP Engine pumps all their server resources into their WordPress hosting packages.

So instead of splitting resources into multiple hosting servers. They Pump it all into WordPress management.

You will get more security features, servers, and applications specifically developed for WordPress users.

So have changed your mind to host with WP Engine, if YES? Then use our promo link to get free 4 months of hosting, when you purchase WP Engine yearly billing package.

Still want to go further to check out other WP Engine alternatives.

Best WP Engine alternatives

Let’s talk about the 5 best WP Engine alternatives in this list in terms of price, speed, security, and overall performance.

1. DreamHost

Wp engine alternatives - dreampress

You might not see DreamHost marketing campaign adverts all over the internet like competitors. 

But WordPress developers endorsed DreamHost as one of the best hosting services. That is capable of handling their CMS (Content Management System).

DreamHost is also known for having other packages like VPS hosting, Shared hosting, and more.

Most of their hosting plans are configured to manage WordPress websites. They are not solely dependent on managing other content management systems.

They mostly focus on hosting WordPress blogs & Websites. 

Let’s see some of the Dreamhost features, pros & cons, and pricing.

DreamHost main features:


Overall best

Price: $16.95/mo

Discount: 29%

Refund: 30-day guarantee

Why DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the web hosting providers that focus on providing quality hosting service to their customers. Rather than focusing on making profits off their customer’s sweat!

Their WordPress hosting package comes with advanced server resources. The most important is their $16.95/mo Dreampress is affordable.

It comes with 30 GB storage, daily back up and many other features. Their WordPress website uptime and speed are perfect.


  • 24/7 WordPress support
  • Good for WordPress websites that attract millions of visitors
  • Pre-install free Jetpack
  • Allows staging
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unlimited CDN
  • WP website builder included


  • The renewal is high

  • You might get unnecessary billing

DreamHost plans

dreampress price

Here is the list of Dreamhost plans

DreamPress: The basic plan dedicated to WordPress websites. Starting at $ 16.95 per month, it is fully optimized and preconfigured for 100k monthly website visitors.

DreamPress Plus: Is built for 300k monthly visitors. It comes with 60GB, unmetered bandwidth, site staging, unlimited CDN, and more.

DreamPress Plus is the most recommended DreamHost WordPress plan. It cost $24.95/mo.

DreamPress Pro: To get the most out of what you are paying for. DreamPress Pro offers extra server resources for managed WordPress hosts.

Cost $71.95/mo it comes with 120GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, and site staging, and it is suitable for 1 million website visitors.

2. Nexcess

If you are using WordPress as your website content management system. It’s important to sign up for a reliable WordPress hosting company.

There are many WordPress hosting alternatives out there. Dreamhost Dreampress plan is the most recommended.

But Nexcesss offers more advanced resources than DreamPress. This makes Nexcess the best alternative to WP Engine.

With their SSD storage, server-level caching, and CDN. Nexcess server is optimized for high performance.

Nexcess-managed WordPress hosting is equipped with many server resources.

Nexcess main features


Best for Businesses

Price: $15.83/mo

Discount: 2 months free

Refund: Within 30 days

Why Nexcess

Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting offers many features that help to improve your website performance.

Some of the Nexcess features include automatic WordPress and plugin updates, caching, CDN, and server-side optimization.

All these features help to ensure your website runs smoothly. Their hosting environment offers core WordPress hosting components.


  • Sites on Nexcess are well secured
  • Their server is optimized to ensure your site loads fast
  • Their automated backup help to keep your files saved
  • Their WordPress expert is always ready to assist you
  • They provide developers-friendly tools such as GIT and Composer


  • Expensive compared to other hosting plans 
  • Limited server locations

Nexcess plans

nexcess prices

Here is the list of Nexcess Managed WordPress plans

Park: Nexcess Park plan is suitable for small businesses and individuals who want affordable WordPress hosting plans.

The plan comes with 15GB storage, 2TB bandwidth, and more. It cost $15.83/mo.

Maker: starting at $65.83/mo, the maker plan comes with 40GB storage and 3TB bandwidth. It also offers daily backup and the Nexcess Turbo tool.

Designer: With this plan, you get a powerful and secure hosting environment, with automatic updates, and advanced security measures. And a robust set of features to help you host a high-traffic website.

Cost $90.83/mo, it comes with 60GB storage, 4TB storage, and more features.

3. AccuwebHosting

With AccuWebHosting, you are sure that your WordPress site is hosted in a secure, and reliable environment.

They also provide advanced features, such as daily backups, one-click installs, and powerful caching.

AccuWebHosting also offers 24/7 customer support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

High-traffic website owners can use Accuwebhosting because they provide all the necessary server resources needed for your site to run smoothly.

Their basic WordPress plan comes with more storage and they have more data centers than WP Engine.

AccuwebHosting main features



Price: $3.99/mo

Discount: 44%

Refund: 30 days money back

Why AccuwebHosting

AccuwebHosting offers a secure WordPress hosting solution for your website. Their technical support team replies on time.

Based on the features you will get from Accuwebhosting, their pricing is affordable compared to other WP Engine alternatives.


  • Their server is designed to provide the best performance.
  • They ensure your WordPress site is protected from malicious attackers.
  • They provide 24/7 technical support.
  • Accuwebhosting provides data centers outside the US.
  • Their pricing is cheap.
  • The Support Staff are very friendly & helpful


  • Customer support through the ticket system is delayed sometimes.
  • Limited control over the server
  • Expensive renewal

AccuwebHosting plans

StartUp: This plan has the basic features and resources you need to run your website. It comes with 50GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, 2GB RAM, and 1 vCPU.

It is suitable for 100k website visitors. The start-up plan cost $3.99 per month.

Professional: To ensure that your websites don’t run out of server resources. The professional plan offers more storage and bandwidth.

Starting at $5.99 per month, you will get 75GB storage, 2TB bandwidth, 3GB RAM, and 2vCPU.

Advanced: For websites that generate 500k monthly website visitors. This plan comes with 100GB storage, 3TB bandwidth, 4GB RAM, and 2vCPU.

It cost $7.99 per month.

4. Bluehost

bluehost wordpress hosting

Some business owners who can’t afford WP Engine go for Bluehost as their alternative.

Bluehost offers WordPress-managed hosting but they are not fully dedicated to their WordPress hosting service.

But when it comes to choosing the best WP Engine alternative. You can pick Bluehost because their price is cheap compared to Wp Engine, Dreampress, and Nexcess.

You can use Bluehost because of your budget. But if you want an advanced WordPress dedicated server then I recommend Dreampress and Nexcess.

Bluehost main features


Popular hosting service

Price: $2.95/mo

Discount: 73%

Refund: 30 days money back

Why Bluehost

Bluehost managed WordPress hosting starts at $2.95 per month. It is cheap for small-budget businesses and individuals.

All WordPress plans come with good amounts of storage, bandwidth, and marketing tools.


  • Bluehost provides excellent customer support
  • Bluehost takes security very serious
  • They offer competitive pricing for WordPress hosting


  • Staging site is only in the pro plan
  • No plugin collections in their small plans
  • High renewal price

Bluehost plans

Basic: This is the Bluehost WordPress hosting cheapest plan. It comes with 10 GB storage, and 24/7 customer support, and it is only for one website. The monthly price is $2.95.

Plus: This Bluehost WordPress plan offers more storage than the basic plan. It comes with 20 GB of storage. The monthly price is $5.45.

Choice plus: Bluehost WordPress hosting recommended plan. it comes with 40 GB storage, free domain privacy, and free 1-year automated backup. The monthly price is $5.45.

5. Hostinger

hostinger wp engine alternatives

The best and cheapest WP Engine alternatives is Hostinger. Many business owners have switched their websites to Hostinger.

Most people use their standard shared hosting but their WordPress hosting package offers many features and tools.

Hostinger-managed WordPress hosting is better than Bluehost WordPress hosting. Though both cannot compete with WP Engine when it comes to managing WordPress sites.

Hostinger main features


Very cheap

Price: $1.99/mo

Refund: 30-day money back

Why Hostinger

Hostinger offers free WordPress site migration and they provide a user-friendly dashboard.

Their price is low but it comes with great tools. Hostinger is good for anyone looking for a cheap reliable dedicated WordPress hosting provider.


  • Hostinger WordPress hosting is the most affordable
  • They offer reliable performance and uptime
  • Hostinger offers 24/7 customer support
  • They offer various security features
  • Sites on their server load fast


  • No free domain in their basic plan
  • Staging tool is available in higher plans

Hostinger plans

Here are the Hostinger WordPress hosting plans

Single: Best for one website, the plan comes with 50GB SSD storage, 100GB bandwidth, 0.75 Ram,1 CPU core, and 2 databases.

Starting at $1.99 per month. It is suitable for 10k monthly website visitors.

Starter: Staring at $2.99 per month. This plan can host up to 100 WordPress websites.

It comes with 1GB RAM, 100GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, a free domain, and more.

WP Engine alternatives final thought…

When it comes to picking the best WP Engine alternatives. Each hosting provider has different features and offers.

It is important to consider the features, cost, and customer support when choosing the best alternatives for your need.

All the dedicated WordPress hosting providers listed in this WP Engine alternatives review are good.

But our most recommended WP Engine alternatives are DreamPress and Nexcess. They offer more dedicated WordPress hosting server resources.

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