Effective YouTube Video Promotion Strategies

youtube video promotion

Did you know that YouTube reaches over two billion logged-in users every month? 

That’s nearly one-third of all internet users. With such immense reach and influence, YouTube has become a powerhouse for content creators looking to grow their audience and make an impact.

But in a sea of videos, how can you ensure your content gets noticed? This blog post will guide you through effective strategies for promoting your YouTube videos, helping you stand out and attract more viewers. 

By understanding and leveraging key techniques, you’ll be better equipped to boost your channel’s visibility and engage your audience more effectively. Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets to successful YouTube video promotion.

What is YouTube Video Promotion

YouTube video promotion involves leveraging various strategies and techniques to boost the visibility and reach of your videos on the platform. Unlike just uploading content and waiting for it to be discovered, promotion actively attracts more viewers, encourages engagement, and grows your subscriber base. Methods such as cross-promoting your videos and interacting with your audience play crucial roles in this process.

Paid Youtube Video Promotion

Paid YouTube video promotion involves investing in YouTube’s advertising services to strategically place your videos where they’re most likely to attract attention. This method leverages tools like Google Ads to target specific demographics, interests, and even viewing behaviors. Instead of waiting for organic traffic to trickle in, you can immediately place your content in front of potential subscribers and fans.

Why should you consider this approach? First, the platform’s extensive targeting capabilities allow you to reach viewers who are most likely to engage with your content. You can tailor your ads to specific age groups, locations, interests, and even the types of videos they’ve previously watched. This level of precision ensures that your promotional efforts are not only widespread but also effective.

You can choose from several options such as TrueView ads, which allow viewers to skip after a few seconds, bumper ads for brief, impactful messages, and discovery ads that appear in search results and related video sections. Each format has its unique benefits and can be strategically utilized depending on your campaign goals.

By investing in ads, you’re not just getting views; you’re encouraging likes, shares, comments, and subscriptions. This engagement signals to YouTube’s algorithm that your content is valuable, which can, in turn, boost your organic reach.

Organic Youtube Video Promotion

Looking to grow your YouTube channel without spending a dime? Organic YouTube video promotion is the way to go. This method focuses on leveraging free strategies to boost visibility and engagement, ensuring your content finds its audience naturally.

At the heart of organic promotion lies the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Crafting catchy titles and descriptions rich in keywords helps your videos rank higher in YouTube search results. Don’t just stuff keywords, make sure your titles are enticing and your descriptions informative. For instance, if your video is about “easy vegan recipes,” include related terms like “plant-based cooking” or “healthy meal ideas” to cast a wider net.

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Partner with creators in your niche to produce joint content or shout each other out. This cross-promotion introduces your channel to potential subscribers who are already interested in your type of content.

Regular uploads keep your audience engaged and signal to YouTube that your channel is active and reliable. Create a content calendar to ensure you’re consistently delivering fresh and valuable content.

Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other platform where you have a presence. Each platform has its unique strengths—Instagram for visually engaging content, Twitter for quick updates and interactions, and Facebook for reaching diverse demographics. Tailoring your promotion strategy to each platform can significantly boost your reach.

How to promote Youtube video ( 6 best strategies )

Here is a breakdown of how to promote your Youtube video and grow your subscribers when you don’t have money to spend on ads and marketing.

1. Create quality videos

Record videos that are 15 minutes or shorter. Try to have videos that are longer than five minutes, because if it’s too short, they won’t rank as well. You want to upload consistently and scheduled videos that get people excited and even YouTube because they want people to keep coming back. 

I would recommend that you upload in the highest quality like HD, people want to watch in lower quality, that’s fine. And make sure you stick within your niche. You don’t see me creating videos on animals or medicine. I know marketing and that’s all I know.

2. Make your video search friendly

There’s a lot of keywords that people type in on YouTube and you want to create videos that people are searching for and re-engineer those videos so that way you can get more traffic over time. So how do you make your video search friendly?

Well, you can make use of Google’s search engines to find keywords that people are typing in such as using Google Suggests or YouTube Suggest or you can also use Ubersuggest which is a free tool that helps you find related keywords or content ideas.

Take those keywords and put them within your title, within your description, within your tags. Mention those keywords within your video. Like if I’m creating a video on YouTube marketing by me saying YouTube marketing, it tells you to rank this keyword higher for YouTube marketing.

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And from a technical side, I want you to make sure you have keywords in your file name before uploading the video and you want to enter keywords within the video title as well. I also mentioned putting keywords within the tags and descriptions. You can use as many relevant tags as possible. There’s a character limit of 500 and you can also use the Ubersuggest Chrome extension. This will tell you all the tags and how popular they are and also help you optimize your description as well.

3. Pick the right category

Pick a category that’s not just popular but the one that’s relevant to your video. If you’re picking a category just for popularity but it’s not relevant to your video, you’re not going to do extremely well. 

So make sure you pick the right category because it’s going to ruin your channel if you just pick one that is popular for no reason.

4. Use Interactive Elements

There’s search-friendly cards and these cards can drag viewers to another channel or other videos. You can use donate cards or fan funding or link to other websites or polls or video playlists. 

I use it to drive people to other videos and this helps keep people on YouTube which then increases my rankings because one of their algorithm factors is does your video cause other people to stick around on YouTube longer? 

So here’s an example for me. Sometimes I’ll tell people to subscribe to my channel or other ways to just engage with them by asking them questions or comments. You can do a lot of fun stuff with cards. You can have fun with it.

5. Cross-Platform Promotion

There were also a lot of alternate video platforms that you can post your videos on too. It’s not just YouTube. Take the same video and upload it to Facebook, then upload that video to Instagram, and upload it to Snapchat and X, Tikok and LinkedIn and the list doesn’t stop there. 

I even take my videos and podcasts and I upload them to my blog, because that helps create more YouTube video views as well. Another thing I do is I embed them within my website. 

When I embed them within my website, it creates more views which then increases my rankings and all that shows are really great signals to YouTube as well.

6. Work with influencers

When influencers say wonderful things about you, it can build your brand, build your channel, your subscribers. I want you to research relevant keywords and find the top websites, the bloggers, people to social accounts that talk about stuff and hit them up, try to work with them. 

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Sometimes if you have to pay them, that’s okay, feature them, maybe interview them on your videos, that doesn’t cost you any money. And when you interview them they may even promote that video to their audience which will get you more qualified subscribers, more qualified buyers and a bigger audience as well. And I’m telling you out of everything, if you don’t want to pay people, the easiest thing to do is interview other influencers, they love that.

How to Maximize your reach

To give your videos a maximum reach, I want to talk about two things. First, I want you to post your videos within your blog, your email lists, your push notification list. I know I mentioned this, but I can’t emphasize that enough. 

That’ll help you get way more views in the first hour which will then boost your rankings in the long run. The second thing is, I want you to use YouTube features to get people to keep viewing them such as playlists, annotations, and cards and outreach to other people and just let them know about your video. 

Like leave comments on other related videos from other profiles, not promoting your video directly but just responding with good old help through the comments because that’ll cause you to get more subscribers.

Track and Adjust

I want you to track and adjust your ranking performance. By doing this, you’ll be able to optimize in the long run. Review your watch time, right? Look at that report and that’ll tell you what videos are causing people to stick around longer, which ones aren’t, where’s the drop-off per video, so that way you can see the spikes and the drops and what you’re saying that’s causing this so you can tweak your scripts in the future.

And by doing this, these metrics will allow you to keep people longer on your channel, even if they watch someone else’s video after that’s okay, it’ll cause your videos to rank higher just because you’re keeping people on YouTube longer.

Promotion Workflow

When you promote your video content, this is what most people don’t understand. YouTube SEO is the opposite of traditional SEO. Whatever’s popular in the first 24 hours tends to rank really fast and will constantly rank well on YouTube. It’s not slow and steady wins the race with YouTube. 

It’s the first 24 hours. So you want to push hard like I’ll do email blasts, push notification blasts, share on Twitter, like tweet out the link. That’s how I get my videos to rank better because I promote really hard in the first 24 hours and actually I push really hard in the first hour.

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